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  1. I'm hoping to get some thoughts related to this topic by reviving this thread! I currently in the market for a job and figuring out a career path. I signed up to go to a startup conference type event to get inspired, learn, and network. I am wondering what phero I should wear to come off as stellar and professionally fit because I am in that search for a job. I like the idea of open windows and pp, but since my main goal is find possible job leads and learn, I feel that open windows might not give me that professional edge. Especially because I am younger and at a professionally insecure spot in my life, I want to be able to project a hireable air. I am also afraid that just using sws is not social enough to ice break. That being said, I wonder what are your thoughts on lfm alone, spiking sws with a sprtiz of topper, cougar, or any other combos?

  2. So I had been very much infatuated with this guy who works at the cafe I go to get my work done. We've enjoyed many small conversations, smiles, and furtive glances, but nothing ever too bold. I have been on a phero detox, and decided to LAM it up next time I decided to go. Nothing really happened, but that couldn't kill the buzz I was getting from LAM. The next day however, he found me on Facebook and sent me a sweet message. Here is a snippet of the message he sent me:



    I feel really sheepish saying this for a lot of reasons, BUT it's something I feel I need to say... I haven't been able to get you off my mind for a while now. Honestly, for a long time. It's crazy, but especially after seeing you the last time here. I haven't felt at a loss for words(like when I saw you last) for a long long time.


    Turns out I phero'd bombed him speechless! XD Oh how I love LAM.

  3. I have a few guy friends, and when out with a group of them, I tend to wear b2. I think it gives me an air of "one of the guys" or "honorary dude." B2 helps multiply my intentions, and still have a good time.


    I agree with what halo said too, but err with caution. Some guys think that "good friendom" is still a chance, and any other person like significant others and potential love interests can be irrelevant. You have to make it clear that there is no romantic chance. My friend's method is to gripe about the a "guy friend problem." It is a casual conversation about how it's hard to have guy friends. How she acts x to friends and y when she wants to express interest, and how the pseudo guy friends who want more don't see or understand it. This explanation of things will help the guy have a clearer idea of what the lines are. Then seal the deal with "glad to have a friend like you." It's worked well for her and for me. It is being clear while still playing safe.There is possibility that he was only interested in dating you, and he may not be around as much after you make it clear.

  4. This is definitely the best phero ever to go shopping . Store clerks appear out of nowhere , just to help you find the perfect outfit :) . I was looking for a dress today , and the sales person was so intent of helping me find something great , for a moment I thought " Wow , that's the nicest sales guy ever " , then I realized - LFM , duh !!! Plus , a few minutes after I applied about 6 sprays ( I know , I know , I have a high tolerance ) I started cleaning up my house before leaving like my life depended on it. After all , someone as fabulous as me can't live in a messy house ;)


    Ahahha It's really quite funny because I work in retail, and I experience the other end of that spectrum! It's a mischievous, but when I wear LFM the ladies seems to bite my sales pitch better than when I don't. We're talking a consistent $200 to $300 extra bucks in sales here. Maybe It helps me up my game, but it never fails for good numbers. I get a little extra mileage on hot days.

  5. I feel like my skin chemistry makes blackberry turn a bit funky on me..like sticky moldy blackberries. Not Mango Tango.This is delightful! I didn't like it at first, but I'm glad I have rediscovered this gem! You know when someone passes by and their scent lingers behind them? This is the overall impression with whispers of mango. I imagine a flirty and carefree tanguerra spun by to leave a billowy trail of sweet nothings. Mango Tango is fruity fresh with soft florals dancing through. I'm so glad to be back to this wonderful olfactory adventureland!

  6. Dang,forgot to say,to any who feel the Almond fades too fast,add a few dabs of Sugared Moondust!!! ,I did when I got home and can still smell it ... delicious! :icecream:


    I love Because the NightQ I just wish that it loved me and stayed longer. Thanks for the suggestion Calii. Sugared Moondust was one of the first LP's I got. I'll have to see if i can fins it again! This is not as cakey as I was expecting. I think the cherry-almond like quality has something to do with it. The only other almond like scent I have is almond musk, which I adore. I'd say it's much more sweeter than almond musk. Because th enight does have a skin musk quality to it, but Because the night doesn't quite land in that zone because of the sugariness.

  7. When I was younger my family and friends of the family would rent out a beach cottage for a yearly summer BQQ. Soaked reminds me of these carefree times, when Summer was the ultimate time of the year. My family would be one of the first arrive and set up the empty beach bungalow. I loved how when I first would walk in how the woody drawers, doors, and cupboards, walls had a hint of a salty mugginess to it. After unloading the car, I would usually help prepare all of the juicy watermelons, mangos, grapes, and pineapple everyone brought by slicing them and putting them in the fridge for when we would start eating. After my chores where done, I'd slather on my suntan oil to catch some rays and waves before coming back in to feast on some insanely good food. Soaked is refreshingly tropical, but still has some of that heavy sweltering tropical heat mixed in. I feel like the seaweed and the sandalwood gave me the impression of the walking into the beach cottage. The seaweed is hardly detectable, but I t feel like it does give soaked a slightly salted nature and mugginess. The florals come off as sweet and fruity to me, probably because of the honey. Lastly, the coconut brings it all together to form an awesome scent memory. Love this.

  8. SS4W is interesting. It makes me feel more mischievous and cheeky. I get good hits from some people, and it rubs others in the wrong way. My SO in the past doesn't respond to this nearly as much as cuddle bunny or LAM. Whereas I went on a brunch date with a guy, and totally got a DIHL looks while wearing Sneaky Clean. He was also a bit more forward than he had up until that point. On the same said brunch date, there was even this young single dad next to us who tried to flirt with me! I wore detective and the dame out one night with my coworkers, and my manager was suddenly my best friend. When I wore sneaky clean while shopping, the woman helping me just seemed oddly put off by me. I know that scents are affected by your time of the month, but can the effect of pheros by skewed cyclically too?

  9. Swee

    (One of my female friends keeps joking about how I'm a hardcore feminist.)

    A few of my guy friends do too! I got in one heated argument about how white male guilt phenomenon is still not on par with the way women are treated. Now I'm a feminist. I think that just how people see strong women.


    On that note, SWS is pure WIN MAGIC for me. I feel like I'm on top of my game and effective when I have it on. Still being young and a part of the entry pool, I feel that SWS help me set myself apart from the rest. My feel more confident about my ideas, and what I say. Throughout my internship, my superiors respected my ideas and input. Now at my job,my higher ups have placed a lot of responsibility on me. I make sure not to go into a meeting without a few swipes on.


    I also have leather too. I feel that I can be a little cutthroat with that on. Not viciously cutthroat, but very "My way or the Highway" People definitely follow suit, but I'm not sure that's the aura I want to project to people I work with or my higher ups. I think it could cause some resentment from people I work with and make my higher ups weary of me. I've gotten a "You're kinda bossy, aren't you?" with leather. I'm a big sister who's basically raised my brother while my parents worked; so, i do have a tendency to be bossy and condescending. Leather really brings that out. That's why SWS is a win. I feel like it's a no questions asked blend. There is no resentment, and SWS really lends itself to team building.

  10. Thanks for everyone's input! I had a tough decision between VK and Bang! I ultimately went with Bang! It's a boost of solid confidence and really brings out all of the things I feel that are my good sides. I usually don't get nervous, but I was for seeing each other again. I felt it mattered to me to actually make a good impression because for two months he only had what he remembered about me to go off. I didn't want to not measure up. Bang makes me feel spontaneous, womanly, free spirited, and BADA$$. I wanted to remind him that about me. Cuddle bunny is more sweet and lovey dovey, which is better for when we're already comfortable with each other I think.


    As for how it went?...Let's just say he was VERY excited to see me at first 0_o Bang! allowed me to be comfortable with myself and is such a mood booster, which helped solidify a good time and paved the way for solid bonding. I will definitely be using VK again though now that that first re-impression is out of the way!

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