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  1. AD-Unseelie-LovePotion.jpg



    How can something smell so…unwholesome, yet so alluring at the same time? Decadent and dangerous…beware!…the addiction begins as soon as it touches your skin. This potion may be worn by both women and men.




    Magickal Meanings of Ingredients:

    COPAL ~ Love, purification, cleansing.
    OUD (Agarwood) ~ Love,
    aphrodisia, spirituality, health.
    FOXGLOVE ~ Both sacred and poisonous, it has long been used both as a healing medicine and for ill purposes. Represents invisibility and shape-changing, an attractant of Fae and a protection against them. Stateliness and insincerity, wish fulfillment and falsehood.
    AMBERGRIS ~ Increases personal power, heightens sexual responses, dreaming.
    JUNIPER ~ Emotionally calming, physically energizing. Attracts lovers, deflects thieves. Cleansing, purifying, love charms, exorcism, health.
    OPIUM ~ Deepens
    feelings, instills calmness. Imagination, fantasy, pleasure, wealth, success, addiction.
    VALERIAN ~ Love, harmony, protection, purification, sleep.
    FRANKINCENSE ~ Purification, consecration, protection, exorcism. Associated with silver and the moon.
    MYRRH ~ Stimulating, soothing. Powerful guard against evil.
    MUSK ~
    Self-confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.
    AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
    LEATHER ~ The musky scent of leather inspires feelings of lust, personal power, and provides a hint of danger.
    WOOD SMOKE ~ In addition to the attributes of whatever is being burned (resins, woods, etc), smoke is for cleansing, purification, renewal, consecration, concealment
    and celebration.
    EARTH ~ Grounding, centering, protection, renewal, reincarnation, life.



    An unseelie fairy is an evil malevolent fairy, but this oudy fairy dances and twirls on my skin with such a beauty that she takes me straight to a forest, makes me lie on the ground on a carpet of dry leaves and I can smell the humid, woodsy giants of the forest all around me...there is no evil, there is no harshness...just a scent that grounds me, that soothes me and I just want to lie still for hours...

    When I review a complex potion, I like to describe what scent notes and accords I'm able to detect, but this time I'm gonna skip directly to my overall impressions 'cause there are so many ingredients here and I really want to enjoy this potion as a whole and it does seem to be an extremely straightforward woody and clean scent.

    It starts out smelling unexpectedly clean and then it becomes as woody as it gets with soft waves of sweetness. It is slightly incensey, but it has the right dose of smokiness I really like it and this is coming from a girl who is not much into heavy smoky incensey stuff...To be honest, I'm surprised to like Unseelie, maybe my nose is getting more attuned to certain notes I have no idea, I just know that this potion is so heartbreakingly beautiful...

    The oud here is smooth and very likeable, it is not a crude harsh oud, but more of a perfume with an oudy edge that is soothing, warm, earthy, woody and clean if that makes sense...I get a musky cleanliness even in dry down, but what I love the most is the warm woody aspect I get it's like smelling a piece of bark with specks of soil on it, but it smells clean too and there is this velvety sweetness that comes through the woodiness...

    Oud seems to be the most revered scent note right now in perfumery and I was a bit dissapointed the first time I smelled a mainstream oudless oud frag out there and I'm so happy to find an oud fragrance that does smell like oud but it doesn't slap you in the face...

    Unseelie did remind me of Gitana a bit, but just for a little while I do like Unseelie so much more. This is not a sexy potion IMO, but more of a soothing, deep and grounding potion...Overall, it lasts for ages on my skin and it does project and diffuse pretty well....

  2. Hello, Zan! Bienvenida, Welcome!!


    So you have a sweet tooth, I think you will absolutely adore Purple Puff....

    But Compromising Positions and OCCO Ambrosia are a must too, I love them both...

  3. LoL! Eggers I hope he applies it on you, hehe, let us know how it goes....My BF also likes tarty LPs the most...even more than the vanilla-y ones... :P

  4. Beautifully done, Le Wiz! This is indeed a sensual Tango dance between mango and the floral notes...


    I love mango in my perfumes and this is the most posh and sensual mango I´ve tried...


    I get fresh mango, but not the ripe juicy kind, but another kind entirely...Maybe it is the floral notes (hydrangea and honeysuckle) that tame the usual ripeness I get from mangoes, but I get an uber elegant mango here, very sensual and perfect for evening wear IMO...


    I couldn´t pick out most of the other notes, but the second time I applied it I got more of the floral notes dancing their tango on my skin, maybe some hints of blackberry....This one will age beautifully!


    It has a nice longevity and projection as well...

  5. Tangy Tart is so far the tartest LP I´ve tried and the initial blast of tartness reminds me so much of Mamelons de Cerise! They are not very similar, but they have a similar vibe and the tangy-tarty bite they share is awesome...


    TT smells like raspberry/strawberry lemonade…I get no licorice, lettuce or brown sugar. This potion feels like bathing in a tub of lemonade with nicely cut pieces of strawberry and raspberry floating around…The lemon is refreshing and perfect for summer! I love how Mara blended this, and it is more of a citrus scent than a fruity scent.


    The only downside is that it is not very long lasting on me, but it projects very well for being a citrus scent…I will try layering it with body lotion to get more lasting power.

  6. Ohhh, MDC, I need to sample Unwrapped ASAP....


    Grow a pear starts out a bit like a jolly rancher candy, but this glossy candied quality shakes off and it settles down really fast to a more realistic pear and I get some of the amber peeking through. During the opening it did remind me of Pear Glace, but like I said it settles and evolves into sugared pears. I don´t get any papaya or honey. It is very pretty and I like it, but honestly I´m not crazy about it, I wish the honey would shine more on me...


    It is a fruity scent with a nice longevity and average projection.

  7. Oooh la-la! Can't wait to try this one~ do you think it would cover either cops or UN-Lace?


    Hey Katz! I have EoW, I´ll try them and see how they work out together, and get back to you....But UN Lace I think it would cover it perfectly well...


    I forgot to say this on my description, but P&E goes a long way, it lasts for a long time on me and I love its nice difussion....

  8. AD-PassionEnvy-LovePotion.jpg


    Passion & Envy

    This fragrance will make others passionately green with envy! It's been said that the deepest emotions are always the ones which clash hardest. Love and hate, joy and sorrow...and to this we add a new combination, with our scented tribute to emotional delirium of the most extravagant kind! A desirable heart of passionfruit and a peaches-and-cream accord is provoked with a whisper of tangy baby pink roses and a tart slap of green linden and lime EOs. It's High Drama, it's All or Nothing, it's Passion and Envy...so wear it very carefully indeed...




    Magickal Meanings of Ingredients:

    PASSION FRUIT ~ Friendship, love, passion.
    PEACH ~ Love. Promotes fertility, happiness, and abundance. A symbol of marriage.
    Longevity, wishes granted.
    Self-confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts
    affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance.
    LINDEN/LIME ~ Healing, love, protection. Strong protective force, attracts love, immortality, luck, restful properties.
    GREEN TEA ~ Invigorating, refreshing, mentally and physically uplifting, lust. Riches, courage, strength.
    CREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy.



    A clash of Scent Titans! Passionate Maracuya and envious peachy roses make this a truly powerful fruity-floral…It is simply stunning!

    It opens with a splash of refreshing and intense Maracuya, immediately followed by a fleshy peach that competes head to head with the tangy roses.... The peach and the baby roses play around and tease each other, but Passion Fruit is always at the top. Overall, it feels very exotic, tropical and luscious...

    I do get grapefruity facets from the Maracuya and the combination of peach and roses is extremely fleshy and sensuous...I honestly can´t pick out lime and green tea, but I do get some of the cream towards dry down.

    It is not an overly complex scent, but I love its genuine simplicity! IMO the cute dragon on the label doesn´t make this potion any justice, to me wearing this is like walking on a Brazilian tropical rainforest ...Yes, it makes me feel like a young, yet womanly Amazon Warrior chick, proud and powerful!

  9. This is a quickie review, but I get tons of pinneaple, and joyful bursts of mandarine and grapefruit! The honey is what makes it a grown up fruity scent, like it grounds the fruity notes but it still lets them shine!....I will review it properly later on, but I wanted to let others know I do regret getting this one without Cops, so those of you who haven´t ordered yet, get it with Cops....


    Dolly, your PE is awesome! I agree with Luna that this one would go great paired with Cougar....

  10. That would be ME! Or my avatar at least! :D


    Hey Syn honey!! I have a question for you...I´m sorry to threadjack here, I you´d like you can answer in my journal. I'm stuck with translating ¨musk vodka¨ as a scent note/accord. I read it is plain vodka flavored with musk sticks or musk candy. I read online that this type of candy is not well known in the US and is very popular in Australia. So my question is, if you have tried this candy, do you know if it does actually taste like flavored/fragrant musk? I need to understand what it is in English so I can translate it into Spanish, thanks a ton dear!

  11. I just wanted to share that today I layered this awesome coconut scent with lots of coconut goodness underneath and I loved it!


    I amp the cocoa butter accord in Coconut Breeze, so I get lots of sheer chocolatey goodness and I love it, but I wanted the coconut to stand its ground and be more of a co-star here, so I applied a coconut body wash and coconut body butter and then topped it all with gorgeous Coconut Breeze and voila! I got the coconut forward and the cocoa butter plays nicely and shares its place....plus I got more projection and sillage, nice!!

  12. Hey CinnamonMel! Glad to read you are enjoying your PE so much!


    I love tuberose and I was tempted to give it a try, but something in the description made me think there was something smoky in it ...can´t remember what exactly, but something I read that gave me that idea, anyways, does it smell smokey or incensey in any way?


    So no pinneaple...Just Tuberose+Fig and any sugar?

  13. Molls is my scent sister, but you two guys are my cherry cousins...


    Thanks for your descriptions Tyvey and Lady V, I should have asked you before ordering...there are a few bottles left, but I'm afraid it might be GGG before my next purchase :( Now, I want it...I love Tyvey's BCR, and I should have followed my nose, I knew cherry and roses are a must for me...

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