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  1. Hi Calistic, I sent you a paypal payment of $15 for a large vial of Treasured Hearts.
  2. Thanks, Calistic! Will my total be $6.70? Is it ok if I send you the payment towards the end of the week when I get paid?
  3. I do that alot, with multiple bottles...LOL
  4. If it's not too late and these are still available, I would like to purchase one 4ml each of: TRUE CONFESSIONS SWIMMING WITH SHARKS DOMINANCE POTION Thank you
  5. Recently while wearing LP Red, a woman told me that i smelled "like a baby". I thought that was quite a strange reaction to this particular scent.
  6. Where are the sample vials of the unscented pheros sold? I do not see them on the sample vial page.
  7. How many sprays of LP Est do you typically use per application and/or what is the recommended "dosage"? (sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong thread)
  8. Great, I need that one! Hope it works! Thanks for thinking of offering that one and for trying to keep the prices the same
  9. In that case, maybe I should try this one again, and wait a while to see how it morphs before dismissing it as unwearable. For some reason, although I absolutely love all other LP scents, I have a strong aversion to Super (and I don't think it's due to the pheros, because I like all of the other scented phero blends).
  10. HAHAHAHA!! That is truly hilarious.
  11. That happens to me too! I get bright red "burns" which take 40-50 minutes to go away if I apply a droplet of EOW with the dropper and then the droplet runs down my skin...but if I rub it in or apply it by hand, the burns do not occur....weird.
  12. Does it take longer for the EOW scent to dry down in the oil base, compared to the alcohol-based version?
  13. I have a question about the Essence Oil...since it's in an oil base, will it be more difficult to cover up than the original alcohol-based version, and/or will it take longer for the scent to die down, compared to the original (so that it can then be covered up)? Also, does it smell the same as the original and is the smell as strong?
  14. A question for EOW users: How many drops do you, personally, apply per typical application?
  15. mary

    Dirty Sexy

    When I wore this out the other night, all I smelled was a dark/smokey/resin scent....no fruity notes at all. Judging by the way it smelled on me, it seemed like it would work equally well, if not better, as a men's scent. I am curious to know if those of who are in favor of this one also experience a dark/smokey/resin scent only, or if it is balanced by fruity notes.
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