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  1. It appears it doesn't matter how polite I was tying to be. I'd prefaced my post with the intent behind my question. Wasn't being impatient.
  2. Are descriptions available yet? Been awhile since I've been on the LP board ad my laptop is directing me in all crazy directions so sorry if premature.
  3. OCCO Black Comp Positions Sex and violins BAM Brown Sugar Perfect Match Sexpionage LP RED Open Windows *there I exceeded the limits but that's nothing new
  4. OHHH! Musk du Mog looks like my Maine Coone. GREAT labels Mara. How perfect for Valentine's
  5. Raq On

    Soul Food 2015

    I didn't review the ingredients when I tried this b/c I wanted to see if I could identify any specific notes with my prehistoric nose.. In the bottle: smelled something familiar, but couldn't name it. It's like the smell when I walk into the essential oil section at Trader Joe's. (which I LOVE and can never re-create on my skin) First try: right away smell something warmly therapeutic. I want to say medicinal but not in a gross, off putting way but more of a healing warmth way if that makes any sense. Since my nose is so limited on scents I can name I'm going for feeling/state of mind invocation here :-). 30 min: drying down to…. sandalwood or cardamom? Like it. Also there is a sort of vanilla like smell similar to how LP red wears on me. *goes to check ingredients* Okay so it's the benzoin that was medicinal/healing and it was warmed by the cinnamon/sandalwood. Mara this is a nice, rich, one. Spicy, but in a different way than I usually buy. I don't think I can smell the patchouli on me, though that was probably what I smelled in the vial (the Trader Joe smell that I'm alway's chasing). But I'm sure the Patch is working alongside the others to enhance them. Nice job. Will check back in after a couple hours
  6. Raq On

    Candy House

    Good! (not for you for me LOL) This says Raq all over it. I don't think I've had a scent with pumpkin AND a lot of spice so I'm excited for this. Usually anything Amber amps on me so I think the vanilla and sugar will counteract that.
  7. Raq On


    the smoke note is scaring me off. I'm going to order a sample though. The rest of the notes are just too good to pass up!
  8. Right there with ya, but I was so stunned. I didn't get an evil vibe, just a young stupid guy with impulse control on pause type of vibe. I was chill due to the coupla drinks I'd had or things may have been different. :-0
  9. so not a reaction to phero? Just drunken buffoonery? Then I should change the title of this thread. I've worn phero's for a few years and TBH wondered if they worked at all. AND I've been in countless social situations involving alcohol/phero's and nothing close to this has happened..I just don't put out the 'bite me' vibe…Since it was totally out of the blue I just attributed it to the BAM I was wearing.
  10. I actually got bit in the ear while at a bar.. LOL. My guy and I were having drinks at our local bar (friendly, laid back hole in the wall type) and we were socializing w/ a group of people we had just met that evening. One guy had quite a bit to drink, so I'm sure beer goggles n' all, but he kept telling my husband how lucky he was and I was gorgeous and blah blah blah, you know typical bar bullshit. But he was very animated and entertaining and during one of his stories he delivered the punchline and we all cracked up. So he reaches over and gives me this giant bear hug and BITES MY EAR!! LOL. Then tells me how good I smell and there's "something about the way I smell." No one caught the ear biting though and I was so surprised I just sat there stunned. No marks, but he did bite hard. I would say that would be a hit no?
  11. I have used SS4W with great success as a social phero. For me the social ones never did anything. (though I am going to try Popularity potion soon) SS4W is the one I reach for when I don't want to come on too strong but want to be social in mixed company and it heightens my mood as more playful and outgoing. And if you rarely feel "womanly" then it may not be in the sexual category for you either. Have you tried that one?
  12. I wonder if my chemistry has changed or my body is just "metabolizing" scents b/c it's used to them. I love LP Black now on its own. I used to have to mix it w/ Red or NOCO to keep it sort of sweeter on me. Now the sweet notes are not as sugary and the sexier notes like the resinous scents amp more. It's always been a staple in my LP box.
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