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  1. bliss3

    Black Aggie

    @NuTrix so it was as good as I made it sound, I hope? This one was a surprise love for me; I bought it on impulse and ended up really liking it.
  2. So I have both pero'ed and virgin bottles of this and I was comparing them on my skin. The virgin version is much more pumpkin-cakey while the version with LAM gives a lot more of the berries. I wasn't expecting there to be any difference, but I'm guessing the cops in the LAM are a big player there?
  3. So I recently came back to this one and it's aged really nicely. The allspice has calmed down and now it's just sweet, christmasy coffee. I was almost ready to trade this one, but now it's one of my favorites.
  4. This is a very fizzy scent. When I first put it on it's alll champagne, but the more it sits, the sweeter it gets with the strawberry coming out and the vanilla starting to peek out in the long dry-down, although the champagne still dominates for the most part.
  5. I wound up going with Perfect Match (I don't have anything with TMI or Heart and Soul in it). It went very well and ended up being a good choice!
  6. bliss3

    Black Aggie

    This one smells thickkk. I'm definitely getting the stout feel from this one. Once it's dried down a bit, the elderberry comes out and combines with the oats and cloves to make a really nice fall fruity scent.
  7. I've gone on a few dates with a guy and he seems nice enough, but things feel very... Superficial. Normally when I want to facilitate bonding with someone I'm dating, I wear BAM or sexology, but I'm not ready to go all in on sex signals with this guy yet. Would Gotcha work for encouraging a little deeper feelings? Or Perfect Match?
  8. I broke down a bought a back -up bottle of this. It's lovely. I want to wear it every day.
  9. This is a total sugar-bomb. It smells like sweet pumpkin s'mores. I'm getting a lot of marshmallow and vanilla, and some pumpkin and chocolate, but it's mostly just a well-blended sweet foody. I'm not getting any smoke or spices, but I'm sure they'll show up as the scent ages a bit.
  10. This is VERY fruity. The apple is definitely the star. After the initial strong, sweet rush of apple and raspberry I start to get more vanilla and it starts to feel more like an LP variant. I really like this. The oak leaf and balsam also add a really nice *~fall~* feeling to this.
  11. Ah, that explains the crying sound that's coming from my wallet.
  12. bliss3

    Midnight Rider

    There was actually a bottle up on Etsy, and I managed to snag it. Thanks for pointing this out to me
  13. bliss3

    Midnight Rider

    Nooo, I am bummed I missed this 😢
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