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  1. Wow 😯 just purchased the sample, will buy full bottles of those I like .
  2. Great labels and sooo much to choose from😩😩😩😩
  3. Sugar Bamboo,

    I cannot find this in the shop,is it  sold out ?

    Mara added this as a freebie and I love it !, if anyone has a bottle or two they don’t want I  loved to purchase it..

  4. Mara, Thanks for your email explaining to me what happened. Glad the forum is backup and the labels for June look amazing. From a business perspective Mara can you sue Go Daddy for this major disruption to you business
  5. PP UN failed for me also ,however found success when I used Totem lamb
  6. watching it now . You should do some more .....
  7. Hi Stacy K, Thanks for this ,it makes a lot of sense now as other emotions came out as well. As a result we have split up.
  8. Merry Xmas to everyone .Looking Forward to another Excellent year of delightful goodies from Mara

  9. No medicinal notes on me ,liked the lavender notes. Well ladies I wore this day and boy the world was right for me. Went XMAS Shopping in London and received all sorts of goodies free and lots of attention . I know Gotcha is meant to erode his fears but my SO showed the green eyed monster WOW! Not sure if that is meant to happen ! Has anyone experienced this before ,I have used UN Gotcha and not got that response....
  10. Eggers. it also smelt like plastic to me when I put a little on the back of my hand. I will try and increase the dosage
  11. Still waiting for mine, what scents in the new collection would you think would work well with this. Never tried honey scents before as I tend to like floral sophisticated scents and they like me....
  12. OMG how beautiful is this..... brought the BAM version .Just naughty naughty naughty..........
  13. Hi Fluffy Girl, How did you apply Gotcha and LFM, want to wear this tomorrow when I see my BF
  14. I have road tested this in UN scented version and Fuzzy Wuzzy OMG Today I had a waiter, 3 ladies in a department store telling me their life stories. One guy looking me up and down and saying "Hello Beautiful" while trying to open his rather nice sports car. I applied 1 spray in my hair and 1 to the back of hand. Fuzzy Wuzzy- lolipop this was tested alone yesterday with my daughter being a lot more open than she usually is Haven't tried this on my SO but if todays results are anything to go by it could be very interesting.
  15. Hi Dolly, It sounds delicious and naughty ..... will it be available to others for purchase
  16. I'm going to wear this (Blue Moon) and cops. wondered is this a good combination as i read somewhere that the LP's added with pheromones are at a lower amount.
  17. Well this one smelled so awful that I washed it of!!!!!. I'll give it another go as I like the premise "pouncing" LOL
  18. I have brought road opener with the intent of taking my relationship with SO to the next level. Really lovely to hear such a moving and inspiring story . Has anyone used this in a romantic context.
  19. JJL

    Kitten Heels

    This is a beautiful elegant fragrance . Self effects have been feeling mentally and physically uplifted. Starting dancing around the house while doing chores and other work.Definately going to be a permanent fragrance for me
  20. JJL

    Lap of Luxury

    Absolutely loved this one!!! Warm notes Spring flowers in a warm bouquet .Self effects were very focused, felt respected and people listened to what i had to say ( a client and my little sister who was a little needy!). Definately buying this in oil and spray....
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