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  1. I'm going to a party this Thursday. It's going to be low-key, mainly people I know, both male and female. My friend is hosting the party at his house with his BF. My "target" will also be there! He's admitted to being very attracted to me (he's told several of our mutual friends), and I'd like to see if I can push him over the edge and get him to approach me. I have no issues making the initial move, but in his case, I get the feeling that he likes to be the one to make the first move (and friends have told me similar) so I'm being a dainty lady thus far. So, after thinking and thinking of what to do, I'm thinking of wearing this blend: BAM, smidge of OCCO and Rocket Fuel (which has a smidge of BI in it). What do you think?
  2. Ooooh, and I seriously have a thing for vanilla, sugar and any food-y smells. I WANT to smell like the yummiest, baked goods Calli, you're not helping!!!! Incidentally, does LP have any good chocolate based perfume? I LOVE chocolate based scents- with my fave being Fresh's Fleur de Chocolat series. I was so brokenhearted when they discontinued that line...
  3. Oh, LP is so addictive. I'm determined to have both silicone or DPG and an alcohol spray version of all the unscented pheros, because they diffuse so differently and work amazing together. I also need to figure out a way to make my budget work so I can hoard a few more of the Rocket Fuel. I tried OCCO White Spray with Rocket Fuel (with BI) DPG. Heavenly! I'm waiting for my unscented BI (Silicone) so I can layer the BI, Rocket Fuel and Occo Red together. I'm going to see if I like the Red as much as I like the white. Has anyone tried the RF/OCCO Red combo?
  4. I do not apply cops to my hair, BUT I do apply it to my neck and behind my ears. I have long hair that I wear down- will this get cops in my hair?
  5. That makes sense, PM! Thank you. Just out of curiosity, do cops build up on skin and what is the best way to remove any 'mone buildup?
  6. Third day of wearing Mara's Rocket Fuel... something went wrong ;( Day 1 and day 2, I loved, loved, loved it... the sugary yumminess lasted and lasted. Day 3... I started smelling bitterness- in fact, a lot of bitterness. Is it maybe that the scent from the previous day isn't washing off completely? Is it possible to get buildup??? I shower every day, so could it be that my soap isn't washing off the 'mones? I'm used to alcohol based sprays, and I've never used anything with copulins before.
  7. Can I use this with my CPS unscented phermones to make a 1 oz unscented alcohol based phermone spray? Yes? No? I hope someone can answer this for me! Thank you!
  8. You know what, I think I was just unfamiliar with oil based perfumes. GODDAMN, I was wearing it alone yesterday so I didn't notice, but the scent on this baby in the oil CARRIES. A LOT. OMG. I was like a walking bakery scent trail, LOL. I went to the store with it, and I had people across the room going "I smell something delicious. WHAT is that?" I was too busy to really notice anyone's reaction other than just feeling super sugary and nummy <3 I'm wondering, how strong is the BI in this mix? Do I need to apply unscented BI before applying enhanced rocket fuel for the full effect, or do I just need the RI? I'm confused. HELP! That said, I love the oil version so much, I think I'm ordering 2 more as soon as I can.
  9. I just want to say I LOVE this. LOVE. Oh... I don't care if anyone else loves it, *I* just feel so yummy wearing it. I may have to buy another one of this with BI. I wonder- can MRF be made in a silicone/alcohol spray form with the BI? Anyone know? Please let me know, because I may just have to get one in spray form right away, I am so in love.
  10. The description for OCCO Red makes me want to die and go to heaven. I REALLY want it! Should I get it in the spray or oil? Decisions, decisions!!!!
  11. I've ordered: Unscented True Confessions (oil) BAM Rocket Fuel with BI Occo White Unscented Popularity Potion Unscented Treasured Hearts I am interested in: Unscented Cuddle Bunny Unscented Heart and Soul (will this be back in stock soon)? LAM (in brown sugar, maybe?) Unscented Sexology Unscented Blatant Invitation Blushing Milkmaid OCCO red and gold I know, LP. You are going to break my bank. I used Androtics Direct (Instant Honesty and Instant Sexiness , but I'm not a fan of their Neroli (or any of the scents, really), and I love the variety here so much <3 I'm guessing BAM is like Instant Sexiness B and True Confession is like Instant Honesty.
  12. I love the ladies here! I like the idea of social = spray, sexy = oil. Maybe I'll try a few silicone/alcohol sprays to see if I like them- best of two worlds? Great idea though- about the spray for social blends, oil for sexy blends. My BAM (that should be here today- SO EXCITED) is alcohol spray. Maybe for the next order, I'll try BAM in oil... I'm also so excited for Mara's Rocket Fuel. I can't wait to play around with that one... Incidentally, I'm wondering how long a bottle of the oil will last me. How many applications have people gotten from theirs?
  13. Does anyone have a preference? I have a combo of oils and sprays coming to me, but I'm just wondering if people have a favorite in terms of the carrier for the phermones, and why you prefer the form that you do (diffusion, long-lasting, etc). I'm looking to place another order- I can't wait to go get my order at the PO tomorrow!
  14. Ooooh thank you thank you!!! I'll report back on how I do. I think I will start with True Confession when I'm doing a writing/performance feedback workshop (hey, I need honest feedback so this is a good time to try TC in a productive setting). I don't want to try and sex-aye phermones for what needs to be a productive workshop One more question- does wearing regular perfume over your unscented phermone mix dilute the effect, or does it just help the phermones diffuse? My favorite is Dior's Hypnotic Poison- very Vanilla-y, and it seems to cover anything (I've tried layering it with other perfumes and it's one of those scents that obliterate anything else I am wearing). It's my fave perfume, so I'm wondering whether I can keep wearing it with the phermone mixes...
  15. I'm 35 years old, have not been on birth control pills in over a decade. I'm wondering what my starting dose should be for: Rocket Fuel (oil based perfume laced with BI)- I'm at a loss as to how much is good for this one. I'm thinking of a brief swie across both wrists, back of neck, and also on my torso? BAM (alcohol spray) - how many sprays? OCCO White (alcohol spray) - how many sprays? For Bam and OCCO, how many sprays would you suggest I start with? I'm just looking for a decent starting point here. Also, with items containing cops, I should wait until they're dried on my skin before putting on clothing? For oil based perfumes, I'm figuring I need to wait 15-20 til it's dried down before wearing clothes? Thank you!
  16. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! I think I will try Rocket Fuel first since I got mine laced with BI. Should I use with just a lil spray of OCCO white for extra ommph? I'm going to try it out at another social event first. I'm 35, I have not taken any BC for decades. People tend to describe me as cute, so I'm trying to get an edge here by using something uber sex-aye! Also, why is it a bad idea to spray copulins in your hair? I'm just wondering...
  17. I'm so happy I found this forum, and I'm excited to join you here. A lot of phermone message boards are geared mainly towards guys, and I'm glad to find one that is geared towards women with seriously yummy sounding scents! YAY! I just placed an order: True Confessions unscented in silicone base OCCO White Spray BAM Spray Sugar Vanilla and Honey Spray Rocket Fuel w/ phermones Popularity Potion Alcohol Based Spray, unscented What is a good combination to use? Popularity Potion with True Confessions for social situations? I'm trying to get the attention of a specific guy- he's admitted to being *very* attracted to me to a mutual friend, but he just won't make a move (and no, he's not married nor does he have a GF)... so I'm hoping this will help steer him in the right direction. I'm thinking maybe True Confessions with BAM? I'm probably going to run into him at a party at a mutual friend's house very soon. I'm just so excited, I can't wait to get my order. I ordered the alcohol sprays for eerything but the TC, RF and PP. I was wondering... what is the best way to use alcohol-based sprays? I have heard anything with copulins = no-no for spraying in your hair (which is how I mainly wear perfume). Help!!!!
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