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  1. I really had a good experience with BAM (sugared honey) layered with Occo White. I wore it out to a party at a friend's house- and women were really sweet to me- these were girls that I was friendly with, but they seemed to open up to me quite a bit and had a very tender reaction that I never saw before. The guys were very sweet and attentive. A few guys that I've never really talked to were very chivalrous, wanted to talk and opened up to me (again, I'm seeing a pattern here). The vibes I was getting from the BAM/Occo combo was intimate and bond-y from both men and women. Is there something in BAM that makes people want to open up to you?
  2. I really want to order this. Oh, hard choices- THIS, or more MRF? I am so torn!
  3. how is this one different from the original?
  4. OK, so here's my review of MRF- enhanced with BI. I want to say that this is women catnip- women ADORE the scent, and I had a few of my friends ready to nibble on me. It doesn't seem to provoke any bitchiness in women. Quite the opposite. RE: Men- it just makes men a lot more attentive and flirty. Nothing like a deer in headlights effect- but they become a lot more flirty and attentive. I think it's a great social mix for myself, because it seems to make everyone relaxed- and apparently, hungry for sugary baked goods.
  5. I'm thinking of ordering this one! Seriously, you guys are going to break my bank.
  6. Yes, please lease make this one permanent, pleaaaaaaaase!
  7. I really hope so. I can't get enough of this specific perfume!
  8. OH NO! I WENT TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR MRF AND IT'S OUT OF STOCK!!!!! I'm seriously going to cry. Is this coming back in stock soon? Someone, please tell me!
  9. I'm almost halfway done with my MRF. I think I may need to stockpile this fragrance. I'm not kidding when I say I'm thinking of placing an order of 10... I don't think a stockpile of 10 will last me a year... Is this a limited edition, or is this going to be around for a while? Please please don't tell me it's going to get discontinued. Incidentally, I am female catnip with MRF. I slather it on (strip on inner arm, strip on each side of the neck and back of neck, decollete, big circle on my belly and back, underarms), and women seem to get so much more cuddly and lovey with me. I don't know if it's the BI or the fragrance but women are just superloving with me so I wear it around my female friends a lot and I've just been getting cuddled to death.
  10. I'm just wondering how much the phermones diffuse with the oil/silicone based phermones? I'm guessing maybe a few feet at the most? Does anyone have any idea overall?
  11. I am going to the post office to pick up my order. It has LACE in it as well as LAM, BI, Sexology and CB! (I know, I'm packing em in).
  12. Oh, you guys are making me want this. Sigh... I don't think I have ever had interest or desire for perfumes 'til LP- I adore foody scents, and most perfumeries do not do food-y scents well at all. They end of smelling plasticky and fake, not delicious. Then I tried MRF- and wow, I felt like the happiest bakery on the planet
  13. Oh, I meant that I think if we were looking for a similar product, I mean. I didn't mean to imply that LP was trying to copy AD or vice-versa- it's simply that phermone companies seem to make a blend with similar purposes, so if you liked X at one company, you may like Y by this company sort of thing. AD's IS/a or b doesn't contain any copulins, though. I don't know if they used to, so I always felt like it was more of a social phermone than a sexual one.
  14. I've been trying BAM, and over the last few days, I've realized that the bitterness I'm getting from the perfumes (I had this with MRF) may actually have something to do with my menstrual cycle. Right now, mine is really haywire due to stress, but I've found that when the bleeding is really heavy (sorry for the TMI), I seem to get the bitters with anything with cops in it! Interesting, huh? Anyone else have experience like this?
  15. re: Spraying onto clothes I am presuming you shouldn't do this with pheros with copulins. Ditto for spraying in air and walking through it?
  16. BTW, is the spicy sugar for BAM/LAM anything like Mara's Rocket Fuel? Just curious.
  17. I have seen my future, and my wallet just ran screaming from my purse and it's hiding somewhere. I'm going to seriously need a second job so I can keep up with my new addiction! OK, I have Dream Lover, Halo's Angelique and LP Red on my next shopping list. My next unscented pheros are going to be Perfect Match and Focus Potion. I'm also looking for a second job- seriously. I need a way to fund my new addiction!!!!
  18. Is LP Red like OCCO Red? I have an OCCO Red coming in my next order <3
  19. I didn't think I was being "cheated." I figured phero-enhanced perfumes were perfumes first (that's the main purpose), with a bit of pheros to enhance the experience if that makes sense- hence the lower price than the unscented pheros. I'm not expecting glaring hits- I've used social 'mones in spray form (mainly from AD), so I'm not a complete newbie. I've just never used any 'mones with copulins in it. With RF, I get tons of comments on the fragrance- which is GREAT, mind you. I shouldn't say I don't get hits with MRF- I just get them from women actually moreso than men.
  20. I am definitely going to add Dream Lover to my next order. What other food-y smells are recommended? I'm thinking of LP Red and Blushing Milkmaid as well on my next order. I'll check your trade list JOC. Angelique sounds really nice... I wonder if there's a sample... I know the 'mones definitely have an impact on me. I find that with Alcohol spray 'mones, the self-effect is pretty immediate and more in your face, but fades a lot quicker- while with the oil based 'mones, the impact is slow, steady and longer. I used AD products direct- so I'm used to the alcohol sprays, but I'm really enjoying the way the self-effect builds up slowly and lasts an entire day with the silicones. I think layering both oil and alcohol 'mones will be the best of both worlds It's too bad that my bank account cringes and weeps at the thought...
  21. I had a day where it turned bitter on me- I can't figure out why yet- but I've been wearing it today and I'm not getting the bitterness. I do adore this smell like the dickens!!!!
  22. My BAM is a spray, maybe I will try working with BAM on myself over the next few days to see if it grows on me on its own. Does anyone here use BAM alone by itself?
  23. Oh, I meant I'm being dainty by not asking him out myself like I would usually do (I'm not doing so based on his behavior and advice from mutual friends both male and female). Dainty isn't what I'm trying to project, though. His ex- for example, was a roller derby playing, triathlon competing type with full tattoo sleeves on both arms. I'm usually perfumed, no ink, full makeup and dressed in vintage style dresses and heels (I am apparently tons more "girly" than he's used to). That said, he apparently likes making the first move, and I've noticed he does have a chivalrous spot (he has always opened doors, pulled chairs, etc for me when he has been nearby). I thought the Phero-enhanced perfumes had just a lil bit of 'mones. I've worn MRF in public, I have yet to get any overt hits- just compliments on the fragrance (tons from women) but nothing out of the ordinary. I don't mind because the RF I love strictly for the fragrance since it's sooo yummy, the BI in it is just a bonus for me. Should I try wearing a bit more RF than I am wearing? ( right now, I wear a swipe to both wrist, inner elbow, underarm, circle on torso and lower back, back of my neck- I don't know if I can wear any more than I already do). Aaaaargh- let me list out what I have and maybe the lovely ladies here can make a suggestion. Some are on order, so I don't have them on hand right now, but I should probably get them my this weekend (I hope?) I picked BI because I thought it was supposed to be super sexy while being approachable... I'm definitely not a Leather/Dominance girl (I'm very much the friendly cuddly type), so I don't think they will work for me- hence I didn't order them. BI Lace Cuddle Bunny Heart and Soul True Confessions Sexology BAM LAM Popularity Potion Treasured Hearts Rocket Fuel with BI Occo White and Red
  24. Well, BAM alone needs a cover scent on me, and I've been really loving the Rocket Fuel for the way it smells on its own (regardless of the 'mones in it). I tried wearing BAM (apply first, let it ry down about 30 min) then applying my fave perfume, but it just didn't smell too good. BAM (Suagred Vanilla and Honey) with OCCO White smelled really nice, and BAM with RF also smelled really nice. *sigh* Maybe I should just try OCCO White and RF instead?
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