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  1. Calli, LP Red and OCCO Red is my very fave combo, too.
  2. I absolutely love this. I think I may have to buy a backup bottle (or two) of this one. It's absolutely dreamy- I seem to amp the apricot and strawberry in this. The lemon starts to peel in later with the vanilla.
  3. Oh my god, I think I have found a staple. I LOVE LP Pink. Wow. WOW. This is like cotton candy, berry heaven with a touch of vanilla and buttery smoothness rounding out the gragrance profile. I really amp the berries at first, and I love that it turns into a sugary, playful, sexy number. I'm going to try this out with some Treasured Hearts.
  4. What are your very favorite 'mones? I think mine thus far are: UN Cougar- I think this is my all purpose social phero. I tend to reach for this for almost all social situations, including professional. Both men and women really respond positively to this. UN Treasured Hearts- my second favorite all purpose social phero, including professional environments. Peope are very accomodating, regardless of gender, with this phero. Works fab for women as much as men. I tend to use this in environments where there are more women than men. UN SS4W- my third fave social phero, more for party/going out/fun, not really for professional gatherings. I'm dying to try (and have on order): LFM Lumina TMI BANG What are your favorite 'mones?
  5. Yeah, I admit to hoarding this one a bit. It's lovely, and I think it should join the permanent ranks
  6. For someone that has the original and the rebrew, how are they different?
  7. I got a few different unscented 'mones in the 60/40 silicone spray, including LFM. I think it will have the perfect diffusion/staying power combo! I can't wait to try this one.
  8. I placed a gynormous order, and I want to place another one already, WTH is wrong with me?
  9. I think LP Pink will be perfect for this one. When I get my order, I'll be using LP Pink with this.
  10. Damn, I don't have any of those. I'm thinking of trying Scarlet Leaf with La Femme Mystere when it comes, and Blood On Snow with Treasured Hearts. What do you think?
  11. I just placed an order for the silicone/alcohol blend spray. I realized there were no reviews of the unscented TMI! Any reviews?
  12. LP Red and Une are my two favorites. Those almost always get the most reactions from both men and women. I'm super happy they are permanent.
  13. I absolutely adore Scarlet Leaf and Blood On Snow. I'm wondering what 'mones you would recommend with these two fragrances?
  14. What are your 'mone + Fragrance fave combos? Mine SSWA, BI or Sexiponage with LP Red, Black (Red and Black) or Une Spinerette with Cougar, Popularity Potion
  15. I'm thinking of ordering a bunch, this is going to be part of my order. I think it will be FAB with LP Red and OCCO Red. What do you ladies think???? LP Red, I think, it one of my favorite staples.
  16. Anyone try this yet? I'm very, very curious!
  17. Incidentally, I adore the BLAM combo (BAM and LAM together), FYI. If you haven't tried it, it's a great mix. I LOVE the Spicy Brown Sugar fragrance. It reminds me a lot of MRF, actually.
  18. I love the 60/40 sprays. I have my cougar in this, I think I would likely order all future Unscented 'mones in the 60% alcohol 40% silicone form. All my perfumes and scented 'mones, I prefer in oil, though. After using I've learned I prefer perfumes in oil base, not spray.
  19. Ok, it's a win, at least in terms of self-effects. I wore Glistening Buttons alone, and I liked it. I wore GB with a touch of Lace- and I was a snuggleball. I had so. much. fun with this combo!!! My friends were super cuddly, but also much more willing to let me take the lead. I love this combo!
  20. So by the end of this month? Please? PLEASE?
  21. I'm waiting for the phero-s, but my next order will have Pure Sugar, Sugared Honeycomb, OCCO Gold and Pink, and LP Pink.
  22. This is definitely going to be in my next order along with Pure Sugar and OCCO Pink. I used to not like sugar smells, but the sugar based scents here are amazing (MRF was my first step into sugary perfumes). I'm also loving that the berry scents I've ordered here aren't plastic-y, so I'm really excited! I'm waiting for all the new phero releases before I place another order.
  23. I really like this combo. I'm going to try it, and if I like it, I may have to get a custom unscented phero made of leather and lace. I'm not a very dominant type- I'm more very friendly and bubbly type, so the combination works to help me be a smidge more assertive while the lace helps with the bubbly/friendly.
  24. I love that there are options here of unscented and scented. Even with the unscented, there are so many perfume options here to try and make your own fabulous combination. My favorite scented phero perfume / mix has to be Glistening Buttons and MRF. I love both scents, and I've found the self-effects of both scents are just. amazing.
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