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  1. Okay I have tested this and I ABSOLUTELY love this!!!! .I attended a seminar today and the number of hits I had from men i didn't know left me felling very confident. I also wore Heart & Soul so that helped .The biggest hit from me was from my Man... lots of attention,,mentions and focus.

    Thank you Mara for creating such fantastic products that truly help others to achieve their outcomes.

    LOL Joan

  2. Well, I have just brought this and love it. It leaves me with a warm glow, at first I thought it smelled too strong for the me. Now I have worn it alone, all the rich tones slowly waft out ... cinnamon, vanilla and the dark sugars,yumm.....

    Just one question though if wearing it with an UN pheromone, should i put the pheromone on first and then the scent?

  3. Okay I wore this today to meet my man,greeted me with a broad grin on his face and a upbeat strut! Worked directly on him, did not get any hits from anyone else. Also felt a bit more emotional similar to the effect heart and soul gave me so not sure if its the est.

    Would like to have seen a little bit more of a sexual vibe but maybe the timing was not appropiate( he had some training to deliver to delegates).

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