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  1. Thank you sooooo much ladies!! I have been in meetings all day. How dare they make me work LOL ok So now I have some solid advice on what to order. So many good suggestions, I am definitely going with the samples first can;t wait to smell yummm! I will keep you ladies posted on my goodies!!
  2. Whoops I just saw the trial is only for new scents for this month. I'll just order a few samples individually instead....
  3. Thank you so much ladies all of you have been indeed helpful and funny too!! lol So I decided to get the 10 samples and a order of cuddle bunny. I will get the suggestions you lady posted here. Anymore you think I would like please let me know. Thanks again I will keep you ladies posted!!
  4. Oooh I see now! I was definitely thinking the "unscented" had no smell. Ok that's good to know! Ok so now I am thinking of getting the trials first instead but BI and SS4W seems to be better as far as coverage? I def want to use my own perfume as he loves my perfume. I don't mind a new scent either it just has to smell good.
  5. Thanks ladies!! Very helpful! I'm def going to do the oils as per your suggestion plus I prefer oils anyway as I have had a good experience with my rollon Cuddle Bunny. Think I am going to go with CB, BI and sexiponage. Unscented. Expedited shipping of course lol regular just takes too long.
  6. I should do unscented?? I do like my own perfumes and so does everyone else. People are always asking me what the hell am I wearing when I wear Chloe (which smells divine!! OMG) and Issey Miyake.I get compliments every single day on the both of them. Is LAM and BAM unscented?
  7. Sexpionage ok. Do I get straight or blended? The blends confuses me lol also, what about blatant invitation? Thanks!!
  8. Well we are both very attracted to one another and we are both attractive people so the sexual chemistry is already there. We have known each other for about 6 years but never entertained hooking up because it was just bad timing. Anyway, he's a sexual assertive guy. Has lots of swag, runs his own business and is super sexy! He's exactly 10 years older than me. He's 43. It bugs me that men really look better as they age! LoL He's really into me has been for 6 years, again bad timing. I guess I am looking for that raw animal attraction rough sex but I also like the slow making love sex as well. If I have to buy 2 different ones that's fine. Also, any suggestions on cuddly and bonding mones?
  9. Hello ladies. I am about to get another bottle of Cuddle Bunny. Loved the smell of my first bottle although it was lost in a move Others loved the scent on me as well. In addition to the cuddle bunny I am looking to get a sexy phero to aid with my new beau. We haven't had sex yet but we will soon. lol Any who, I have gone through the board and I am seeing Blatant Invitation and Sexology as good ones? I am a little confused as to get them in a blend or spray? I saw someone mention getting Blatant Invitation in a Beta spray? Please help! lol Ooooh, I LOVE the smell of CB and my 2 favorite perfumes are Chloe and Issey Mikyake so if you know of these scents that's an idea of the smells I like. Thanks in adavnce for your help!!
  10. Hey Honeybee. yea you did suggest it and I wasn't begrudging just saying what happen, lol. I like your idea of dabbing it on that sound like it may work and I actually thought about that. I have used it with and without perfume. I usually spray the perfume on first then spray the EST. Thanks ladies I will gte back to testing and update soon!
  11. I have not applied it to my hair because I wear extensions. I mean if it difuses the same I will apply it. I am also always up close and personal with him after I spray so he def should get a good woof of it. We're usually in the bed after I spray. And you guys apply it to clothes?? Joc I was going to order 30k but someone on here told me to start with 10. I think I should have got the 30k. And why haven't u tried it yet??? Get to testing girlie!!! LoL
  12. Hello Ladies hope all is well!! Ok so I order EST in 10k. I have tested on my exboyfriend whome I currently live with for the past week in different dosages from one spray up to 6 sprays. I have not seen any "EST" reaction out him. Even tho we're not together he is still attracted to me, hugs me etc. I have also tested it on in a social setting just last night at a jewelry party with all girls and I didn't see anything of signifigance or anyone being any nicer than usual. Any advice on applying it? Usage? I will keep testing foor now but will give Mara a call eventually as I do not want my money to be wasted. Thanks!
  13. I still have to update on my Sexpionage. Still testing will update soon!!
  14. I have not tried CB yet around women just my ex, I did apply some at work however didn't notice anything special. That could be also that I sat in my cubicle all day, LOL. I will try this around the ladies to see and my next debtist appt that's coming up!
  15. Hello Honey!!! Thanks for your input! Ok so less is more? I will order the 10k and start little and if I feel I need more will spray as you suggested. I do have CB and have gotten some hits however, I want a stronger effect!!
  16. Hello Ladies!! I want to order EST as I want a stronger EST effect for play and maybe for the office as well in addition to my Cuddle Bunny. I read all of the post and the informative "Let's talk EST" by Ali (which was very helpful) however it did not address what strength to get? As we all know the EST is very expensive and I know although tricky to use I still want to get the right one. Please advise. Thanks a bunch!!!!
  17. I tested this again last night on my ex who I live with. He's a little horn dog anyway and we haven't had sex since New years eve. I also had the cute sexy romper on from American Apparell. Anyway, he came in late, showered got in the bed and was all over me. He knows sex is off limits since were not together but that didn't stop him from trying. He eventually went 'downtown" if you know what I mean! I tried to stop him but he just kept on going, LOL. I eventually made him stop! I didn't want to be all hot and bothered!
  18. Happy New Years ladies!! I ordered Cuddle Bunny and Sexpionage right before Christmas and receieved them lightening fast!! The next day!! I have used CB almost everyday and Sexpionage once. I just apply it however, no real mechanism. I apply a roll on both wrist to my forearm and on my outter top part of my hand and my neck. I LOVE how it smells. My BF (well now he's my ex and we live together, long story! LOL) Anyway, I applied the Cb and sprayed my favorite body spray that he loves over it. he keep telling me how good I smelled and he couldn't stop touching me. I think part of this was CB and the other part was he was trying to get back in my good graces after a big blow up we had. He also asked me if I had on mones!! I would never tell him I wear them and I think when i fell asleep one night I left my laptop open on my lap and I was on this forum and he saw! I just acted like I didn't know what he was talking about! So back to CB, the first few days he would just be like you smell so good and touchy feely but after that there was no real reaction. None actually. he def like how it smells like I said but not the cuddly/sexy reaction I expected. OOOh, he did ravish me the first day I wore it We hadn't been together in 2 weeks because he was on punishment but it was good!! Sexpionage I will try again tonight. When I applied that we had sex yet he couldn't come thru!! I was like boy you need to hurry up because your hurting me and I'm tired!! He told me after the fact that it wasn't me and that he had a lot on his mind with work which he does. I will apply it again tonight with CB and let you girls know what happen. I am thinking tho, that I might just order EST straight as I want a more definitive reaction. What do you ladies think and what strength do you suggest? Also, what are the cops that are frangranced where you can barely smell the cops? I think I will order a bottle of that as well. So my conclusion is CB worked intially but I am not seeing a repetitive affect. i wil keep testing tho!!! I will wear some to work too.
  19. Thanks ladies for all your input and links!!! I will go check them out now and I will try thr torso as well. I just always assumed they should be on pulse points.
  20. Hello ladies! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! I will be reporting on a new topic sometime tomorrow with my results from Cuddle bunny. I just applied Sexpionage and not sure where to apply it? I just applied to my wrist and inner arm and a little on my neck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  21. Placed my order yesterday morning got it this morning!!! Lightening fast shipping! I used the expedited so my $38 was well spent. I thought the blends would come with some instructions. Any suggestions where to apply and how much? Also, I wear hair extensions so not sure if that would be a good place. I will be to testing ASAP. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday will be back soon!! Thanks again
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