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  1. I wonder if my chemistry has changed or my body is just "metabolizing" scents b/c it's used to them. I love LP Black now on its own. I used to have to mix it w/ Red or NOCO to keep it sort of sweeter on me. Now the sweet notes are not as sugary and the sexier notes like the resinous scents amp more. It's always been a staple in my LP box.
  2. Raq On

    EBIL-ish 2014

    This one amped on me intently. Something very perfume and floral. I think it was the vanilla? I smelled floral so strong I had to wash it off. Looking at the description it must've been the oak moss. Smells great in the vial though. I was hoping the spice notes would tame the other notes. Musk never agrees with me even though I love the smell. Boo Hoo. I have found that If I'm careful, I can wear scents that don't like my skin in my hair. I just put a dab on my hands and run it through the hair.
  3. Raq On

    EBIL-ish 2014

    Just ordered a sample of it. Haven't ordered in awhile. Excited to get back in the saddle.
  4. Xev What a gorgeous shot!! Mara, you have outdone yourself! that must have been so much work. A labor of love I'm sure. You guys all look so lovely! It is like meeting everyone all over again. Oh and there's a SALE!!?? I've got to plug back in around here. Thank you Mara. I love my label!
  5. Would this be similar to LP honeyed Love Potion?
  6. I am still debating a FB. Not sure if I like smelling like dirty ho or not LOL. the smell to me is addicting. I don't' get any sugar, just smutty honey. ME LIKES though. Just not sure if others smell it that way
  7. GEEZ! Good cuz I'm running low on BAM, LP RED, and wanna try some new stuff…like FB AJA and some Nola.. Think I will wait until next NR though. Thanks Mara
  8. Raq On


    Your description for some reason made me think of Rosie's wedding cake. Any similarities? Think I may try at least a sample
  9. Raq On


    I held off on this b/c of the smoke… Did you get any smoke? I do love Brown sugar and pecans, but there are too many notes that give me pause in this…. Anyone out there who suffers from plastic vanilla reaction? If so, did you try this one and amp the V?
  10. This might help: HOW TO REDEEM POSTING CREDITS: Each set of 100 posts = $5. 1. Go to this page and go to the the SECOND option (REDEEM GIFT CERTIFICATES, COUPONS AND FORUM CREDITS:) 2. YOU DON'T ADD THE ITEM MANUALLY TO YOUR CART FROM THE PERFUMERIE IF REDEEMING IT W/ POSTING CREDITS. see below: under REDEMPTION CODE Type in: RAQ ON 7100, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500 (which = $25)** see note below and then under FOR WHICH PRODUCT: LP RED ...for example... if you have a $15 worth of posting credits write in: for samples of Dance of Passion,Leviation,Bedivilled
  11. Wanna see what's coming out too. ..I know I'm probably going to order some Aja..
  12. OHH I'm gonna try that. MRF is one of my staple scents I want to know this too. I tended to go a bit heavier w/ Aja b/c it's not as stinky to my nose as cops,
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