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  1. Today I tried it over 4 drops of cops; and it smells completely different! I like this even more - so versatile! OMG you ladies are genius - I 'stumbled' this site and it was a 'discovery'. First apparent with overlaying the cops, it stopped the cops smell right away! I'm getting at the first instance mostly Cinnamon and Tobacco. With a tiny bit of sweetness behind that. YUM!!!!! Magickal, but of course.
  2. Welcome, and since you like Banyanas - here's more :2118: :banana025: :banana135: :2215: :banana010: :banana004: :banana059: :banana072: :2126: :banana054: Pyscho little display, isn't it?
  3. When I opened the bottle, it smelled a lot like an aftershave. Reminded me of Old Spice - don't freak! My stepdad wore Old Spice, but on that Eastern European, it smelled wonderful! I never got that same effect with anyone else wearing it. And he always smelled great! When I applied to wrist, the first effect I got was of spearmint chewing gum - while it's being chewed! Don't ask me, I just smelled it. Wrigley's Spearmint to be precise. Yes, I know there's no spearmint in it. Then after that settled a bit, I got the cinnamon overlaid on that - I love cinnamon and if I buy gum myself, it's cinnamon. After those 2, next the tobacco became apparent to me, and the amber with it - in almost equal proportions - smell wise. This smells androgynous to masculine, but I LIKE IT. It's had a great response from one male and one female that I came in contact with tonight. She was really enthusiastic about it. My thoughts: This is one to wear when I'm either wanting to, or feeling Impervious. This would be my superhero scent. I also think I could temper some of the (to me) really foody scents - and make them all SPEC - TAC - U - LAR. On me, which is all I'm concerned with, really. Edit to add: I put a little OCCO Blue on it; (I put that aside as being one of those too fruity/foody smelling for me to wear) and that wasn't so great; so I put more Spontaneous Combustion over that - and it's gorgeous! Completely transformed both into AMAZING. I can smell the Cardamon now.
  4. Yes, ranks. But what do they mean? What does it mean - Mrs Kravitz? Was she particularly nice smelling (and which one - Mrs Kravitz's? Are we talking Bewitched or Lenny's wives?) What does it mean to be a Cuddle Bunny? Or whatever else comes along? For the Love of the Goddess - I'm a Gemini, with a natural reflex to question and accumulate answers - HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP me. See??! It's depressing me - I n e e d 2 k n o w - f a d i ng f a s ttttttt.
  5. In my sample pack, today I tried NOM! NOM! NOM! This smelled like cake baking, just before it rises. Very foody and very cakey. I liked it. Then it settled a little, but didn't lose the intensity. It kept smelling familiar, like pumpkin spice - but started getting overpowering. I've never lived in cold weather before moving to WA; (except for a year in Europe) and the whole Thanksgiving thing is different in a hot climate. This reminded me of Thanksgiving kitchen - all those food and spices, cakes, muffins and scones. All with lots of seasonal spices in closed houses. I'm sorry to say, I can't wear this kind of intense food smell. It's overpowering to me; and not being a big sweets eater, it's too much for me. On the way home, I stopped for chocolate and a pepperoni stick (Flow time) and I let the nice lady at the gas station smell my arm. She loves it!!! I'm giving her the rest of this vial and going to see if she like the Naughty Sweet and Dirty - because I don't want to smell like Nana Got Some - which is how it ended up on me. She even took down the name - LPMP - I told her all about this place. Hopefully a new customer for LPMP! When I got home, I had to remove the perfume from forearms and neck - after a few hours it was making me queasy. So, now I know, go light on the food smells.
  6. Thank you, very much. Just added that to the list. Of course I have a list. Yes, the list is growing at a respectable rate. No lack of attention here.
  7. Decided I'm going to do that. And full tilt is the only way to go for something like this. I found out today that I can't wear too much foody scented perfumes. As I do in life, I'm gonna have to go light on the puddings. Delightful tho they may be. I'm going to say thank you to WildAutumn; I realized after I posted that the thread was 2 years old. The other answer is: woods, mosses, spices - but not too foody, incenses, resins, citrus and the family of perfume I wear best is Chypre. Light on the flowers - I don't like a couple of 'perennial favorites'; grasses, green things (bamboo, fern and ivy etc) citrus I love. I love most of the musks - and I only say most of because I've just discovered there's a bunch I haven't smelled! Have yet to meet a lavender I like - to me, it's old lady; but I'm happy to get converted if there's a luscious one! I like most of the herbs. Not tropical fruit so much. One or two maybe, but I'm tropical fruit intolerant and don't need to be reminded of what I can't eat. Also I don't like the smell of pineapple, anyway.
  8. Since I've seen the OCCO sampler mentioned 3 times in my journey around this forum this day; I had Overt Cops for your Covert Ops running over and over in my head on an endless loop in a little ditty for the last day or more (even started humming and singing it); the LAM and BAM (or as Dolly said: BLAM) think Ima gonna start with those for my first purchase. Trying another perfume from the samples I was given today. I love the Blueberry Bomb - but I already wrote about that somewhere . . .
  9. Teasing? No teasing! Spill! Please! There are those of us who don't know what you ordered and would really appreciate the input.
  10. Well, that just sux. I'm feeling bad for you. Maybe you could wear the ones you really love and make sure to remove before you get to critical timing? Would that just be too much hassle?
  11. Hon, you know how I felt about fruit and florals; but I'm wearing the Blueberry Bomb and now I have to confess that it smells amazing! I love it. I kinda liked it in the bottle, when I put it on I went OMG - sickly sweet; then after about 10 mins - it smells AWESOME!!! It's such a novel scent on me, I can't stop sniffing myself! This has opened a whole 'nother arena for me. BECAUSE traditional floral and gourmand smells usually just get horribly, nauseatingly rotten/sweet on me. Sorry ladies - that's what I was trying NOT to say in my intro post. True though. But not anymore! If Blueberry smells this good on me - I'm charging ahead with trying all of the samples I have because I have found perfumes that make them smell like fragrances - not food scraps that I dropped on myself! Try a sample vial. Honestly I thought I was going to have to scrub myself when I realized I put a fruit scent on! PS I really want to know where all you vixens source the wonderful avatars you all have. Btw, AlienChangeling, I love yours too! I used to have a regular view of that.
  12. Hi Honey, just a little note to say: I know you! And add my welcome to the other wonderful vixens' on here. Couldn't let that op go by, now, could I? Check out my avatar lol - remember that?
  13. You know ladies, trollops and vixens - I have decided that I need all of your input for choosing not only fragrances that will excite and delight me; but help with the phero additions. I love the idea of cops - and do have some from www.massagexs.com; but would like some help with the LPMP selections. Otherwise I'm considering doing something wrong so I can buy everything on the menu . . . . help. :blink:
  14. I still find Nessie a little disturbing . . . where or in what category should I put my review of Open Window? I can't seem to decide where it fits best . . .
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