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  1. PM, you don't think this will work as well as a 60/40? Should I change my order to just alcohol? I asked for 60/40 since alcohol sprays tend to burn up so quickly, but if you think I should get it in just alcohol, I will.
  2. I just ordered this and I'm so, so, so excited to try it. Once I get it, I'll be testing this (and Heart 2 Heart Empathy). I can't wait.
  3. I really want to get this next. I'm currently working as an event coordinator temporarily, and while I adore Treasured Hearts during the actual event (makes both men and women so receptive and helpful), I'd like to use this for meetings with vendors and more difficult employees. BTW, the label designs are so adorable at LP. When I saw the shark carrying the HALP, I laughed out loud. I love the label designs here.
  4. Well, I have to admit- the label design sold me. Awwwww! KITTIES! I love cats. Especially black and white cats! Seriously though, I'm very excited to try this one. I often tend to be the one to get called to resolve issues between mutual friends, friends that are couples, etc- so I think this will help me out when I am trying to help people out of a trying situation into something more understanding. Has anyone tried it yet? I bought this and Perfect Match in a spray.
  5. I can't smell the cops *at all* in MRF, whether in the vial, immediately after application, or after dry-down. I LOVE MRF.
  6. I suppose I should be happy. I read (on other forums, mainly) that people have issues with covering cops... I've tried wearing the unscented cop blends several times uncovered to see if it was a one-time thing. I get a whiff of it out of the bottle, but as soon as it's on my skin (not even 5 minutes), my nose can't really detect it. Hey, it makes it easier to "cover" - so I am going to consider this a good thing. Yay
  7. Is it possible that my skin "eats" cops like some skin eats fragrance? I have a few friends who might as well be bloodhounds, and after about 30 minutes, they say cops smell on me is barely noticable at all. (This is with BI, Lace with Cops, Sexology unscented and uncovered). I don't think I need more (I tend to use a swipe on both side of the neck, jawline, crook of arm, cleavage and a V on the torso when I use non-spray pheros). I'm pretty sure they are still effective even though I (nor my friends) can smell them, because it's really not just the smell that's effective. Right?
  8. My Experience, HTH! I've found Heart and Soul to be an *excellent* social mix. It's great for parties and get-togethers, especially if you're likely to meet new people and you want to break down the initial stranger barrier with brand-new people and send a very warm, approachable vibe. It works great on both men and women. I've found both men and women are just very cooperative and helpful when I wear this. It seems to trigger the "helpful" vibe in people- not because they see you as helpless, but because they want to cooperate and work with you. It gives off an alpha-female vibe, but you're the super-lovely person that people look up to and WANT to help, not the crankypants drill sergeant that people are deathly afraid of. I call it the hostess with the mostest mix I love True Confessions, and I'm determined to get it as a spray. That said, I prefer TC for one-on-one or small, intimate gatherings. I've found it seems to comfort people. It definitely sets people at ease and makes them want to share what's on their mind, but I don't use it for social events because when I'm at a social event, I'm all over the place and talking to everyone, so the chance of me getting to really sit down with someone for a lengthy conversation is little to none. Therefore, I reach for this for gathering of close friends, or one-on-one situations where I'm there to have a nice, long conversation. I hope this makes sense
  9. I think HS and Treasured Hearts are my favorite social pheros. They both have very similar impact on men and women (very attentive and helpful) and self-effects are near identical (calming, patient). Beccah, why would you not wear it in a nightclub setting? I often do, and I have had great hits. Once, I had several people insist that I could cut in line for a drink order when there was a long line (I thanked and declined).
  10. I think I love this phero. It seems to have a really positive vibe with both men and women. People aren't chattier, but they're more concerned and want to help. It makes people respond in a positive way, very cooperative, wanting to work with you, etc. LOVE IT!
  11. I think I love SS4W. It's a really bubbly kind of effect on me. Women respond positively to it, although I've found, women (straight or gay) tend to love it when I wear foody sugary scents. I've had more women that want to hug me with MRF than any other perfume, ever. Men just tend to be a lot chattier. They want to hang around and chat more. They tend to listen attentively and respond conversationally at length, while being very flirty and lighthearted at the same time. It seems like a great social mix. I wore unpheroed-MRF, OCCO Red and SS4W. The combo seems to be a hit- the fruity Occo Red melds well with MRF on my skin
  12. This is definitely on my short list for one of the perfumes to get. It sounds so lovely, but it doesn't come in a roll-on bottle, does it? Is it possible to get it in the 1/3 roll on size?
  13. If I get this, I'll get the unscented version, so I have more options in terms of scent. I'm going to try it out. Sexy version of Open Windows sound good to me- which reminds me, I don't have Open Windows, either.
  14. Lace makes me very, very spacey in a LA-LA LAND happy kind of way, but still bubbly. BI makes me super bubbly. I use the MRF spiked with BI. I'm not sure if it's the scent that makes me feel so nommylicious, or if it's the 'mones, but I just feel like the biggest cuddle bunny on the planet. It makes me want to hug EVERYONE. OCCO- I don't feel any friskier with cops, but it makes me physically move different. It's weird. I walk a bit slower, it kind of makes me slow down (I tend to be pretty chatty and bouncy in public) a bit in a good way. BAM- similar to OCCO. Makes me slow down. This is a phero that makes me want to find a comfy corner and talk for a long time with a person rather than be bubbly/hostessy and feel the need to greet / talk to everyone. Popularity Potion- This one makes me feel all shiny. I really like the self-effects of this one. I'm still bubbly, but with a bit more weight. Not an intimate, one-on-one kind of weight like BAM or OCCO, but with almost a bit of authority. Hard to explain, hope I'm making sense.
  15. I really actually hate the term "cougar" so that's probably one of the reasons making me hesitate about trying this one. It does seems like a really nice SOCIAL phero though, from what people have said (though it contains cops, right)? Is it like a slightly sexier version of popularity potion? Is it worth a try? I have NOOO desire to attract younger guys- I already seem to, and I'd rather attract people near my own age (early 30's to early 40's).
  16. Personally, I *love* smelling all nomnomnomlicious. When I smell like a bakery, I'm a happy camper.
  17. @Honeybee- when your skin gets really oily before your period- plain Milk of Magnesia (get the unflavored kind!) is great for sopping up the sebum. I apply it to my face at full strength as an overnight masque at night before bed, and I use a diluted strength (basically 1 part MOM to 3 parts water) under my makeup during the day for a few days during my period when my skin overloads on oil production. It's an awesome mattifier. In fact, it's my favorite under makeup primer. I first learned of this when I was working for a dermatologist- he sold this expensive "overnight" treatment, but he said the main ingredient is the same as Milk of Magnesia and that's what he uses himself. You can try it full strength as a 15-30 minute masque first, see if that does the trick.
  18. I think I need to order a bottle of this. I also wore it with OCCO White and LOVED the combo.
  19. I love all the OCCOs I have so far (White and Red. Especially red). I'm planning on getting the Gold, Black and Pink with the corresponding LP perfumes. Once it's dried down, the cops are completely covered. I actually like the OCCO fragrances I have so far that I might just order NoCo Red to wear it with my unscented 'mones. ETA: I lovelovelove the apricot notes in the Red. It comes out really bright on me, and it makes me feel so sunny and nom. It feels like happy in a bottle. It's so fruity that I feel more bubbly than sexy, but it seriously brightens up my mood!
  20. I think I have a problem. I have about 8 bottles of this stockpiled, and it still makes me a bit nervous that this won't get me through this year. I seem to use up about 1 bottle a month...! Hi, my name is kittenkat and I am a LP addict. Is there a 12 step program?
  21. I want this to be part of the permanent collection. I love, love, love it. I don't think I could love a scent as much as MRF, but this is right up there. Please, please, please make more, please?
  22. *sigh* Did not get the job, but the interview went really, really well. It's just a hard market out there, They had over 300 resume's for this one position!!! They went with someone with recent restaurant management experience, which is definitely an edge I don't have. I think anyone looking to interview for a job- PP is a very good phero.
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