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  1. Wow 😯 just purchased the sample, will buy full bottles of those I like .
  2. Great labels and sooo much to choose from😩😩😩😩
  3. Sugar Bamboo,

    I cannot find this in the shop,is it  sold out ?

    Mara added this as a freebie and I love it !, if anyone has a bottle or two they don’t want I  loved to purchase it..

  4. Mara, Thanks for your email explaining to me what happened. Glad the forum is backup and the labels for June look amazing. From a business perspective Mara can you sue Go Daddy for this major disruption to you business
  5. Can I have a bottle of Madam President please if there are any still available. Many Thanks. Joan
  6. Ladies I just lost my mind on these goodies Just spent £60 in etsy and £241.00 do you think I need a therapist :Emoticons04235:
  7. Beautiful PE's , Mara can I have a bottle of Madam President please.
  8. There goes my wallet they all look so good ! Full bottles
  9. Loving the new strategy Mara and echoing the others I'll like the idea of more PE's
  10. Well I wore this for an interview yesterday which consisted of a panel of 4 people -3 women and one male. While wearing this I felt very confident and in control especially during the Q&A. The scent itself is clean and not overpowering. The members of the panel where paying full attention which became very apparent in the questions they asked me ...All in all a very good experience and I have been told that I got the role!
  11. PP UN failed for me also ,however found success when I used Totem lamb
  12. Mara, How do I pay for this Many thanks
  13. Mara, I would like Locket orb E (cherise)
  14. Agreed been wearing Road opener and have copied the sigil onto my computer as a desk top background. Felt the energy and like Loquacious felt lightheaded.....awesome stuff. Using it to clear my way /path to buying a House
  15. Mara, Just seen this when you have anymore I would like to reserve one. Many thanks, Joan
  16. watching it now . You should do some more .....
  17. Mara, Yes I was asking for a bottle to be reserved
  18. Potion Master Pretty Please can I have a bottle reserved please.
  19. Hi Stacy K, Thanks for this ,it makes a lot of sense now as other emotions came out as well. As a result we have split up.
  20. Merry Xmas to everyone .Looking Forward to another Excellent year of delightful goodies from Mara

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