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  1. Well, all I can say is wow! This stuff attracts attention and seems to please everyone pretty much. I like how it stays nice and subtle all day long although a retouch when getting off work does make it come back to it's peak for the rest of the evening. Mixed with the SS4M, it sure seems to be a potent pair of invisible magnets for the opposite sex. I'm stoked and feeling the Photo by Lagerfeld wil be drawing dust in the medicine cabinet from now on.
  2. Hmmmmm.... Amaretto... interesting comparision and maybe closer than anything I could think of. So check this out, woke up finally this morning (afternoon really) and what hit my brain first but that wonderful fragrance still going strong on the back of my hand. I almost hated to shower and wash it off since the sampler is small.... LOL Hot shower with Dove Inscented so as not to leave any silly smells from soap. Same application as last night (both sides of neck and back of the hands) with the SS4M and then NP4M. This stuff is amazing as far as I'm concerned. I'm one of those that finds somet
  3. Well, I'm totally newb so forgive my ignorance in describing fragrances in the way most of you do. However, let me start by saying I'm so freaking stoked with my order of Super Sexy for Men and to find the samplers in with it although I screwed up and hadn't posted yet....... WOW! The one that caught my nose as it were was the North Pole for Men. I've never worn, much less bought anything like this so it took some doing to try it today...... I shall forever bow down to the Potion Master!! Her wish is my command!!! I had no idea how to go about gauging how much to try, especially the SS4M.
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