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  1. Mm this is delicious! At the same time, the musk and smoke take it out of the pure foodie realm and adds an element of sophistication-- more glamping than camping, lol. I agree that the alpha-nol works really well, very congruent. This would be fabulous in a spray!
  2. I'm also here as a diehard Blue Smoke fan...I've had an interesting time with Blue Fyre! It actually reminds me my Persephone potion that Mara made a few years ago. There's a dark wine-like fruitiness which is tempered by the smoke and myrrh. It's edgy and powerful. I will keep my fingers crossed for a Blue Smoke reboot at some point but this is very intriguing in its own right.
  3. Black Cat

    Black Aggie

    It's crazy because I'm not sure there's any overlap in ingredients but this reminds me so much of my beloved Prophetic Pie! It's got the same buttery bakery yumminess with a bright sparkle and it has the same mood lightening effect. I wasn't expecting to want a bottle, especially since I have so much that my standards for bottle buying are much higher. But other than Prophetic Pie, which I think I've almost finished by supply of, I have nothing else like this. So bottle ordered. I've already almost emptied the sample!
  4. Black Cat

    Soul Cakes

    This is exactly what I hoped it would be! It's the yummiest warm comfort foodie scent, like freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven. I thought it would remind me of Totem Goat, which I really enjoyed, but it's most reminiscent to my nose of one my all time faves, Animal Crackers. Interestingly it keeps making me think that it also must have cedar as a grounding note but something else is doing the work of adding a marvelous textured depth. Delicious! And while Animal Crackers was yummy vanilla this is gorgeous spice cookies. Perfect cold weather sleep scent.
  5. Package came today and this was my first trial....Carolyn's Man Nip was among my top ten faves so when I saw another pumpkin lavender blend I got excited. I may even love this more! Carolyn's Man Nip is a heavier, jammy scent. Very foodie, thick and comforting. Bare Bait is much softer and subtler, less foodie but not perfume-y. Perfect fall scent. I'm with JLisa, this is full bottle worthy if you're a lavender fan! It's airy but dark, like a lovely wisp of creamy smoke.
  6. Omg!! Bare Bait? Blue Fyre? Soul Cakes? Got the sampler but I'm anticipating full bottles of those! And Weenie Roast, Odalesque and the Stag are all contenders. Weenies make everything magical!
  7. Omg! It's been a tough year and I've lurked a few times over the past months but had to chime in and say these look amazing!! And I am so ready for some treats!
  8. I can't wait! I do have a precious remaining bit of Un Gotcha, but sometimes when I am really in love with a particularly fab scent/phero combo I love just throwing caution and the budget to the winds and getting boosted bottles. And this one just seems so perfect.... it's subtle and in one breath I get mostly spice, in another cream, in another the smokiness. Just love it.
  9. Caved and ordered a full bottle. Never have I mourned the discontinuation of Gotcha so deeply; this feels like it would be SO congruent! If Pearfection is still around when a similar phero emerges would totally do a boosted spray. This is so soft, creamy, subtle and yet has such substantial presence.
  10. Utterly scrumptious. I need to do a direct comparison with A Wake but I still went full bottle. I love coffee scents and my skin often hates them so this is pure win.
  11. This was the scent that tipped me towards getting the sampler-- I was thinking probably not a full bottle but darn it I really want to try! This is fantastic-- tart green apple and, I do not know how Mara does this, it has fizzy bubbles! I can feel them tickling my nose every time I sniff my test patch. And with the ginger it's like a fab take on classic ginger ale, with that deeply nostalgic vibe I get from certain LPs. It's unlike almost anything I've ever smelled....closest would be that Peach Bellini LP from several years ago? Anyway, very very tempting!
  12. Story time! Last November I moved into my new home, getting out of the heart of town and escaping to the country. The past 11 months have been a delicious journey watching the trees and plants reveal themselves. One of the most delicious discoveries was that a tree I thought might be dead flowered beautifully in spring, and last month delivered a not inconsiderable windfall of gorgeous little pears. The deer got about half but I had enough to cook up a small vat of pear butter. The house smelled like magic for days- ripe pear and spices. So now I'm not sure how Mara captured that whole experience in a bottle, but that's what this does for me! It's got foodie elements but the smoke and woods not only add depth to the scent but allow it to conjure the season in many dimensions-- clear blue sky with a bulkhead of grey clouds building in the west, traces of woodsmoke from the first fire of the season lingering on the crisp chilly air. Wonderful!
  13. Mmmm lovely creamy pumpkin with a wonderfully buttery edge that reminds me of my beloved Pumpkin Souffle! I never would guessed this was a cops cover and I agree with Kayla, it will lend itself beautifully to layering. But also is a treat all on its own. Delicious!
  14. Mmmm, on me this is very delicate, more honey than pumpkin! For something with such foodie notes it actually reads more like a sophisticated grown up scent. As it dries, the pumpkin note deepens and the spice sloooooooowly starts to bloom. This is almost a stealth scent on me, even as the tone gets deeper the throw is very light. It's a wonderful contrast and I think one could get away with this in settings where normally you might hesitate to wear perfume. Just lovely!
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