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  1. I wanted to love Melted Dream with all my heart, but I can't smell anything with dominant notes of Vanilla+Orange the way I should smell it. I asked 3 different people how did it smell on me and I got this... 1. ''You smell like an Orange Julius Smoothie!'' 2. ''It kind of smells like mango''. 3. ''It smells like oranges to me''. This shows MD smells more or less like it should smell, but not to me. I'm able to get some of the lovely orange on the opening for a few minutes, but all I'm getting afterwards is burning tires. My Bf even said he liked this one on me, so this is not my skin chemistry ruining the scent for me, it is my perception of this particular combination of scent notes, it has happened before with Darling Clementine, but I got a weird fruit loops scent with DC. I've re-tested Melted Dream several times and I can't get past the burning rubbery vibe. Everyone seems to like it on me, but my nose doesn't let me appreciate it properly I'm so sad... I'm starting to think my nose is broken in the orange cakey department and is making all this crazy burning stuff up...
  2. I've tried MLH + Cops twice before and I think it would work great for you Shehoss! Once for a night out with my friends, it was just like Tyvey says, socially dominant with the flirtiness underneath...We went out to a night club that time, and it worked wonderfully well on the guys and the girls as well...Socially dom and flirty-fun phero combo! The second time, I applied too much Cops, and I felt girls were kinda scared of me...so just go easy on the Cops
  3. Hi, Shehoss! He doesn't have to smell the perfume's scent to be affected by that phero, maybe you haven't found your 'sweet spot' for it yet, or this particular blend isn't working out its magic on him... what phero blend did you test on him? What effect would you like to have on him, the cuddly or the sexual kind? Just curious, but.what does your signature mean? Is it a song or a poem in Spanish?
  4. My nose is confused...To me Aloha Pumehana smells like anise buttercream frosting made with creamy whipped vanilla. There is no licorice or anise listed, but I’m getting a strong licorice-ish vanilla right from the opening. The licorice accord I’m getting always takes center stage, but as the scent develops it becomes sweeter. I’ve been trying really hard to pick out the gardenia but I can’t, to my nose it is anise frosting over a firm cakey vanilla base and the lush gardenia doesn’t come out to play with me... I really, really wanted lo love this potion, it seemed to be perfect for me...I wanted to embrace the licorice-ness I get from it, 'cause I like this particular scent note, but it becomes too sweet on my skin. Please don’t get me wrong, it is a lovely gourmand I just wish it was more floral on me than foody. I think the vanilla and the buttercream drowns the gardenia for me. IMO this scent is very gourmand, but not as floral as I expected because of the dominant licorice-ish vanilla I get. It has excellent longevity and sillage. It is a must for LP gourmand lovers, it’s just not my cup of tea.
  5. Such a naughty rank....tomorrow I'll be doing some wand polishing,
  6. Hola ZionMisty! Acabo de leer tu correo, disculpa la tardanza te lo contesto en un ratito mas, va? Gracias por la confianza!! I think it would be a good idea to introduce yourself on the ''Welcome!'' thread, it's the first one listed on the forum, just to make sure the thread doesn't get buried. You cannot be annoying sweetie please ask, ask, ask!
  7. Oh, dear ZionMisty I wrote a super long reply and then my laptop went crazy and everything got deleted...aghhhh! Pero me da mucho gusto verte por aqui en el Foro de LP de nuevo! Te escribo lo siguiente en ingles para que todas entendamos y podamos ayudarte mejor! Well first of all, I think that stimulating your son's emotions and his empathic abilities is a great idea! I'm glad to read that you want to try Empathy Potion as an alternative therapeutic therapy for autism, I'm not an expert but I don't see why it wouldn't work? I honestly have zero experience with this phero blend but many ladies here can point you in the right direction. What you mention about the 'bad wiring' is very interesting, I guess pheros may work and even if it takes some experimentation with several blends and/or specific molecules, maybe this could actually work by kick-starting his emotional wiring... There are some ladies here at the forum that know a lot about the science behind pheros, I'm sure they have some interesting points of view. Other ladies wear phero blends around children, I think they may have a better understanding of children's stimulation. Whether you decide to try this kind of non-aggressive phero therapy with him, I think you are very brave and caring Zion Misty, there must be a way to connect with him emotionally and you are not giving up...that's the important thing! Te deseo lo mejor en tu phero-journey querida Zion Misty! Espero que esto ayude a tu hijo a conectarse contigo y los demas, te mando muchisimas bendiciones y un gran abrazo!! "Cuando quieres algo, todo el Universo conspira para que realices tu deseo."
  8. Lol! Thanks Mara! Speedy dry-downs are a must for me, I'm glad I asked I'll do the same with the Cops & Robbers body lotion and straight EoW, with this heat I desperately need something to speed things up...
  9. I'm glad you asked this Raq I've always wondered about the same thing, may I ask if anyone has ever tried to speed up dry down by using an electric fan? It's a silly question I know, I've never done it because I keep thinking I have to allow them to dry down naturally for my skin chemistry to work properly, especially with EoW or any Cops-heavy scent... Mara, is it ok to do this?
  10. On me Night of Delight starts out smelling like a creamy banana smoothie, but as your nose peels this banana’s layers off, a sensual banana eventually emerges with hints of fresh hay. It is a very comforting, intimate and creamy scent! To be honest, I was not expecting to like this potion because the mix of notes seemed so unusual, but I was so wrong…On my skin the banana note is quite distinctive, but it is not a ripe or green banana accord, but more of a smooth and creamy banana. In the opening I mostly smell mild banana in a VERY CREAMY combination of sandalwood and vanilla. When I wear this I feel like I’m wrapped in a soothing layer of sandalwoody vanilla, and when the scent evolves the three types of banana accords gently peel the sensual layers of this scent’s true personality on my skin, one by one…until I get to the fresh Heno de Pravia scent I remember from my childhood-(a Spanish soap very popular in Mexico that smells exactly like fresh hay) that I associate with fresh masculinity. This potion is very unisexy, very ‘’frothy’’ as Luna’s description says, and as you peel this scent’s layers off, you discover that it is not only wearable and comforting, but that it actually has a very sensual side that feels intimate and personal, like if it was part of your own scent… I like it for myself, but I will test it on my Bf. Longevity is very good and it has a nice sillage. Another winner for me!
  11. Hi Darwinia! Welcome to the forum! I have LFM Spray in 60% Alcohol, 40% Oil, and to be honest I still need to test it more times to confirm my sweet spot, but I think I already found it. HOW MUCH DO I APPLY AND WHERE? 3 sprays, 1 spray on each shoulder and 1 more spray on my neck. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO APPLY? Same as Snowflake, about half an hour before meeting the person. HOW CLOSE DO YOU HAVE TO BE OF THE PERSON AND FOR HOW LONG TO GET HITS? Well, with this 60% Alcohol, 40% Oil ratio, I think I don't need to be too close all the time, I would say it has a medium range. I got hits about an hour, but I think it took that long because we were not alone at first. Of course you can use perfume over it, any perfume you'd like,I use LP potions as cover scents but I also use commercial fragrances to cover up. If your LFM is Strength X2, maybe you should wear less, but experiment with application, everyone's sweet spot is different...But I'm telling you LFM worked great for me when I wore it on my shoulders, I still need to review LFM and share my sweet spot discovery. I've read that other girls wear in on the back of their necks, and on their hair. Let us know how it works out for you, Darwinia!
  12. Aww, thanks girls! Mara is to blame for making so many wonderful and inspiring potions!! Lady V, I'm glad to read you like Agua de Sandia, it is salivating right? Just like you said, and exactly like Mara's Agua Fresca! Goddeslynne, yay for getting the whole sampler! This month and last month's releases have been INCREDIBLE! Usually I had 2 scent hits tops, but from the latest monthly samplers I've been liking up to 5 or 6 scents out of 10, that's a real bargain I think!
  13. Hola ZionMisty!! Bienvenida a Love Potion! Me encanta que otra latina se una a nuestra adiccion! I agree with you there's no REAL pheros available either in Mexico or Argentina, they are only available in the US. I've seen tons of fake pheromone products here in Mexico, and now that I have tried the real thing I'm hooked! Las feromonas si funcionan, querida ZionMisty, no es un mito, no es un fraude, y los efectos que obtienes en ti misma y en los demas no son producto de tu imaginacion o mera sugestion! Perfect Match...I've only tried it in Portmanteau, and it is an awesome blend it is very calming and soothing, perfect for a couple... Bang!...Este es una bomba! Muy sexy, pero muy social tambien...I have it in the UNscented version, las Copulinas si huelen un poquito, pero con un buen 'cover scent' ya la hiciste. Popularity Potion...I have it UNscented too, but to be honest I haven't tested it properly so I can't say much about it. PheroGirl...ok, este es extremadamente sexual! Huele mucho a miel y la cantidad de Copulinas es tan alta como la de los OCCOs amielados como el OCCO SLF o el OCCO Gold. All the OCCOs have a lot of Cops in them, but the heavy honey scents can take higher amounts than other kind of scents. I think you should get an OCCO sampler! Te van a encantar los OCCOs! Los LAMs tambien son una super opcion para empezar a foguearte con las pheros... Cougar...si te gusta como huele la Toronja, te va a encantar Scented Cougar! Si te gustan los citricos y los perfumes frutales, te recomiendo la Scented version...But, when you buy it UNscented you always have the choice of layering it with any other fragrance you would like. Empathy Potion...sowy again! Haven't tried that one... Phero blends that smell like chocolate...Velvet Kisses! Huele como a chocolate artesanal con naranja! Tiene CUDDLE BUNNY (Estratetraenol y Copulinas). You can always boost LP scents, you ask for Mara to add any phero blend you like with the chocolate scent you choose...like Luv Truffle, A Regal Confection, Special Delivery, Nookie Cookie y Gianduja. Personalmente te recomiendo, Special Delivery (huele a leche de chocolate con cerezas, mmm!) y Luv Truffle (huele a Nutella o a los chocolates con avellana Ferrero Rocher). Ask away sweetie! The ladies here are very kind and understanding! Espero que te des vueltas por el foro y ya veras como te haras adicta a LP, yo ya cai...jeje...llevo 1 año aqui y estoy feliz!! Mara y las chavas son super lindas! Mi email esta en mi profile ZionMisty, si tienes cualquier otra pregunta en la que pueda ayudarte, puedes escribirme cuando gustes... Greetings from Mexico to Argentina!
  14. Sorry Lady V, I just read your post today, mmm I don't smell a lot of violet here...I got a touch of violet powderiness at the end but not much. It's mostly the lily and some Bird of Paradise that I get, oh and vanilla! @ Elliebellikins...I want a Full Bottle of this baby!To be honest, I didn't think I would like this potion so much just from reading the description, but...Wow, this one just blew my socks off! I hope you like it too Ellie!
  15. Yay! 2 thank-you posts in a row! My order arrived safely and thanks for the extra freebies! Can't wait to try my Coffee Soak!
  16. WATERMELON ~ Water magic, fertility. SAGE ~ Healing, prosperity, cleansing. Wisdom, longevity, protection, wishes granted. BLUE CHAMOMILE ~ Prosperity, calming & soothing. Love, peace, meditation. SPEARMINT ~ Stimulates, energizes and uplifts. Love, purification, healing, psychism, creativity. Protects the home. ROSEWATER ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance. LIME ~ Healing, love, protection. BALSAMIC AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches. This smells like real Agua Fresca de Sandia! It smells EXACTLY like freshly cut watermelon with icy water and sugar, it is incredibly sparkling and vibrant! It opens with a fresh splash of juicy Watermelon and Rosewater followed by an airy, zesty note of lime that gives me an instant energetic lift! I think the Rosewater adds to the watery texture of the watermelon, it gives it a realistic depth if that makes sense. Then a very mild spearmint kicks in with an energizing minty tingly freshness, making me feel awake and refreshed. The addition of spearmint and sage do remind of a fresh Mojito. Agua Fresca is as fresh as it gets, it is a totally uplifting and invigorating scent! This potion would be perfect in spray form, a few spritzes of this stuff and I bet you’ll instantly feel like you just took a refreshing bath infused with bright crisp watermelon and rosewater tonic…It is perfect for a hot summer! I liked it the first time I tested it, but now that I’m re-testing I think this is FB worthy! I’ve drank Agua de Sandia every summer since I was a little girl, and I’m amazed at how perfectlywell Mara re-created this awesome beverage in wearable perfume. I expected to smell some watermelon jolly rancher, but instead I was surprised by the most accurate scent rendition of Agua de Sandia... It has an amazing throw, but longevity is average so you may need to re-apply in extremely hot weather. I wouldn’t mind re-applying this one!
  17. @JOC, I say get it... I need to get me some Fleur de Vanille, but I'm seriously considering getting a bottle of Purple Puff instead as soon as I can... I'm terrified that everyone will go into 'OCCO Ambrosia hoarding mode', pleaseee noooo.. Even the scent itself is airy and light so this one is perfect in spray form, and I think Agua Fresca would be perfect in spray too! @ Syn...Spanish is my first language and I still struggle with it too, hehe...thanks sweetie!
  18. Aww, thanks, Tyvey! I'm not a professional translator, but I've been doing lots of freelance translation lately (mostly Spanish-English translation of medical docs), and in the process of translating I've been learning about theslang words we use to describe perfume in English. I'm practicing my English even more now because I will soon start working on translating perfume articles from English to Spanish. Please let me know when you notice spelling and grammar mistakes, or anything else I need to improve, I still need to learn so much stuff in English, and even in Spanish there's a whole new world of new vocabulary that I need to learn too...but it is so much fun! @Lady V...thanks so much hun! That is one of my professional goals and I hope I can reach that dream very soon! But I need to improve my writing and speaking skills in both languages. I learn a lot from all of you guys!!
  19. Yup, this is very Haloish, very YOU! Let me add that after a few hours I got that lovely sweet powdery smell one gets when opening a bag of marshmallows! I got whiffs of that heavenly stuff about 6-7 hours after applying....
  20. Hi Meng! Thanks for your review, I think it is the first one on Daniel's Zen Garden, I suggest you share it with others in the ''Men's Private Edition Reviews'' under this section. Maybe the sharp note you got initially is the green or the black tea, sounds like a very interesting potion...I don't mind sharp notes as long as they play nice with the rest of the notes, I would really like to try this! You have lots to try from your LP goodies, let us know how your sniffing goes... I think you might like ''Eternal Sunshine'' and ''Sudden Impact'' with WANTED MAN phero blend...
  21. Hi Snowflake! IMO it does smell like a real lily but with no sharp green edges, and it is not too green either, the vanilla rounds any edges the flower may have...Real Birds of Paradise smell greener than lilies according to my nose, but in FdV I get mostly lily... @BlueBear...I love foody vanillas too, but I liked this one very much...I hope you like it!
  22. LoL! Good for you Luna, I'm glad you enjoyed your slippery scrub...hehe... I wish I had gotten this scrubby, it sounds perfect for me, but I might copy you on your slippery adventures with some of my Caramel Cupcake scrubby for some tubby-scrubby fun....
  23. Gabylicious


    Cheeky! Want to attract some delicious attention? Inspired by a droolworthy dessert, come slather yourself in this decadent creation: a warm apple, brown sugar and rich black walnut birthday cake, topped with yummy cream cheese frosting and dripping with gooey caramel. You'll be the apple of his eye with this one! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: APPLE ~ Love, healing, fertility, good luck, happiness, immortality, fortelling spells. BROWN SUGAR, CARAMELIZED SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. CREAM CHEESE FROSTING, CREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy. WALNUT ~ Leaves promote fertility, carry nuts to delay pregnancy. Wishes granted, strengthens the heart, enhancement of mental powers. Dark earthly powers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a Cheeky Cakey Bakey concoction that makes me smile AND drool! It starts out with a huge burst of fresh buttered Golden Delicious apples very reminiscent of Candie Apple Cutie, but the apples here start out buttery and later become more caramelly as the scent evolves. Then the most delicious creamy nuttiness steps in followed by a creamy vanilla, and to me it smells and feels like a cross between Candie Apple Cutie and Rosie’s Wedding Cake for a while… This is a naughty nutty walnut here, it plays with you and teases you, for a few minutes it shows an earthy quality and suddenly it becomes naturally woody oily-buttery as a real walnut or a pecan tastes in your mouth, YUM! After a while I get some spicy cinnamon (not listed), maybe the brown sugar takes a cinnamony twist here, at this point in the dry down I still get constant whiffs of yummy creamy butteriness with sprinkled nuts all over again. IMO at this stage Cheeky shares a similar vibe to Sparkle Fuchsia, I don't mean they smell alike, I can't quite put my finger on how they compare, but they share an autumnal vibe if that makes sense. Overall, Cheeky feels more autumnal than summery, but I don’t care it is sinfully delicious, and it is too good to wait ‘til autumn. Excellent longevity and sillage. A must have for a true LP gourmand lover…
  24. MARSHMALLOW ~ Fertility, happiness, creativity, increase in psychic awareness, intuition, love, protection, exorcism. Gently commanding and persuading. VANILLA BEAN ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. LAVENDER ~ Soothes/ restores body and mind. Arouses sexual desire in men, loyalty, purification, protection, healing. Third eye chakra, spiritually uplifting. SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. LIKE A MAGNET Pheromone Formula: Alpha-Androstenol & Copulins This potion is airy, light, fluffy and squishy, squishy as a marshmallow! It is a purple marshmallow, sweet, light and veeery comforting. This is a comforting soothing gourmand, slightly baby powderish with some sprinkled sugar on top. I re-tested this one today and I was able to smell some Cops when wet, but the fresh lavender covers them pretty well and really fast. The Lavender+Marshmallow combo is fresh and fluffy at the same time, it is clean like lavender and just a tad creamy like a marshmallow. Usually marshmallow swallows other scent notes on my skin, but here it does make way for the lavender to soothe and comfort with all of its freshness. I think it is a great carrier scent for a social-sexual phero blend like LAM, I like my LAM in Pink Amber, but this one is following close behind…There’s too much oooey gooey goodness going on with this one, plus it is calming and soothing, like Halo’s Lavender Musk…if that one had Cops –like effects without any Cops in it, just imagine its sweet baby sister with Cops hidden under her sexy schoolgirl purple skirt…It is naughty and innocent, fluffy and fresh,a killer combo… It wears close to the skin, not super close, but it has awesome lasting power.
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