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  1. are you henna'd ? ;)

    you look beautiful in that costume, i'll bet the show is fantastic.

    some scents here really add to a moment, I wear Soulfood sometimes when I henna.

    Its relaxing.


    Thanks so much!! :) I am not currently henna'd as i don't have any talent in artistic henna application, but I love to get it done when i have the time/money. Yes, many of the LP's do add to the moment, and I always choose specific ones for Indian dancing, most often Raqs Sharki (due to the ingredients, not the name).

  2. LOL no kidding.

    some questions are best left for after the fun :lol:

    love YOUR avatar,Mary!

    professional dancer I assume?


    Glad both of you could appreciate the humor in that situation, LOL :P

    That is very perceptive of you, Lor :) Yes, I do local performances with a Giddha and Bhangra dance club/troupe (both North Indian styles), but I am by no means a professional dancer (wish i were though)....I just do it in my spare time.

  3. I didn't realize how funny/bizarre/uncharacteristic the name of this one was until i was in a situation where things were about to get exciting, and he said "you smell so good, what is that called?", and when i replied with "Baby Dracula's Old Tyme Teething Formula", he burst out laughing.

  4. It's woodsy-smokey.....if you like Soul Food, you'd love this....if you ever smelled Isis, it reminds me of a cross between Isis and Soul Food.....


    To me this smells most like Kyphi: Heart of Kapet, but without the overpowering element that caused K:HOK to not work on me.

  5. I recently walked into a room while wearing Something Voodoo (the control room of a recording studio where my band member and the engineer were mixing our album, to be exact), and apparently I had slathered on way too much of it because I received the following comments:

    "What are you eating?"

    "Did you just eat candy, or is it your gum?"

    "Do you have a candle in your bag?"

    "It smells like cotton candy in here."

  6. I've tried Mx274 from Androtics website and it smells so good. I also tried IS/A, MX108, and P79. The results were crazy. There's been a time when I was afraid to leave my house because the results I was getting made me uncomfortable. Super Attention wise….lol Do not mix Mx108 and P79 unless you want to


    Where can Mx108 be purchased from? I do not see it for sale on the Androtics website.

  7. I got the new LP red with Is/a addition and the scent is different. It is lighter lacking a lil of the original LP base depth. BUT suprisingly this fits me even better then the regular LP Red that I have grown to love. mmm!



    I, too, noticed that LP Red with the IS/A addition is lighter and less full-bodied than the original. It also seems to have a slightly unpleasant smell during the wet stage, but I assume that is because of the IS/A.

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