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    This is subject to change: 1) Sugared Patchouli (especially layered with Sugared Peaches) 2) Benzaiten's Good Fortune Potion 3) Musky Dusky Fresh Cut Greenery 4) Magick 5) Santa Carla (Athena is a close runner-up...so is Mercury Retro Naught...and so on and so on...)
  2. Hi, I'm inanna...here and there. I'm obsessed with perfume and other smellie stuff, but I'm taking the summer off from my obsession to finish working on a project. ( I couldn't, however, resist Mara's free sample offer, so here I am. Plus, I was hoping to hear how Bad Boy smells and how the Chakra Balancing Potion worked...so yeah, still a little obsessed.) So far, my favorite Love Potion perfumes are Athena: Creativity Potion, Benzaiten's Good Fortune, Mara's Magick, Sugared Patchouli, Musky Dusky Fresh Cut Greens and Santa Carla. I've had great results with Mercury Retro Naught. A
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