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  1. I love Dream Lover- I just wish it had staying power on me, because my skin eats it up.
  2. Ooooh, that actually might be perfect. An ultra-feminine version of Leather! Something to consider....
  3. I am seriously sad I missed Mamelons de Cerise. Of course, I'd always stockpile any re-brews of Special Delivery and MRF.
  4. I may have to stockpile this one. I haven't smelled it yet, but the pastry scents from LP have been out of this world, and I have yet to miss. Uggggh, I really really want this, this sounds like it was made for me.
  5. I've been dying to try this option- but I'm not sure what to blend. Options I'm considering: BAM and LAM Lace with True Confessions Tranquility Potion with Treasured Hearts Has anyone tried a combo that's been working well for them?
  6. I would seriously love, love, love it if this was an annual rebrew.
  7. ... or will they cancel each other out/give out mixed signals? Has anyone tried this?
  8. I don't mind teech-achingly sweetness in my perfume. Smelling like a bakery/pastry always makes me ultra, ultra happy. The initial might be a bit sweet overload, but I have found it dries down on me to just a nummy combination of chocolate-y, vanilla-y, fruity confection. I had 7 people (both men and women) comment on this combo in one hour, and that's a record. One girl walked all over the bar looking for the source of the scent, and when she found me, told me I was a living cupcake and it's driving her insane. I also LOVE this with Cougar.
  9. Oh, I so have to get this one. Dammit, PM, you're killing me. I have a serious weakness for anything chocolate.
  10. I have to say, this is becoming one of my *very* favorite scents. I love it paired with just a touch of Occo White. I got so many compliments with that pairing that it was utterly ridiculous.
  11. Depending on the type of work... I would recommend Treasured Hearts for a job environment where it is mostly women. Mixed, I would say Cougar is a safe choice, but definitely try and experimenting before the interview to see how they impact you. SWS seems like a good choice, but I have yet to experiment with that one myself.
  12. I absolutely adore this scent. I can't tell you, I've spent all day huffing my arm. I feel like a juicy cherry dripping in luscious belgian chocolate. I feel so delicious, I want to nom the arm off with the SD on it. I think I have found the most favorite fragrance, ever.
  13. So, I've read that Alpha-Androstenol is a fairly safe mixer. I'm thinking of either getting Woozy Floozy or the Alpha-Androstenol spray. Question 1: Is the concentration of AA the only difference between woozy floozy and alpha-androstenol spray? (aside from the fact that woozy comes in silicone and dpg as well as a spray). Question 2: As a mixer, would you recommend getting the straight AA spray, or would you get the WF? Question 3: Which phero blends would be safe to give an added boost of AA? I'm thinking Treasured Hearts, but what else? Question 4: I really like the silicone/alcohol blend as a base. I've read that Mara thinks AA should be in a spray for best effects. Would the silicone/alcohol blend be ok, or should I get it in 100% alcohol?
  14. I love this scent, and I'm patiently awaiting my order!
  15. Who here uses BAM and LAM together? Bewitch, Attract and Mesmerize Like A Magnet. Seriously, I think I am in love with this combo. It seems to make me the bubbly, shiny quality with a certain je ne sais quois. I seem to be a flower, and the bees come calling- male, female, doesn't matter. It seems to be a great social blend for me. It puts me in a very up-and-up bubbly mood, but if I need to sneak over during a party for some one-on-one time and more serious conversation with a friend, it seems to foster that as well. I think this is my fave mix, and I think this would be a great mix to consider. Mara, would you consider making an unscented BLAM mix?
  16. I am a BLAM girl. I love both, and I rarely just wear one. That said, if I HAD to pick... I think I'm more of a BAM girl.
  17. Thanks, everyone! Beccha, good note about the intent. I may try out H2H. I run into him enough, so it's not like I'm lacking opportunities if H2H goes awry. I'll try it out with my favorite perfume, which he always used to compliment me on- because it's a very light fragrance that puts me in a happy social mood. Do you think H2H is a good choice? Part of the reason I want to wear that is for self-effects, so I'll be a bit more empathetic to what he has to say rather than being dismissive and irritable (which is a possibility). The silent breakup was over a year ago, and I had been through the silent withdrawl enough times by that point to be over it by the time it happened. We share too many mutual friends and spaces, so I'm trying to bring things to a place of peace, not get-things-off-my-chest-and-burn-the-bridge. @skye, he can be a great friend- he is a terrible, terrible romantic partner (and now I know why his female friends adore him to bits but wouldn't even think of dating him for even a minute).
  18. I have true confessions, but it's in silicone. It only works when people get super close to me physically- I don't amp oil based pheros very well. ;( In all honesty, I really don't care to get too physically close to him at this point. I'd like to be able to sit across or reasonable distance on the couch, and oil pheros don't amp enough in those situations, I've found. Oil based pheros- I have to be in their lap or totally cuddly. I have TH, PM H2H in spray, so I figured I would try one of them.
  19. I tend to remain very close friends to my ex-es, or at least, have a very cordial relationship with them. I have one ex that's very hot and cold- but we have a lot of mutual friends so we end up bumping into each other at parties all the time. I probably run into him few times a month. He was on a very cold streak the last 5 months- avoiding me completely, making sure in an overt way to not to look at me, he blocked me from his online connections (which our mutual friends thought was crazy because he was the one that did the silent withdrawl and stopped talking to me). I'd like to wear something to really enhance communication- because there was a lot left unsaid, it was one of those cold, not-speaking type of ending (on his part). We didn't have a proper breakup- he just stopped talking to me, and after a month, I figured it was over and just moved on. By this point, I was tired of trying. I think part of his behavior is that he hasn't moved on (not saying he wants to get back together or anything, more like he never got closure and there's still a lot of residual emotions). He has a history of pulling back and staying silent, and while there is a lot I love about him, I was just so over being the one trying to keep things together, esp since if I try and communicate while he's in his silent mode, I never get honest answers anyway- just evasion, so it's not like I really can do anything productive. He's warmed just a smidge lately (sat down next to me at dinner and actually initiated a conversation, which was eye-opening shocker considering his recent behavior), and I'd like to wear something that enhances communication and just break down the ice between us faster, since he's someone I end up seeing all the time and it's starting affect how I feel about seeing some dear friends (uuuugh, I don't want to attend Y's party because X will be all weird to me kind of thing). I'd like to use something that will help HIM approach me for a conversation (he's one of those guys where if you approach, he goes cold- sooo annoying) and we can talk about what happened and get to a point where we can just be nice and normal to each other. I WAS wearing Treasured Hearts (my fave social phero) when he was nice to me, incidentally. I was thinking of maybe trying Heart to Heart or Perfect Match to steer things to a happier, more communicative place? Nothing sexy, no cops. I want to just sit down and have a honest conversation.
  20. I think this needs to be at least an annual rebrew
  21. OMGYESYESYES I will take 3!!!! Can you add one each of LP Pink, LP Passion and Desire and Sexpionage Silicone Roll-on to my order of the Special Delivery? OMGMARAYOUARETHEBEST! I love this scent so much.
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