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  1. ok for the first time evah, I have to have the full month sampler if I can figure out how to order one. ETA: ORDERED!
  2. Is Dreams of Avalon not yet in the Artfire shop? because I can't find it...
  3. "my pretties" - a month of literary witches and wizards????
  4. Retry on Highland Fling: wore it today, got the same wet vanilla, then the daffodil in the drydown as I was getting dressed. Got very busy running errands, and totally forgot - except periodically I'd vaguely get this whiff of a lovely incensy something. Not quite incense, because it isn't smoky enough, you know? Got home, got things put away and generally done, and as I'm settling I get the incense again and realize - IT'S ME! It must be the amber. I like it muchly so no problems.
  5. Well, I think I figured out why I never heard about Honeyed LP until about a week ago. I can't find it on the landing page in the shop. Foo. I woulda got too.
  6. I keep telling myself I need to get one and haven't freed up the case from potions to do it!
  7. AC for one, who is LOVING this. Resin ho for sure. Also spice ho. Mmm, like LPBlack but with a slightly sweeter, spicier twist. I'm doing the shirt-huff thing too. Yes, this is also mindful of MRF. That slightly caramelly-sweet scent. Mm. another huff, and I think part of the sweet is the fig. Oh I love this.
  8. Ooo! This is nice! In the bottle, I got a blend of everything. Wet, it was this sort of boozy, cakey vanilla, and reminded me a lot of a better version of philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake (I have the lipgloss). Now in the drydown, I get the daffodil on top of it - and I can handle the floral! Me likey!
  9. Oh wow! Tried this one today! DROOL! First I got smacked in the face with orange marzipan! Then I practically had to wipe my mouth, the oranges were so juicy! LOVE!
  10. Mine isn't very strong and isn't very camphorous, and my skin eats it. I get slightly minty green. It is, unusually, a green that I LIKE, however, and that doesn't give me a headache.
  11. Just simple, sweet lavender. I love it. Yes, it helps me relax, helps me sleep. But 1) it doesn't last long on my skin, 2) just before it goes away it turns sour.
  12. This is utterly delicious. I am also another resin ho (spice ho too), and adore this - probably most out of all the sprays I got.
  13. Oh foo. I already put in my January order without thinking. Mara, I think I am going to go easy on the Feb and add the dude in the kilt to it, and you are welcome to hold it all and ship it all at once. In fact, please do. It will look less...expensive...if I have one package coming in, instead of two... O_o
  14. Oh, I forgot to mention that most of my pheros are UN also. I do have a number that Mara put out that are phero/scent combos, but if I find that a particular phero works for me, I usually get it UN so I can wear it with whatever I feel like.
  15. I have certain types of fragrances that I keep going back to, so in that respect, there's a certain pattern there - a certain kind of fragrance that is "me." Then I don't have to worry about whether or not it harmonizes, because I've kind of developed a signature that only varies some by time of year. Now, when I'm on my own or with hubby, I wear whatever I think he'll like - and sometimes I've been wrong. But I do have my "greet my public" fragrances and pheros, and my "hangin' out" fragrances and pheros, and they don't really overlap all that much, I find.
  16. Now that my sniffer is working normally, I can go back and test my November potions! Strange Attractor 4 light sprays to cleavage. My first reaction - green. Odd, there's no real green notes in here. My second reaction - MINT! There's not a bit of mint in this thing. My third reaction - citrus soda! Must be the tangerine and ginger, probably sugar too. Dried down - still getting citrus soda/ginger ale. I think the pepper is causing the sparkly nose sensation. Might be a tiny hint of nutmeg in there. I'm not getting musk at all. I can't recall if I shook it up. Might not have done. Next time I'll fix that. I like it. Topper always has an "upper" effect to me. Combine that with the fact I was already feeling energetic today, and am about to drink some caffeinated tea, and the word count ought to soar pretty quick... ETA: Several hours later it has mellowed into a soft musk, with hints of the other ingredients moderating it. And I've added 2500 words to my novel...
  17. I haven't gotten the BB yet. I got one of the last little vials of Tranquility Potion and am still using that. I have anxiety disorder and use it when I start feeling really tense and worried but had rather not take more meds. Works really, REALLY well. If Balm Bomb does as well, it'll be good for that.
  18. I just put this on! It's sort of green, but not; sort of woods, but not. A sweet something, a light musky something, maybe some fruit. Guy scent, but not. Initially I wasn't sure if I'd like it - I don't normally do greens and I wasn't expecting green. But this is but isn't! And I do like it. It's far and away the most puzzling scent I've ever worn, though...
  19. I just got mine the other day. DROOL! I get vanilla caramel praline and only secondarily the orange. In fact it took a later application before I got orange. Initially after the caramel, I got chocolate. Go figure. But I adore it!
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