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  1. Yup, of course it did change! A year ago my Bf went through a rough patch and his sexual drive was on the floor, I searched on the internet and found the pherotruth forum and there it was...Love Potion! Once I clicked on the LP link, I was hooked...Cops really boosted our sex life, and I discovered I'm a big time Responder to pheros, so my phero path is more focused on myself now but I still do enjoy effects on others. I came in for the pheros but totally fell for Mara's scents, pheroed or unpheroed, and they too have brought so much happiness to my life.
  2. @Luna....Oh yes, maybe this one will turn you into a Lily fan dear Luna! It is simply GORGEOUS....my fave of the month! @Ravenwing...I haven't tried Whoopsie DaisyCake, but now I want to! From WD's description it seems to lean more on the foody/gourmand side with cakey vanilla?? Sounds lovely! And FdV feels vanilla-y but non-foody, very Lily-ish...
  3. VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. VIOLET ~ Love, faithfulness, modesty; calming, balancing, healing, protection, draws luck & fortune, lust. BIRD OF PARADISE ~ Beginnings, excitement, wonderment. BIRCH LEAF ~ Symbolizes renewal and cleansing, birth, healing, Lunar energies, and protection. MADONNA LILY ~ Purity, modesty. Wards away evil, protects, and breaks enchantments. Prosperity, happiness, wealth, excitement. This is a salute to Madonna Lilies and Birds of Paradise! It opens with a soft, green herbaceous note and there’s the lily! I get the feeling of the whole flower, the petals, the green leaves and its stem. It is a defined, yet subtle, green herbaceous accord, extremely natural, with no green sharpness or stinky indolic facets that could overwhelm. After the lily, I get another hit of flowery pureness, it must be the Bird of Paradise nestled on a vanilla base. There's always this wonderful fresh green note hanging around, but non-foody vanilla balances the green vegetal aspects of this bouquet. I get a light powdery violet towards dry down. It morphs constantly and I love this! It takes unexpected vanilla-y twists and flowery turns, your nose will never get bored, it is truly beautiful and unique… It has great longevity (wore it to sleep and it still lingers on my skin!) and good sillage. It is so Full Bottle worthy! It is perfect for wearing with a white summer dress and cute wedge espadrilles. I adore the natural green scent that comes from real flowers and I think Mara achieved something really unique with this potion, she basically captured the real smell of a Lily flower and gave it a vanilla spin! It is sophisticated and refined, but unpretentious… It is subtle, unusual, ethereal, natural as a flower can be… When I wear this potion it makes me feel like a nymph, like if I was a real Fleur opening my petals, exuding my aromas...
  4. Thank you again Mara & John for your wonderful, wonderful customer service and for the extra goodies!
  5. Hi Beccah! That Avi of yours is too sexy, please never change it..plus, it goes perfectly well with this month's anime trend. I actually like Rainbow Falls way better than Blissful Caress, which didn't work for me, but the pineaple in it is gorgeous!
  6. I won't stop you.......Go for it, Tyvey!
  7. Hi Hearts! I live on the border city with Texas, so it is hot as hell can be....To be honest I don´t re-apply complex phero blends often because I tend to OD easily, but if I have to I always make sure at least 6-8 hours have passed. I've read on the forum that some molecules are more 'sticky' than others and that you may even get hits a day after applying, but I honestly haven't experienced this. I do re-apply Cops, no OD danger there, but only when my body heat burns them away and after more than 8-10 hours of application.
  8. Done.Thanks so much Mara! Can't wait to get my LP goodies, I'm soooo excited! I've been re-reading descriptions and imagining what would they smell like and I'm delighted with your idea of blending Gardenia with Vanilla in Aloha Pumehana. I'm sure this one will be a winner for me! I'm so intrigued with the Bird of Paradise note in Fleurs de Vanille too... I love your gourmands Mara, but your Floral Gourmands are pretty unique and innovative, I hope we get to enjoy more of them in the future. The sandalwood+banana+hay combo in Night of Delight, sounds promising too, so unusual and creamy... Can't wait to smell Agua de Sandia!!! Que rico!
  9. Hi, Meng! So happy to read you got your LP goodies, you'll be hooked in no time... Super for Men 2 is AMAZING! I wear it myself and so does my boyfriend. I can't wait to read your reviews, I'm really looking forward for a review of Daniel's Zen Garden, I have always wondered if I would like it. Happy LP sniffing!!!
  10. Hi Molls, Xuehua Xing is lovely! JOC's Almond Musk and the new Coffee Soak, that's all I can afford this time...But I'll be getting my sampler from the yearly subscription too, yay!
  11. * A hot-spun cotton candy scent, fragranced with pink sugar, warm caramel, and strawberry fragrance oils. * Crafted with white table sugar, and a touch of bakery coloring. * Base of foaming butter and moisturizing oils (apricot kernel, grapeseed, avocado, sunflower). * Intended use: Nose to toes, provided that face is not sensitive to fragrance oils. * Scrubbyness scale: 3 (1=finest, 5=coarse) * External use only, non-edible. *Ingredients: Sugar, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, foaming bath butter (water, glycerin, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium EDTA), fragrance, food coloring. This exfoliating scrub has the right amount of coarseness and scrubbyness without being harsh on the skin. After I used it on my legs and tummy, I felt my skin was softer and smoother. IMO this scrubby would be perfect to exfoliate thoroughly before applying a self-tanner. I didn't like it on my face that much because I felt the fragrance in it is very perfumey and I could taste it even when I was trying to avoid this. Maybe I'm just spoiled with how Mara's moisturizing scrubs like DC and CC feel so incredibly buttery on my face, but IMO this scrub is best suited for the body. It is gentle enough for my face, but too perfumey. I recommend using mostly for body exfoliating and your skin will be baby soft. Scent wise, it smells pink and a bit like strawberry, but not quite like cotton candy.
  12. Hi Mara, can we use the GCs to pay for the PEs?
  13. Hey JOC thanks, I'm a Cops ho too, and this lotion is dangerously effective, I think you'll like it... I can't wait to try the new, re-vamped lotions and creams. I just noticed that I wrote ''cream'' all over my review, but I tested the lotion , sowy!
  14. Hi dear Mara! I would like a 5 ml bottle of Winnie´s Almond Musk, please. I'm definitely getting a much needed Coffee Soak too. When PE's are up I'll be ready to order and pay as soon as possible, but I think it would be a good idea to hold my monthly sampler until I purchase this for you to save on shipping expenses, right? Please let me know if this works for you Mara, I'm willing to wait. I was hesitating whether to order something more or not, because I want to try the new releases and adding one more day to getting my hands on them is really tough, LoL! I think I'm LP spoiled, hehe .... but JOC's PE was too tempting....
  15. Gabylicious


    Yay! Glad you liked it BruiseViolet, just spreading more LP love for the non-gourmand potions like Rabid!
  16. This is a very classy, light, refined and green scent perfect for ladies and gentlemen too. I got an initial blast of lemon and bitter bergamot, with a very distinctive grass accord and even some coriander, even though this last ingredient is not listed. It must be the basil I'm getting at this stage, it is somewhat spicy and somewhat minty, but it is not a sharp mint. Maybe eucalyptus takes over basil's minty facet because I hate mint in perfumes most of the time, and I like the herby freshness I'm getting from this one. I also get a sugary feeling from it, even if sugar is not listed I smell light sugared lemons. I couldn't pick out sandalwood or musk, but I do get whiffs of grassy and earthy notes every now and then. It behaved well on my skin for more than an hour and I was liking it so much, but it suddenly turned out soapy I will be re-testing this one on me later on. When I smelled this potion my initial impression was that it reminded me of Chanel's Cristalle and A Scent by Issey Miyake, they are incredibly similar and Eternal Sunshine doesn't fall behind in character, elegance and distinction. It wears close to the skin and the longevity is average, you might need to re-apply during hot weather. I think it is beautifully made and I would like to smell this on a guy. A girl could wear it too, but you need to LOVE green citrus frags.
  17. LoL!! That emoticon is so cool, hehe... Besitos, mi querida Calii!
  18. Then I must try The Sinner and The Saint, dear Luna, thanks for bringing that one up, to be honest I have paid little attention to this potion, but I will definitely get a sample
  19. & Hell yeah, it does work! YES! Cops are very effective in this amazing Cops & Robbers cream, and I agree with JOC, they do ''radiate'' from you, and Cops do come off as if they are truly being emanated from all your pores... When your significant other takes a whiff he will be struck by an absolutely beautiful scent that envelops you, giving the impression that you smell like this naturally, even without perfume layering. I tested this amazing pheroed cream 4 times, and I got a very unexpected reaction from my BF. He is not very talkative when it comes to sex, and I'm very verbal when I'm with him, I just find it very arousing...Anyways, everytime I applied this cream he was saying all kinds of dirty stuff to me...I love this! Maybe he felt extremely aroused and lost all verbal inhibitions, and this made me very, VERY HAPPY! This is the first time I get this kind of hit from him, got no DIHL looks, but his naughty tongue went wild... You may have to let this dry down completely because if you don't wait enough time Cops may bleed just a bit with your natural body heat. I applied this right after taking a shower with cold water, not super cold, but not warm water 'cause I do sweat a little right after I take a warm shower and aplying lotion or cream afterwards makes me feel all sticky and it is extremely hot where I live, so that doesn't help. Scent wise, it smells like soft vanilla with sweet and subtle coffee! I was very careful not to over apply, I did apply all over my body except on my lower arms and my back. The cream is non-greasy and it is very moisturizing, you can tell Mara uses high quality stuff right away. Mara, thanks for this gift! I will be buying more when they are available and I highly recommend everyone to experiment with pheroed lotions and creams, IMO it is a very natural way of wearing Cops as if they were naturally produced by you in huge amounts, well not huge, but desirable amounts... I agree with the girls that a Special Delivery pheroed lotion is a great idea, as well as Sensual Harmony. I would also love to try an Almond potion like Alabaster Queen or something similar as a pheroed lotion. A Mango scented cream with loads of Cops would be awesome too!
  20. Gabylicious


    @ Synergist...Oh please, do try it before Syn....bye bye smokiness, welcome juicy appleness! @Eggers...Yay! LP great minds, think alike Please let me know if you come up with another Rabid Combo, hun...
  21. Happy belated LP Anniversary BB! I tried a Cougar Potion sample on my first order too, yay! Congratulations to all my fellow LP lovers out there who have ranked up!!
  22. Gabylicious


    Hi Eggers! I just love my Rabid + Lindee's Autumnal Apples COMBO....I've tried layering with Candy Apple Cutie, which is a lovely buttered apple, but doesn't go well with Rabid IMO...But Lindee's PE complements Rabid green apple note amazingly well...You'll smell like a Rain-soaked green apple...just sweet and wet, less earthy...YUM! The lovely LP ladies recommended some GGG potions that are still available for trading like Pomme de Poison, Sugared Apples and Autumn Lust. I have a Marigold & Amaranth sniffee, but it's just not as apple-y as Lindee's PE...there's Moonholly's PE but I haven't tried that one... Eggers, have you tried layering Rabid with OCCO SLF or Pherogirl? Not a fruity combo, but is a very lustful honeyed combo for naughty nights..
  23. Wow! They are deliciously refreshing...Now, I'm thirsty, hehe... I would love a perfume inspired in Horchata or Mango flavored Agua Fresca....I love drinking Agua de Jamaica, but I seem to be anosmic to Hibiscus in perfumery
  24. Gabylicious


    Hey Eggers! My BF likes this one too, specially the intense wet earth opening, he always says I smell like rain! To be honest I wish the earthy stage would last longer on my skin, I'm so happy to hear you like it so much Eggers and I'm glad Rabid is getting so much love and recognition lately... @Synergist...Maybe you can try layering Rabid with something fruity, with a dominant apple note? Or maybe with pear? When I've layered it with apple scents the earthiness fades away and a nice fruity juiciness kicks in. I don't get anything smoky Syn, but maybe you can drown the smokiness with apple, yum!
  25. Hugs and kisses to you Sweet Calii....I missed Rainbow Falls, when I finally made up my mind to purchase a FB it was gone...I'm glad you stocked up! I will convince my BF to wear this and will report back, I still think the right guy can pull this one off.... IMO it is a tropical green unisex scent...It is very pretty and lush, but I like RF way better. But who knows? Maybe you'll like BC even more, my dear Calii...
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