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  1. I have been wearing this nonstop for the last few days with OCCO Red. I'll need a new bottle of both, because I'm running through them at light speed! Aaaargh! I LOVE this scent. At initial application, I feel like a luscious, ripe apricot warming in the sun- because that blooms on me first. As time passes, the scent dries down to a very spicy vanilla creme. I've noticed my skin eats this up a bit- so I can slather and it always dries down to more of a lovely veil than an overpowering miasma. I also have layered with with OCCO White when I want to amp the vanilla. I think if I had one scent I could bring to a deserted island with me, I might have to pick LP Red (although I have to try PD and Pink before I make my decision).
  2. I wish this came in oil- I'm starting to love the oil-based perfumes so so much.
  3. I would really like this. I'll see what my budget looks like for next month. The scent alone is what's piquing my interest.
  4. I think I need to get a few bottles of this
  5. I just adore Glistening Buttons, and I'd love to try it with SS4W (since that's my happy giddy glowy phero- I get such good self-effects from it). I know some combos definitely conflict- so I wanted to ask if this was a clashing combo? Also, would Cougar and SS4W conflict as well? Thanks!
  6. Definitely Glistening Buttons. Oh wow, do I get compliments galore with this one.
  7. I am DYING to find out more. Seriously. Can anyone give hints? Anything? Please?
  8. Oh, ty LV! I ordered Luna's Sungold Mocha. Can't wait! SQUEE
  9. I'm ordering a few bottles to stick into my vault while the sale is still on. I'm quickly becoming *such* an addict... urgh. I'm getting Scarlet Leaf and Blood on Snow. Perfect Fall/Winter scents for me! Amazingly, I bought so many things from the sale unsniffed by descriptions and reviews only, and I've scored with all of them. I like all of them, they're all highly wearable. PM, your products are amazing, truly.
  10. kittenkat


    Pithivier is another scent I may have to order another bottle of. The sweet, milky chocolate notes get amped on me and remains, although it bows in the first act and takes a supporting role thereafter, with the berries coming out to end the show with the full ensemble. I don't sniff any almond but I'll have to try and find it.
  11. Got it, love it, may have to get another bottle. The vibe feels like a gourmand twist on the sexy librarian. Glasses, hair in a bun coming slightly unraveled, pencil skirt. The smokiness of the scent somehow reminds me of old professors that haunt the library, with the nuts and sugar steaming from the cup of coffee the librarian has in her hand. Love!
  12. Interesting- this is all orchid and incense on me with a very faint touch of honey, no civet/musky scent to speak of. Very rich and floral, I feel like I'm in a sexy temple. Phew! I was afraid this was going to go bad on me, but thus far, it's lovely. This is def something I'd like to pair with a film noir/vintage look, killer heels, and maybe some SS4W. ETA: Wow, I'm REALLY amping the Orchid in this. Weird, since I often can't stand floral notes, but this is turning very floral and nice on me. Skin chemistry is so weird, I can't imagine how this turned into santorum on some people!
  13. I'm glad I hoarded a few bottles of this based on description alone. It's a lovely salsa of chocolate and caramel gliding on my skin. It makes me feel delicious to the core. Definite winner, and I would so buy a bottle or two more if a re-brew was to come up (hinthinthint)
  14. kittenkat

    Blood on Snow

    Just got this, and it's gorgeous. I may have to get one more bottle of this. Definitely a lovely winter scent, very brisk and chilly, but with a warm heart. It reminds me of setting out in the snow, bundled up and warm all over except for the chill on your face. The currant notes peek out from behind the curtain, but outside it's all chilly snow. Adore!
  15. kittenkat

    Scarlet Leaf

    I just got my order, and OMFG. I love, love, love, love this one. LOVE. The chocolate is dark, rich, and with the tangy pom - turns into burgundy, melding together in a very deep, slow waltz, with a touch of warmth in the background from patchouli and the woods. This is like a candlelit ball for two in the autumn forest. I may have to get an extra bottle of this.
  16. Which do you prefer (or what is the difference for you between the two)? I adore Une, so I'm leaning towards OCCO Gold for something different, but what's your take?
  17. This is definitely on my list along with LP Original and Pink. I adore Red, and I enjoy red and black together, but I may have to try this because I'd like to see how Mara mixed the Red and Black together.
  18. I'm such a terrible chocolate and caramel lover, so I bought a few bottles unsniffed. I can't wait for this one to arrive <3
  19. I'm wearing it today with unSS4W and OCCO Gold. YUM!
  20. cops tend to not smell like cheese on me, it turns into a wine-fruity smell- except during my period, when they smell like bitter sugar. I'm hoping my skin will do the same to civet and other fragrances in here.
  21. This thread intrigued me so much, I had to add Jouir De to my order. It's honey, hopefully it won't turn into a%^ on me, and I'm hoping it might go well layered with Une, or maybe even LP Red?
  22. I just ordered some Glistening buttons. I'm going to wear this with un-Lace. I'm not a very dominant personality, so I want something Lace=y, but with just a touch of assertiveness.
  23. Welcome! I'm sorry what happened to your BF ;( I love foodie scents, and regardless of what phero I am wearing, foodie scents often make women around me very happy. As for pheros though, BI makes women totally friendly and touchier for me. I get tons of hugs from usually less huggy female friends when I wear it. I have UNE, which is a non-copulins version of Phero Girl, and I LOVE the scent. I love Une + Cougar combo. Do play around with pheros- tons of fun. This thread reminds me, I need to play around with SS4W more!
  24. I broke a bottle of MRF today, and I literally cried. I'm under a lot of stress right now, but I don't know when MRF is coming back, so losing almost a full bottle made me sad.
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