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  1. No it wasn't the cops (I think), because it was maybe 45 minutes after I dabbed on my wrist. The tiniest dab and I thought no one but me would notice! Now I know that my son has a super nose.... As far as 1)madly in love, 2)protect me and 3)ravish me, I think I've made great progress on all three points . I'm actually talking about my DH. We've had a very very difficult time and I've tried hard to find my way back to him. Now it seems that things are going in the right direction! Some CB and I'm unstoppable
  2. Well, the question of choosing between LAM and Phero Girl is resolved. My son came into the room when I was wearing phero girl and said "what is that SMELL?!! No, don't come near me mom.' So, no Phero girl for me I want him to fall madly in love and want to protect me and at the same time ravish me so Cuddle Bunny it is! I'll have to try the unscented one because my CB 2009 trial vial doesn't love me. Does the unscented CB smell a lot of cops?
  3. I'm testing my way through the entire LP collection and have found two big favorites, LAM Pink Amber and Phero Girl. Which one would you say have the most cops? Or maybe I should ask, which in your experience works best to snare your man? Or should I just start on the OCCOs?
  4. Well, surprise surprise, I ordered both . Plus the love potion sample collection. Now I cannot order one more thing until I've tried everything I keep in a pile in my drawer...
  5. Hi, I'm looking for something to use at work that says alpha-female but maybe in softer way. I can at times have quite a strong presence and don't need that extra push over to being a full-time bitch, haha. I want something that commands respect and makes people listen to me in admiration From what I've read in the forum, swimming with sharks or B2 seems to be precisely what I'm looking for. Which one do you recommend?
  6. Hi, I've tried to find threads on peoples actual experiences of the 40/60 sprays but haven't been successful. How much would you say that they differ from the oil? I mean, if the oil lasts maybe 10 hours on you and you probably think the sillage range is hm, 3 feet, how does the oil-alcohol sprays compare?
  7. Hi ladies, I've ordered what seemed to be half of the LP sortiment but now I've worked up a new list almost as long Anyway, this is on its way to me: popularity potion open windows Cougar sample Dangerous games sample irresistible forces sample LAM samples cuddle bunny sample maras rocket fuel sample/blatant invitation dolce far niente sample Aphrodisia Erotica sample Dream lover sample Not bad for a first batch!
  8. Please bear with me, more questions keep coming: as it is spring in the air here at home I want to look for spring/summer scents too that aren't too heavy. Any recommendations?
  9. Payday today, yay! I'm putting together a list of stuff that I want to start out with. I'm getting samples of Dangerous games: Cougar Happy ending Irresistible forces Cuddle bunny Maras Rocket fuel Dolce far niente and am contemplating bottles of: popularity potion open windows B2 I will probably try the OCCO sampler set in the next round. Would love to try Swimming with Sharks but its not sold anymore? Not sure I will like Love Blossom, Who's that lady and Compromising positions. Any other suggestions?? About copulins in hair, I've read that it is a big no-no but what about the scents on my list? Are they safe enough to have in hair?
  10. I tried to buy a truckload of samples yesterday evening and discovered that I had no money. Well, waiting is probably a good character building excercise. Besides, I can ask some more questions. So, OCCO is the sampler pack I should get? I was thinking the LAM sample pack because they are supposed to be lightly scented which I like. Would you say that OCCO is more in-your-face sexy than LAM? What should I get not only to get my DH more in the mood but also myself? That would be nice Yesterday I got tired of hinting that it would be nice with more intimacy and told my DH that I wanted him in bed right this minute. Worked like a charm :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: Maybe I don't need cops...
  11. Hi all and thank you for the welcome! I've already started a "what should I get" thread. I got the sound advice to buy samples and try them out. I loaded a big cart with samples and then discovered that I had no money...Ok then, tomorrow is the big shopping day!
  12. I've discovered that if I apply oil on my skin first and then a fragrance, the fragrance lasts several hours longer! I love this effect and was thinking of ordering oil based formulas. If I apply a perfume over the oil, it helps diffusing the pheromones, right?
  13. I'm slowly reading my way through the review threads. I've spent the evening reading and I've already forgot the reviews that I started with a couple of hours ago. Oh well, samples it is! Hope my wallet survives...
  14. Hi all, This is an incredible site and I want to buy EVERYTHING hahaha. Since I'm not made out of money though I'll focus on a couple of things and could use your veteran advice ladies. I'm looking for 1. something that will give off that alpha female/respect/everyone listens vibe at work but I don't want to come across as a complete bitch. Calm confidence that people trust and feel good around. 2. something more sexy to use when I'm with my husband. We are both exhausted with work, small children, cleaning and washing...you know. I want something to help with that little spark now and then. I'm thinking * leather * open windows * popularity potion * LAM/BAM What are your suggestions? I will try them out each individually and then start experimenting with combinations. Do you think leather + open windows will help me achieve goal nr 1? Out of LAM and BAM, what do you recommend? I'm thinking of getting sampler sets so I can try out the scents. I read in a post that pheros heavy on Beta-Androstenol shouldn't be applied on the neck, wrist, etc so I won't be so affected myself. So I should be careful where I apply open windows? I need some advice here as you can notice, grateful for all your input! /the cat =)
  15. I accidentally stumbled across LP through my love of perfumes, this is INCREDIBLE!! Just wanted to say hi before I start asking a lot of (probably) newbie questions about what I should and shouldn't buy. See you soon =)
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