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  1. yeah, thats the one I have, I knew it was scented but its still a little strong to me, I'll try it by itself first, I may use my perfume to cover Sexpionage, I wear Tommy Girl and its a strong enough scent I would think, thanks you 2
  2. I got my very large order in yesterday and I must say that I adore the Scented Cuddle Bunny and Beths Blushing Milk Maid, SCB smells like warm linen, I love it, and BBMM smells like a soft vanilla, but the Sexpionage smells like a sour sock someones been wearing for a few days, to me its very strong and the Sexology 2 smells a little funny also, it has a strong scent too, what would be good cover scents for them?
  3. I just ordered a sample of garland and lace, I'm excited about trying the heart and soul on a special someone soon I hope, I should get it this week I'm hoping, it'll have been 2 weeks since I placed my order tomorrow or thursday, but I had a couple of big orders, I'm patient
  4. this sounds like fun, I've been wanting to order those 2 for a while now, Calii, which pheromone should I try besides cougar? I'm 24, I dont know if that would work well for me or not
  5. I would like to try a phero. first, I've been wanting to try LP Red for a while now, does everyone usually buy it in the concentrated perfume oil or the perfume spray?
  6. its already next on my list, I just placed 2 big orders but I dont feel like I got what I needed yet
  7. I'm kind of a lurker but I really need some advice on this subject, I want to buy something for attraction and not sexual attraction either, you know what I mean I hope, I dont know what to get, I bought heart and soul and happy ending but I'm nervous about trying happy ending since I haven't heard much about it yet, I would appreciate the advice, I think I asked about this already and a suggestion was made to me but I forgot what it was, oops
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