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  1. Your story gives me hope! I have a long-term crush on this guy I know aka "my future husband" and in need of a way to get his undivided attention and love/lust lol. I am trying figure out if I should get SS4W spray because I have Detective & Dame oil and it seems to not "work" for my situation.
  2. So I just got my package today and tried on my Girly Twirly sample! When I first put it on I felt like a walking, talking Strawberry Laffy Taffy (one of my favorite childhood candies). I really like this scent! After it dried down, I really, really liked it because it is sweet but it doesn't remind of one of the "only for girls 14-17 years old" scents...there is a "grown and sexy" sweetness to it...which I have been trying to find for a long time. When it comes the phero effects on others; couldn't tell you yet since I haven't been around anyone yet. But lunchtime is soon and a group of my coworkers are heading out to eat together (I will be the only gal in the group)...I will let you know what kind of "commotion" I start lol
  3. AHHHHH...just got my package!!! So happy I can't even think straight! Okay, so I just sprayed myself with Rainbow Falls and all I can say is (my best imitation of a York Peppermint Patty commercial): I get the sensation that I am rolling around in a gorgeous Spring meadow of flowers while the Sun beams off my face, and at the right moments a slightly cool breeze brushes my body & all is RIGHT with the WORLD! This scent is so refreshing and I just love what Treasure Hearts is doing to me. My job depresses me like no other (they just fired my two work besties) and I have just been super "blue". After spraying this, I have been super content and gave two of my coworkers (one who really is out to make my life miserable) a HUGE Hug! Yes!!! This is certainly a miracle worker lol!
  4. you guys have just helped me make up my mind..I'm getting me some Girly Twirly!
  5. Hey guys! Ok so here's what happen last night. Everything was great! Friends were happy to see me. They complimented me on everything from, my hair, outfit, smell (wink wink). I decided to wear WTL and Detective and Dame. I got a few numbers and made some new friends. So what about the special guy? Well he seem to not be affected at all ! He didnt say anything to me the whole time. No hi or bye (when he left early)! Regardless I had a great time! @Calii (love ur name): it might be possibe that he does like me but he does a great job making me think otherwise lol! I tend to have this problem with guys unfortunately. I adore "good guys" but this seems to happen all the time with them (the frustration of their non-acting, super duper cautious behavior). The only time I do get any reation is when I do where cops, the only issue is I can't handle the response sometimes lol.
  6. Seriously...you guys are amazing!! Thank you sooo much for your help, ElizabethOSP & JOC! At the moment, I have The Detective and the Dame, Who's That Lady, Mara's Rocket Fuel, Compromising Positions, True Confessions and Treasured Hearts in my possession. The funny thing is the rest of the party-goers (my friends) are wild...I never have to worry about them..they are always ready to "attack" me with random kisses, hugs, dancing/grinding lol (sometimes I have to run away from them to get a break). But he is different, super reserve which always perplex me because he is friends with my Krazy friends lol Anyway, how much should I wear of my winning combo (probably going to be Detective & Dame and/or Mara's Rocket Fuel) and where should I wear it for it to be "effective"on him in a hot, crowded club?
  7. @perfumesniffer: Thank u so much! @bumbob: OMG! It really is so much fun! But if I want a certain guy to stop being all nervous and quiet around me and start being "super into" me (dancing, talking, hugging, etc.) at this party Im going to this weekend, which pheromone (s) do u think i should use?
  8. @ Bumbob: Thank you a million times for that info. Of course being overly excited, I still slathered on everything and wonder why I didnt see any results (silly me!) Now, I have finally calm my overly-eager self down and can now test one fragrance at a time (well until my next purchase lol) @Potion Master: OMG..Thank you so much for the welcoming! It is truly appreciated! @Cheshire Kitten: I have slowly but surely started to write about my experiences. This weekend is suppose to be crazy (bdays and gatherings), so I will definitely have something to tell you guys @Invidiana: Thanks for the welcome! Very cool to see there are some New Yorkers her (even if you are not from NY...still have lots of love for you ) @ElizabethOSP: Howdy!! Thank you for the welcome greeting! I truly appreciate you taking the time to welcome me here...means a lot to me!
  9. Oh thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I was super scared to use it too but then I realize that I am a blabbermouth without it...so how much more harm could I do lol! Mostly I put it on my neck and hair and it seems to not to affect me (thank goodness).
  10. Hey! So I have been experimenting with the dosage and placement of TC. So far, from others, I get extra chattiness. It has been really nice to wear it around a few of my crushes lol...it just seems like anything on their mind, they MUST inform me! It is kind of funny, especially when I forget I put on TC and after 5-6 interruptions to talk, I am thinking, "What the heck is wrong with them?!!" LOL Like this weekend, I had class and wore TC with Compromising Positions (Only because I love the smell) and every instructor (there are 5) kept bothering me and joking around with me..and only ME!! I couldnt figure what was going on and why me! And then it it hit me...darn my smelly self!
  11. Okay...I just got my TC...I am super excited!!!! I need you guys help to "activate" this power LOL!! How long does it take for a person to be affected? Do I have to stand close to someone for them to show effects? How much should I put on for it to be effective? All advice is needed and welcome! Thank you guys in advance for the much needed help!
  12. I really am....and it is only going to get worse lol My next purchase is true confessions and popularity potion...I can not wait to share with everyone the intriguing scenarios I find myself in with these one.. Wait!! Is there a way I can put these two together as one awesome potion or is there a perfume already made that has these two in it???? If so, I need it!! LMAO
  13. Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome! You guys ARE amazing! I can't wait to share my phero experiences with everybody..already things have gotten crazzzyy since using them
  14. Hey Guys! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I am normally shy when it comes to forums but I just got my first order this week and woowwwww...right off the back I got hits! The first one I have tried out has been Who's that Lady! Truly great stuff! Looking forward to trying out the rest!
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