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    At first application, I detected too many notes to identify. There was definitely a fruitiness and those resins came to the surface too but it also somehow smelled very yummy on me simialr to LP Black. When I put LP Black on, I kind of changed my mind. But the warmth and sweetness of 11 was very prominent.
  2. lacw

    Sweet Valentine

    This is indeed an innocent scent. It is incredibly light with gentle hints of floral weaved with just a tad of chocolate. The chocolate is very subtle but smells like the real deal. Nothing metallic or artificial is detected here. A perfect scent for those who want a delicate and pretty oil. The name Sweet Valentine is just perfect for this oil.
  3. lacw

    Sugared Roses

    I have always been so attracted to the Rose flower, I could sniff them all day. And so I have purchased perfumes scented with rose but always felt they were too matronly or Elizabeth Taylorish ( yes, she's an icon but I wouldn't want to smell like her). But this Sugared Rose Perfume Oil is pure heaven. It's like a beautiful rose garden layered with a perfect amount of sweetness that makes it pretty, elegant, wearable, well, just like wearing rose petals all day. It's splendid!
  4. I'm so glad to get your responses. I have quite a stash of love potions and will definitely try your ideas. Keep them coming. It's fun and interesting to hear what others do. Lise
  5. When phero girl came on the market I was probably one of the first to buy a bottle. Although not experienced with Pheromones, I was convinced by one of the makers of LP to try. And so I did and it mostly sat on my shelf because it was simply too sexy for my life as a ( chic) mom and wife to a man I'm usually angry with... Even the teeniest spec of this potion just screams NAUGHTY. Also, I'm around other moms, children, teachers and it feels inappropriate to put off such vibes. But as I was reading the posts, I decided to try my phero girl again and maybe mix it with LP black. It became dis
  6. lacw

    Sugared Gardenia

    I received my sample, wore the sugared gardenia for several days and had to order a bottle. This scent is really so pretty. Very light and delicate. The floral is very subtle so you don't really need to worry about overdoing it ( unlike the orchid scent which I love too but can be overpowering). I layered the sugared gardenia with an egyptian musk scent I get in a healthfood store. A beautiful combination but alone too, it's a beauty!!
  7. This is one of my favorites. My son just loves that mommy smells like christmas cookies but it's still delicate enough and not so overpowering that it's lovely too. It's name implies a winter feel but I'm wearing it now ( end of May) and it's not cloying at all. I love it!
  8. lacw

    Sugared Honeycomb

    Oh my. I'm wearing the sugared honeycombon my right wrist and the phero girl on my left. Now, I happen to love the phero and just wrote a review essentially letting all of you out there know that the phero is truly good and that's it's very similar to the honeycomb. I would say that the two are much like twin sisters- even identical twins. But here's the difference. The sugared honeycomb seems more organic and pure. It is like pure, sugary, honey oozing, divine sex. There is no holding back here with it's honeycomb goodness. Whereas the phero is slightly more subtle and with some additiona
  9. Hi, I've been wearing the phero girl since it's release and it's quite addictive. It's very similar to sugared honeycomb in it's sensual appeal but perhaps the phero is slightly more subtle. It last forever and lingers on clothes though and when you breath it in, you can't help wanting more.
  10. Just heard about the newest of the chocolate potions and will undoubtedly try it. However, has anyone ever tried the valentine chocolate potion? Could someone review please !! Thanks so much .
  11. Any chance of yule snuggle coming back for the holidays?My 5 year old and I are both uspset that mommy can't smell like "christmas cookies".
  12. Unexpectedly delicious. Very buttery, warm and sweet. A great scent when wearing a sweater and getting toasty. It's quite dreamy.
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