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  1. I broke down a bought a back -up bottle of this. It's lovely. I want to wear it every day.
  2. This is a total sugar-bomb. It smells like sweet pumpkin s'mores. I'm getting a lot of marshmallow and vanilla, and some pumpkin and chocolate, but it's mostly just a well-blended sweet foody. I'm not getting any smoke or spices, but I'm sure they'll show up as the scent ages a bit.
  3. This is VERY fruity. The apple is definitely the star. After the initial strong, sweet rush of apple and raspberry I start to get more vanilla and it starts to feel more like an LP variant. I really like this. The oak leaf and balsam also add a really nice *~fall~* feeling to this.
  4. Ah, that explains the crying sound that's coming from my wallet.
  5. bliss3

    Midnight Rider

    There was actually a bottle up on Etsy, and I managed to snag it. Thanks for pointing this out to me
  6. bliss3

    Midnight Rider

    Nooo, I am bummed I missed this 😢
  7. Well, I got dumped out of the blue on Saturday and I've practically been bathing in this since then. No hits cuz everyone's masked up, but it's definitely putting some swagger back in my step, so that's good. I need selfies more than hits right now anyway.
  8. Oh, my. This is DIVINE. The deep dark vanilla! The brown sugar! The HONEYCOMB! *melts* This may have supplanted HLP as my favorite Love Potion variant.
  9. bliss3

    Pink Pearl

    The musk in this is STRONG on me. It's a pink musk, but I was hoping my skin wouldn't immediately eat the watermelon.
  10. bliss3

    Fancy Article

    Mmmmm, I love the way Mara does pineapple scents. This is a very fresh, bright, non-juicy, non-sticky pineapple. It still wears pretty sweet rather than tart on my skin though, which I am totally more than fine with.
  11. bliss3

    Thatched Cottage

    This is very floral. I'm getting a lot of honeysuckle with just a little sweetness on top that is probably the blackberry. Luna's right, it's like sitting in a garden on a hot day.
  12. Clearly you buy one for each of you, lol. I should also add to my review that my cat loves this one. As soon as I put it on, she's stuck to me like glue, purring and licking me, and headbutting me.
  13. This isn't a scent I ever would have bought based just on the description, but I got a sniffee of it in one of my past orders. Between this and LP: Samhain I've discovered I love dark fig scents. This is so cool and dark with just a little bit of sweetness. It's a great sleep scent.
  14. Is AJA like cops where you'll come off unclean if you apply it above the cleavage? Is an AJA enhanced perfume safe to apply near the base of my neck?
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