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  1. Bang! Selfies always make me feel like Beyonce's "Diva."
  2. So I had been very much infatuated with this guy who works at the cafe I go to get my work done. We've enjoyed many small conversations, smiles, and furtive glances, but nothing ever too bold. I have been on a phero detox, and decided to LAM it up next time I decided to go. Nothing really happened, but that couldn't kill the buzz I was getting from LAM. The next day however, he found me on Facebook and sent me a sweet message. Here is a snippet of the message he sent me: Turns out I phero'd bombed him speechless! XD Oh how I love LAM.
  3. Was this used in anything other scents or is this brand new? I'm considering grabbing a sample before I go travelling. I think it would be a fun one for the hostel scene!
  4. Ahahha It's really quite funny because I work in retail, and I experience the other end of that spectrum! It's a mischievous, but when I wear LFM the ladies seems to bite my sales pitch better than when I don't. We're talking a consistent $200 to $300 extra bucks in sales here. Maybe It helps me up my game, but it never fails for good numbers. I get a little extra mileage on hot days.
  5. I love Because the NightQ I just wish that it loved me and stayed longer. Thanks for the suggestion Calii. Sugared Moondust was one of the first LP's I got. I'll have to see if i can fins it again! This is not as cakey as I was expecting. I think the cherry-almond like quality has something to do with it. The only other almond like scent I have is almond musk, which I adore. I'd say it's much more sweeter than almond musk. Because th enight does have a skin musk quality to it, but Because the night doesn't quite land in that zone because of the sugariness.
  6. When I was younger my family and friends of the family would rent out a beach cottage for a yearly summer BQQ. Soaked reminds me of these carefree times, when Summer was the ultimate time of the year. My family would be one of the first arrive and set up the empty beach bungalow. I loved how when I first would walk in how the woody drawers, doors, and cupboards, walls had a hint of a salty mugginess to it. After unloading the car, I would usually help prepare all of the juicy watermelons, mangos, grapes, and pineapple everyone brought by slicing them and putting them in the fridge for when w
  7. SS4W is interesting. It makes me feel more mischievous and cheeky. I get good hits from some people, and it rubs others in the wrong way. My SO in the past doesn't respond to this nearly as much as cuddle bunny or LAM. Whereas I went on a brunch date with a guy, and totally got a DIHL looks while wearing Sneaky Clean. He was also a bit more forward than he had up until that point. On the same said brunch date, there was even this young single dad next to us who tried to flirt with me! I wore detective and the dame out one night with my coworkers, and my manager was suddenly my best friend. Wh
  8. Swee A few of my guy friends do too! I got in one heated argument about how white male guilt phenomenon is still not on par with the way women are treated. Now I'm a feminist. I think that just how people see strong women. On that note, SWS is pure WIN MAGIC for me. I feel like I'm on top of my game and effective when I have it on. Still being young and a part of the entry pool, I feel that SWS help me set myself apart from the rest. My feel more confident about my ideas, and what I say. Throughout my internship, my superiors respected my ideas and input. Now at my job,my higher ups have
  9. "I'm not drunk; It's my perfume. I swear!"
  10. For some reason I get a banana, woodsy, spice, with a hint of incense. I had a friend smell me and he agreed that it smelled like banana on me too! Go figure. Maybe it's the pear and raspberry wood combo? Like pumpkin spice lattes, if you took a strawberry banana smoothie and spice latte-fied it, you would get what it smells like. I'm sure I'm just amping the fruit notes in a weird way.
  11. Disinhibitor? I wonder what self effects Gotcha! will give? Bang was very disinhibiting. I wonder how much it will be with Gotcha!
  12. woot woot witch hazel! i'm not a very prolific poster am i? still madly obsessed with lps though<3 Very suitable find Synergist!
  13. hrm * furiously lurks archives* eternal chain with lfm! no... synchronicity with topper!
  14. woot. woot! a notice XD i lost my bottle and i;ve been dying for another of it!
  15. doesn't we still can't try? does it?
  16. good plan. i'm starting to learn that too! may i add buy it soon before you miss out? in the past two months i've been scheming and waiting but all that's it;s cost me are bottles of some of my now faves. EEEEE can't for the unveiling!
  17. How much of a long shot is glistening buttons?
  18. After i found out that celestial body turned out to be something that i liked, I had to test this out because of Halo's recommendation I think i like this one more! Celestial body is more sensual, drier, and more powdery on me than Mellonia's secret. I'm not sure if it aged and mellowed out, but it's great. The praline and vanilla add's an extra creaminess to it, but the apricot is stronger in this to keep it juicy.
  19. 0_o Bang! Is like few potent drinks for me. The self effects are crazy and all of my *ahem* inhibitions catapult out of the window. I feel like I could get away with anything. The euphoria I get with this gives me my own good time bubble that I forget to gauge others reactions around me. I'm not sure if they are reacting to my attitude or the pheros themselves. I'm more apt to be engage in conversations with random people and the seem to respond well. I really get a "I'm sexy, and I own the place" feeling. yikes, it's a bit frightening!,
  20. I agree that this is creamy, sweet, and powdery! It's my thing though I'm a fan of the gauzy dusky feeling of these kinds of scents. Then turns into exactly that on me. MMM maybe honey works on me after all.
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