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  1. *goes to check* No, I don't see anything. Why do you ask?
  2. I am testing LFM today, and so far.... not much. Two sprays to the neck in 60/40 alcohol/dpg, and one spray to the forearms, split and rubbed. Covered in Lor's Honey Strawberry Musk on the forearms. No real self effects. Nothing different for me. I feel totally normal. No hits from people I pass. No second glances, no eye slides, no indications that I've blipped a radar on anyone. My gay male coworker was oddly chatty to me though. I've noticed a possible trend with gay male hits on this one. He is not a close friend - just a work acquaintence - and all we ever do is say good
  3. I recommend tattoos for everyone! I love them. I have ... nine right now. I think. Yeah, nine. All coverable. I'll find the good pic of this tattoo when I get back to my laptop. If you can figure out my avatar, you'll know where I am going. Thank you again for everything, Mara!!
  4. Thanks! Happy to be here! I've been using pheros for a while, had a looooooong break, and now am getting back into the fun again. Yeah, I was surprised at first at how *social* the mix was. Then, after I posted and went back and read the responses, I saw how other people got a social or popularity vibe with it. Im definitely interested in how the upping of the does led to more of a "ghosting" effect though. No need for extra sprays on this one! Anyone have any inisght to the -none in the mix? I am young, no BC, and have a healthy copulin production naturally, so I project a pertty
  5. Oh lord. *embaressed* I'm truly the ONLY person on the planet that has this tattoo. I had to scout the nation for a person even willing to put it on me! It's.... very identifying. ....... lemme dig up a good pic!
  6. ............... It's a super-nerdy tattoo. It's a tattoo of a very, very popular mixture of comicbook and movie heroes. The art is amazing - true art work - but the nerd factor pushes it over the top! I'm stopped and complimented on it *at least* three times a week. Best. Tattoo. Ever. .... and I'm off to a geek comic convention with pheros in hand!
  7. Old thread, but trying to keep the reviews all in line. So I ordered a bunch of stuff and one of the little bottles of treasure that came was UN BI. Of course, I couldn't help myself, and I tore into the box as soon as it arrived at my office. Like a little kid, I tore into the plastic wrap around the spray bottles.... and the UN BI hit my nose! Good Lord! The cheese! The cheese! Sheepishly, I put it under my desk for later. Whoops!! Later came. I had a bunch of errands to do after work, so I sprayed some of the UN BI on in the car and let it dry down. 3 sprays, 1x, 60/40 alcohol/DPG.
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