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  1. Wet and in the bottle this is really bright, sweet, fresh apple. Almost overwhelming apple, in fact. But it calms down as it dries and become more sweet apple over a powdery oakmoss base. It's really sweet and girly.
  2. This is a happy, beachy floral. Lace is the perfect phero for this. I don't know enough about what flowers smell like to pick out the individual floral notes, but the florals + Peach make this feel like if Betrothal Potion took a tropical vacation.
  3. They're heeeereeee! Now I just have to wait a few days for them to settle.... Thanks for the freebie mask though Mara! The dragonflies are super cute.
  4. Can confirm that Aja sticks around. I spilled some of mine and my room smelled like honey vinegar for MONTHS.
  5. I got mine too! I'm so excited to try Odalisque.
  6. I think mood boosting. Maybe Levitation? That works well for me. Sorry about the animal cruelty. People who do that are the worst.
  7. I've been wanting to try LP: Gold for so long, so I definitely got a bottle of that. I also got Odalisque, virgin Living Doll, and Beach Baby. Hopefully wearing Beach Baby brings beach weather.
  8. bliss3

    Black Aggie

    @NuTrix so it was as good as I made it sound, I hope? This one was a surprise love for me; I bought it on impulse and ended up really liking it.
  9. So I have both pero'ed and virgin bottles of this and I was comparing them on my skin. The virgin version is much more pumpkin-cakey while the version with LAM gives a lot more of the berries. I wasn't expecting there to be any difference, but I'm guessing the cops in the LAM are a big player there?
  10. So I recently came back to this one and it's aged really nicely. The allspice has calmed down and now it's just sweet, christmasy coffee. I was almost ready to trade this one, but now it's one of my favorites.
  11. This is a very fizzy scent. When I first put it on it's alll champagne, but the more it sits, the sweeter it gets with the strawberry coming out and the vanilla starting to peek out in the long dry-down, although the champagne still dominates for the most part.
  12. I wound up going with Perfect Match (I don't have anything with TMI or Heart and Soul in it). It went very well and ended up being a good choice!
  13. bliss3

    Black Aggie

    This one smells thickkk. I'm definitely getting the stout feel from this one. Once it's dried down a bit, the elderberry comes out and combines with the oats and cloves to make a really nice fall fruity scent.
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