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  1. Mara,

    Thanks for your email explaining to me what happened. Glad the forum is backup and the labels for June look amazing.

    From a business perspective Mara can you sue Go Daddy for this major disruption to you business

  2. No medicinal notes on me ,liked the lavender notes. Well ladies I wore this day and boy the world was right for me. Went XMAS Shopping in London and received all sorts of goodies free and lots of attention . I know Gotcha is meant to erode his fears but my SO showed the green eyed monster WOW!

    Not sure if that is meant to happen ! Has anyone experienced this before ,I have used UN Gotcha and not got that response....

  3. I have road tested this in UN scented version and Fuzzy Wuzzy


    OMG Today I had a waiter, 3 ladies in a department store telling me their life stories. One guy looking me up and down and saying "Hello Beautiful" while trying to open his rather nice sports car.

    I applied 1 spray in my hair and 1 to the back of hand.

    Fuzzy Wuzzy- lolipop this was tested alone yesterday with my daughter being a lot more open than she usually is

    Haven't tried this on my SO but if todays results are anything to go by it could be very interesting.

  4. This is a beautiful elegant fragrance . Self effects have been feeling mentally and physically uplifted. Starting dancing around the house while doing chores and other work.Definately going to be a permanent fragrance for me

  5. Absolutely loved this one!!! Warm notes Spring flowers in a warm bouquet .Self effects were very focused, felt respected and people listened to what i had to say ( a client and my little sister who was a little needy!).

    Definately buying this in oil and spray....

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