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  1. Thank you, Potion Master, you are such a great person! In general, it's fine with me, I don't ask you to send them in any case, because it does not matter. I don't know why I posted about this small and insignificant issue, I'd rolled back time if I can. At least I got a bottle of SS4W that I love! ))) And its packaging is wonderful, it came into beautiful creamy organza pouch I love everything you do and I didn't want to dissapoint you.
  2. UPDATE. Well, I got the box at my post office today in the morning. Strange, but it's without freebie vials and sniffies as usual. I was quite upset, but I understand that it's a gift and maybe it's not always included into packages. But... It's so strange. I wait for LP packages as long as nobody else and that's a pity that I cannot try Nymph & Seven Tears I picked as forum freebies. ((
  3. Oh, I've not seen main thread "Cataluna LPMP Has Sent You A Package"))) Sorry, you can merge threads
  4. Woohoo, tomorrow I'll get my package with LPs!!!!))))) I was anxious about it because I have not got notification from PayPal/Stamp.com as usual. But everything is just perfect, can't wait for tomorrow!!!
  5. Thank you, ladies!)) I'm happy, too! Happy that I'm here and that I've found this forum and you Without doubt LP perfume is magical and made with love. Btw, Sexology not only helped to improve my mood when I was upset, but also the stupid boy asked me for dinner finally. We and our friends ate together and talked about neutral things, e.g laptops, programming, snowbording... It was weird. I was sure that we are enemies forever after all the things I said))
  6. Yes, it really helps me fight depression. When I breathe in this honey smell, I feel warmer inside. I wanna thank you again, Mara.) Sexology-II is a beautiful creation. I was sceptic about honey smell when I just received my package. Now I cannot live without this scent. I feel better with Sexology on, especially when I'm sad and uncertain about things. To make a long story short: I realized today that all my attempts to be with one guy are hopeless anyway. After work I came home, applied Sexology-II without any goal and discovered that it works like a kind of antidepressant. I cannot understand why... maybe because of the fragrance, maybe because of the pheromone blend, but it's cool extra-effect.) I hope this would help someone one day.)
  7. Yes, I experimented with MRF+BI too. I had it on my wrists and it also smelled bitter and unpleasant. My dad said that I smell like tobacco. O_o Sexology is better, but I feel only musk on my skin... without any honey or cinnamon! I'm really surprised.
  8. About delivery to Russia. The order was made on 8th Feb shipped on 16th Feb received on 4th March So, only TWO WEEKS OF DELIVERY to Russia!!! I'm totally happy with this fact, because I expected month or even more. ---~~~---~~~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MARA and LP TEAM! Your goodies and service are perfect! And thank you very much for your generous gifts: lots of sample vials! Next week I will try all of them and I'm sure I will find the fragrance that completely suits my personality. I've already found one of the best-for-me-fragrances. I've fallen in love with Cuddle Bunny!!! After first sniff I immediately decided that I will order it again and again! (I hope Cuddle Bunny is not one of limited editions). Thanks for advice, ladies, I enjoy the scent of CB! Yesterday there was a corporative party, we celebrated 8 March beforehand (Note: 8 March - International Women's Day. Despite the word "International", it seems that this holiday is only celebrated in Russia and former Soviet republicsĀ© ). Your package came right before the party, and I wore Sexology II. This smell is too heavy for me and a bit unusual (I've never worn honey-based scents before, because I can't stand taste of honey), but people reacted very well. A friend of mine looked at me with big eyes and told me that I am beautiful and that sometimes he don't know why we are "only friends". Haha, it's really strange behavior, but we know WHY! Phero blend in SexologyII is incredible STRONG!! I'll post reviews on scents&pheros after some time. Woooohooo, time of field testing is coming!
  9. Mmm, March fragrances look soooo amazing!! I want all of them... I think, I should find second job and come to America to buy everything I want))) Why do I live so far from the USA and beautiful talented Mara?.. :rhetorically:
  10. Hi and thanks for warm welcome and good recommendations! Finally I made my mind up and completed my order with Cuddle Bunny 2009 and Sexology II spray. to Potion Master: Wow, I'm the first customer from Russia! How interesting! Of course I'll tell you about the duration of delivery and I'm going to write reviews on each fragrance (I hope my English is not too bad and you can read it without troubles ). to bumbob: I am happy to have a forum-friend with similar likes One of the reasons why I finally decided to order Cuddle Bunny is your expirience, I'm sure I will love this scent. Other fragrances from your likes-list I've included in my wish-list.)) Thanks a lot! to Calii: Yes, I feel it's lucky that I've found this forum and a lot of friendly people to share our scent addiction. to ravenwing: Thank you, I think CBunny will be ideal for me to goddesslynne, JOC: Hi! Nice to meet you Thanks for welcoming words)) to KrazyKat: I think about LP Red. Also included it in wish-list (ohh, this list is the biggest list in my life now!) to Beccah1: I'll think about this interesting offer. But why do you sell the bottle for bigger price than on the LP site? Is it bigger than 1/3 fl.oz. or with extra-pheros in it? to tyvey: Thanks! Hmm, I don't know why the button "Add to cart" is enabled for the Rocket Fuel, because when I try to push it I receive the message "We're sorry, but that item is out of stock. Please contact us to inquire about future availability." I think this button will be locked soon... Yet again, thank you very much for all your help. You made my day! Best, happy little lion
  11. Thank you, Luna! I think, I found some fragrances to start... It was really difficult, 'cause they're so beautifully described, so I want everything! And anothor question: Does somebody know how long will it take to deliver them to Russia and which postal service is used? I've not found where to choose postal service (EMS post, DHL, smth else...). Best, Lain.
  12. Hi, LovePoition folks!)) I need an advice, because I'm new here and it's relly difficult for me to select only some of these great smells. I would love to try all poitions... Sometimes this dream would become true, I hope)) I was determined to order Mara's Rocket Fuel when I came here (I've read lots of excited comments on this fragrance), but it is not availible now.( So I would love to find and order: 1. something that smells like Rocket Fuel 2. something that is pure, fresh, angelic, light that smells like freshly washed clothes and purity again... hmm, it's difficult to describe this scent - my boyfried smells so, but he says it isn't a parfume 3. something romantic for dates Any advices? Thank you very much in advance PS. Wow, I love the smiles attached to this forum!))) This one is my favorite, 'cause my friends call me... mm... it's a bit difficalt to translate from Russian... let it be "small lion" in first approximation. I have lionish curly hair. )))
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