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    Vicars & Tarts

    I'm new to this perfume world and a friend of mine is sharing her goodies, she's guiding me through it all. I spent last night and earlier trying to long in to my account here becuase I forgot how, Ai, yi yi. My first order was Red and I heard it was suppose to be sexy. But it didn't work on me that way : ( I anticipated getting it in massage oil form for the upcoming holiday but I decided not to. But now I want the oil in Vicars and Tarts becuase this stuff smells soooooo sensual and sexy. It smells more like food on my friend, simple, but on me it smells more complex and "perfume" instead of food. I really like it and hope I can get this in massage oil for my husband and I.
  2. My friend gave me a sample of this and I really like it, it doesn't work on her at all. On me it's deep and lasts forever. Towards the end, hours later, it smells sweet, very sweet. This is my first perfume oil too, I like how they last so long on the skin and the vial looks like it'll last longer than an alcohol basted. I'm excited to try more samples soon.
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