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  1. LOL! Thank you. I will he sure to watch for that. I would hazard that a trip to the hospital would be even a bigger turnoff than the wrong pheros. :ROFL:
  2. I don't actually think it is possible that I'm more visually appealing now than I was two years ago. In fact, I'm positive I'm not. Interesting, though, thank you. My husband can decide for himself whether he wants to eat nuts. But nuts or no nuts, he is repelled by me wearing just cops and attracted with EST added and so apparently is the rest of the world. (In my case.) I mean the reactions, negative and then positive without and then with EST, are so far nearly across the board for me. Including being out again today.
  3. So glad for these replies. I am going to go read up. Thanks, everyone!
  4. I think this is what I was trying to say...I was thinking maybe I meant aggressive. Yes, hitting someone over the head. Just an idea.
  5. Thanks to both of you! Yes, it is tiny. It isn't the sample order size. I will order the scented roll-on.
  6. I found this old thread just scrolling down and wanted to update. By chance I found an old CB sample and it has been a hit. Including with my husband who sounds eerily like many of the men described here. Quiet. Lower sex drive. He has literally never asked me to re-wear any scent of any description. Phero, non phero, anything. Until CB. He sniffed me over and over and even asked what the scent is and asked me to wear it. And yes, he got aroused, really aroused. This totally shocked me. I also had people at a family party who never speak to me (cold, superior, etc.) hold me where I was to go on and on, talking. And touching me, getting physically close. They all got that starry look. Big eyes. I am flabbergasted. I know it has been a very long time since anyone posted on this thread but I wanted to add this experience. Could it be some of us are TOO sexual somehow, and the overly sexual pheros without a tempering element (like EST) just put people off? Or...something like that? In CB I feel slower and softer, luxurious, womanly...like a woman in a garden stroking the flowers and bringing their soft petals to my face...running them over my lips. Vs. say a rawr sex kitten. Still sexy but...with a lilting girliness. Just femininity.
  7. Yes, and I feel like it is the EST that sets the cops off just right, for me. Maybe? I feel it take my edge off, makes me softer, more relaxed, more womanly. Hard to explain.
  8. I got shiny I heart you eyes from men and women alike the other night at a party wearing Cuddle Bunny. I really think this may be an individual body chemistry thing as some pheros people swear by get me daggers of hatred eyes instead. Just straight cops, for example.
  9. So I found an old sample, I don't even know how old, could be a few years. It says Cuddle Bunny, no pic because it is the eensy size. Are all Cuddle Bunny varieties phero enhanced? And how do I know if it is the Un? It smells kind of like laundry. I looooove it and want to order it. Thanks for any help!
  10. Oh, the poor guy. I know how you feel about worrying about switching things up. Totally get that.
  11. So how are things going for you guys now? Really it just sounds like new relationship stuff to work out, to me. You know...there are always those kinks (I don't mean good kinks, bwah ha...) . There's a learning curve with any relationship. If you do play around with changing the pheros, please do report back. I'd love to hear how things work out in that regard. Re: his mom - sometimes we just automatically don't like a person. The person can be just lovely, it's usually something in us, or in the combination. Subconsciously you may remind her of someone...a girl who stole one of her boyfriends...I mean literally. It could be anything. I would neither try to win her over nor be unduly nasty toward her; I'd just remain even-keeled if possible and polite. Because really, what can ya do?
  12. Yup. C'est moi. I don't know if it tones down...I don't think my old bottle did. Is there patchouli? I feel like I smell a tiny hint of patchouli.
  13. This doesn't play well with my skin. I get crayons, then basically no scent. It's definitely my chemistry as I usually love LPMPs.
  14. So I keep re-trying cops...with renewed hope each time. But it still keeps being a "nope." I tend to get ghosted (even if it's a tiny amount) or just average run-of-the-mill reactions like I'd normally get...OR a very turned-off reaction. I wonder why this is? If it matters, I'm 48, in perimenopause (so I'd think I need more cops, not fewer...I rarely ovulate any more and my "period" if you can call it that comes every three months or so). I do have luck with some pheros. Have gotten a lot of bang (yar har! See what I did there? I'm being figurative, though...mostly ) out of LFM following an initial negative response that may have just been the individual (as since then, it's been pretty much all positive). Anybody else just not get along with cops?
  15. Oh. My. GOURD. As good as I remember. I can tell because I'm writhing around on the floor singing "I wanna eff me like an animal." Oh yeeeeeeeeeeAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH baby. Thank you, LPMP. (crying softly) (snuffing arm) (crying again) I'll review this more sensibly once I can think again. p.s. AMAZING samples with this order...fruity and sweet...I am so happy right now. I want to wear them all but that might be a little confusing, LOL. So...one at a time it is. LPMP comes through again...above and beyond. Every time.
  16. OMG I looooove this...why do I always have to fall in love with the limiteds? Do I have a weird body chemistry or something? Anyway, got this as a sample. Oh the scent. It's heaven. Like some others have said, I get pineapple somehow. I do get just a whiff of coconut as well. Oh, it is beautiful. Not sure about effects yet but I did get effects with LFM Un.
  17. So I got an Un Cougar order in the mail and as always, samples came too (I love getting these). One of the samples is Pirouette. The only description I can find says it's enhanced with LFM. But the little sample bottle does not say "with pheros" or "with LFM." Is this enhanced or no?
  18. Do it then and report back, if there's anything I love around here it's reading about all the hits, LOL... Enjoy!
  19. Wow, ladies and gents...I think I may have gotten some hits with my re-tries but am not sure. So I tried an teensy dab of LFM pressed between my wrists and covered with BPAL O. I took my son to the doctor and the receptionists (all female???) Were, I swear, all giggly and giddy, almost nervously so...almost like flirting, in a way. Or...like how girls act nervous and giggly and flattering to the popular girl. Then when we left the office there were two men in the parking lot standing by a car and talking. And I noticed they were staring at me and smiling. And I mean literally staring. Not glancing. Their eyes did not leave me as I walked past them...not once...not even a waver...it was actually such an unbroken grinning stare that I was uncomfortable, as in, I didn't know where to put my eyes as I was approaching to go past them, do you know what I mean? But the thing is that they were doing this when I was at least several yards away. Smell can't travel that far, can it? OTOH I wasn't dressed crazy sexy or anything to draw eyes - simple peasant blouse and jeans. So I am not sure, would love opinions. So today I put more on thinking I was going out to the store, but that didn't happen. I had put the tiny dab between my wrists again but it was cold out so I put on a sweater which covered my wrists. Because my wrists were now covered I put a tiny tiny tiny dab on my chest and one more on my hair. As I said, the store trip did not happen but I wound up having to pick up my son at school and I saw his teacher (male) there. This teacher got hugely grinny the instant he saw and passed me walking the kids out, but he is sort of a nervous guy, a little nerdy and I have noticed he does get that big grin frequently (actually, it's cute because it seems so shy). I am assuming this isn't just with me, it seems more of a habit, I would say. So I took my son's hand and the teacher came back from the bus jogging over to us and was asking whether my son was taking the bus that day - obviously not, I mean here I am, LOL.I don't know why but he asked.that question twice in a row. So I wasn't sure what he wanted at that point so I asked how my son had been doing at school and then I swear this teacher moved in so close to me. OMG. He stood SO close. With that huge smile all the while. It was totally like the close talker episode of Seinfeld. We chatted for some time and I kind of felt very bouncy and social. But we had to go at that point so I said goodbye. Are these what would be hits or am I imagining things?
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