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  1. I have been ordering perfumes from here for well over a year and freqently I will come across a scent that I simply fall for head over heals. However I have to say that LP Red, one of the very first fragrances that I have ordered from this site, has managed to remain around the top of my absolute favourites list. Not just from this site either. I'm a girl who loves my Chanel and LP Red still manages to be one of my favourites. I'm absolutely thrilled that this is one of the regulars.
  2. I do enjoy a lot of water related stuff. Especially streams and ponds in the woods. When I was thirteen or fourteen I nearly drown in a wave pool. While I imagine most people would be shaken up by the experiance, I simply jumped back in to swim some more (although more carefully this time).
  3. The Dutchess


    So it's been a little while since this one came out. Anyone who bought it care to discuss how this may have affected their appetite and weightloss over a slightly longer term?
  4. I found it interesting how much the post I quoted from seemed like it was describing myself. I also studied psychology and criminology with the intention of working in the FBI's profiling unit (though my major changed along the way. Now I'm not too far off from a business degree instead.) Then the mention of horror movies and Stephen King books. I figured yep now one of my other personalities is posting here as well.
  5. I was wearing Popularity Potion the other day covered with Cleopatra's Blend (can't remember if it was the '07 or the '08). Well I was out and about having one of my "fun days". I stoped by the pet shop to look around. Well quite quickly one of the girls there started talking with me. No this isn't someone that I had ever met before. To be polite I chatted for a few minutes before excusing myself to look around. However excusing myself didn't do me much good. She followed me. Even as I continued to attempt to politely break conversation or talk with someone else she continued to tag after me and talk. I literally made it around the entire store (which took a while when someone insists on holding you back) and she was still following me. It's quite distracting when trying to play with pretty puppies through the window.) Finally I excused myself to go look at a different pet store. I figured this would be the best way to get away from her and still accomplish what I set out to do. . . Huh-uh. She followed me there to. Though I managed to lose her as I made my way to the fish and reptile section, only to come across another chatter. This guy was telling me everything he knew about all the tropical fish they had. No, he didn't work there. Though he was nice looking, he was wearing a ring so there was nothing more than friendly chatter. A lot of friendly chatter. Finally I spotted someone I knew so I was able to successfully remove myself from the cross pet store clinger and the chatty fish guy. Since this isn't my typical outing, it proved to me that Popularity Potion is quite effective.
  6. I have never before received so many random comments on any perfume as I have with Me, Jane. First of all my mother absolutely loves the one. She is considering getting one herself. I have a huge collection of perfumes from here, and she gets to do a sniff test on all of them. The only ones she has absolutely loved (to the point of wanting her own) are this one, Faery Massacre, and the old Cleapatra's Blend. Then I went into the bank to order more checks. The teller who was waiting on me, and some other lady who worked there immediately started talking about it. We talked more about Me, Jane then we did about bank stuff. I mean they were both going on and on. On another day I went to the grociery store and the checkout girl just loved it. She also went on and on while I was in line. Then most recently, I went back into the bank. This was a few weeks after my first encounter there. I wasn't even wearing the same perfume this time. I think I was wearing a Pink Sugar dupe from another retailer. I dealt with the same lady as before, and again she started talking about Me, Jane. She even commented that the day before, the other lady who was there the first time, was still talking about this perfume. It had been days and days since I was even there! I don't know if it's the TAL, the scent, or both but this perfume has proven to be a massive conversation starter. I gave them the web address to this site. So LP may receive a few more customers in my neck of the woods.
  7. Ooh, I've just invented Red Bunny. It's both sexy and comfy at the same time. Just slather on LP Red then after dry down slather on Cuddle Bunny. It's amazing how well Cuddle Bunny layers with all my favorite scents so far. Yep, I certainly hope our wonderful perfume maivens keep this one around for a while. It's just so lovely, and this is coming from someone who is typically enthralled by a completely different type of fragrance.
  8. Well it all sounded so good, so I had to go ahead and get another sample pack. . .and EST of course! I've been longing for some EST ever since I first came across Ail's thread detailing it. Is it to early to start stalking my mailbox?
  9. It's official. I'm going broke again this month.
  10. Hey Countess, glad you decided to join us. I've always enjoyed your input on another board we're both a part of. It will be good to have that same input here as well.
  11. Yay!! I finally got my package! I have to say, I like this one. I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first, because I made the mistake of wearing this on my wrists and Raven's Secret Weapon on my neck and chest. Both are wonderful, but on me Raven's has a much stronger and lasting scent. With it so close to my nose, I couldn't get a proper idea of how Turkish Delight did on my skin. I am now wearing it on its own, and have to say I'm quite pleased with it. For everyone who compares this with Raqs Sharqi, I can understand where you are coming from. I can detect some of the similar notes between these two. This one is softer and lighter on my skin. Of the two, Raqs is still my favorite (but then again it has been officially classified my all-time favorite, which is saying something when considering all the other yummy scents I just adore) however this one is very pleasant as well and will be making its place among my regular go-to perfumes.
  12. Ooh, this is the one I have been looking forward to most of all from my most recent order. I have been working the midnight shift recently. One week on, one week off. When I came home I had a feeling my package would be arriving today. So I tried to sit up a bit and wait for it. Since my order was big enough it was going to require a signature to deliver. At 12:30 I can't hold out any longer, so I go to bed. When I wake up and check the mail, sure enough, there is that little card indicating they came by with my lovely little package and now I have to wait another day before I can get my hands on it. *sigh* Oh well, I always have been a big believer in delayed gratification making things so much better.
  13. This made me do this. Reading Ail's post completely convinced me to order a bottle of EST. I was going to go straight to the order page after I finished reading this thread. Oh well. At least I have a bottle of Cuddle Bunny on its way.
  14. Hmmm, I think my At This Moment favorites are: Raqs Sharqi Sugared Honeycomb Honeyed Seductions Nasty Habits Cuddle Bunny Of course, this list is subject to rapid and frequent changes.
  15. The Dutchess

    Raqs Sharqi

    This one is easily among the very tip top of my favorites list. I had intended to buy at least two more full size bottles to keep in stock because I'm burning through mine too quickly. Unfortunately this one sold out before I could get any back-up. I don't even have a sampler to help my one little ol' bottle along. Woe is me. Anyhoo, I've been very curious as to how likely this one is to be rebrewed. If the ingredients are hard or impossible to restock, I understand if this is a one time batch. If not. . .perhaps it would help to let you know I would easily and quickly stock up bottles (yes that's plural) at a time to make it worth your while. I love this scent and greatly regret not buying more than the one bottle while I could.
  16. Oh my lord! I have had this sample since it was first released. Why, oh why, am I only just now giving it a try? Granted I've only been wearing it for going on five minutes now. But this is absolutely love at first sniff. My only consolation is that this one has been rebrewed. Otherwise I would be completely devastated for putting it off so long. I love it! No field tests yet, though even if the pheros do nothing for me, the scent alone makes it worth a full bottle or two.
  17. I'm really thinking about the Turkish Delight. Especially since it is recommended to fans of Raqs Sharqi. I was going to buy myself a couple of extra bottles of Raqs as backup, only to realise it was sold out. So imagine my delight at discovering Turkish Delight. I'm so tempted to order this now, though I know I should wait. I've made so many big purchases here in the past little bit my bank account is begging for a break. Will I listen? . . .
  18. I had the monthly sample pack with my most recent order. As I was sniffin away I had already slathered myself in Honeyed Seductions. By the time I made it to Super for women I had nowhere left to apply, yet being very intrigued by the scent I decided to put it in my hair. Ahhh, the rest of the day I was surrounded by a hallow of yummy goodness. It had serious staying power. The scent was a little different the next time I wore it since it was actually applied to my skin. I was able to more clearly detect the pheros in it (though they were not unpleasant). Even though it was different, it is still among my favorites of the newer selection. I even ordered a full bottle the following day.
  19. You know I've looked at this one several times now, but never got around to buying it. However by reading these reviews it sounds like its right up my alley. Although I've been drawn to many of the foody scented potions here, pre-LP the spicy earthy scents were what I always selected. I think I may just pick up a sample in my next order.
  20. Dolly I read about your dry oil body spray in another thread. I'm just going to have to make a Sugared Honeycomb scented one for myself. If I could bathe myself in this scent I would. So why not spritz myself up instead?
  21. Despite the craze for them here, I hadn't really paid much attention to the sugared scents. However as a fan of the original Phero Girl, I finally decided to order a sample of the sugared honeycomb with one of my more recent orders. It came in the mail this morning so I decided to try it out. Oh my god ladies, a sample just isn't going to do me. As soon as I'm able to order again, I will definately be getting a full size of this one. Although this one and phero girl are both honey scents, I am amazed at how wonderfully distinct they are from each other. They are both so different yet still manage to be a yummy honey. So what does a girl do when she likes two fragrances so well? Layer them of course. I didn't leave home today without first applying my usual amount of PG and then covered it with honeycomb. A yum or a drool icon would be appropriate here.
  22. Thanks May, I decided I was ready for something different.
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