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  1. For some reason I get a banana, woodsy, spice, with a hint of incense. I had a friend smell me and he agreed that it smelled like banana on me too! Go figure. Maybe it's the pear and raspberry wood combo? Like pumpkin spice lattes, if you took a strawberry banana smoothie and spice latte-fied it, you would get what it smells like. I'm sure I'm just amping the fruit notes in a weird way.
  2. Ahhh! That's the PE that peaked my interest the most last month AND Art of War was the one that I wanted to see the most for this month! I never have ordered a full bottle unsniffed. I'm too much of a wimp. This news though might be enough for me to just jump in before getting my feet wet!
  3. Disinhibitor? I wonder what self effects Gotcha! will give? Bang was very disinhibiting. I wonder how much it will be with Gotcha!
  4. Sweet! I love November If there are new blends does it mean there will be some that are going to be discontinued? Fuzzy wuzzy looks like it means business.
  5. YAYYYYYY! LA femme noir? Intriguing.... Will there be a trial spray deal going on again??
  6. woot woot witch hazel! i'm not a very prolific poster am i? still madly obsessed with lps though<3 Very suitable find Synergist!
  7. my SO of a year and i had an agreement to stop seeing eachother because of circumstantial events not because relationship suffered. on the contrary, our relationship was extremely blissful. it was excruciating to separate, but now we've decided it just makes sense to be together. the only problem is we haven't seen eachother in two month. so i'm wondering whether i should go clean and goes as "100% myself" or use a little help from pheros and steer our meeting. If i use pheros i'm ad odds to which one i should because it's been so long. so here's what i'm thinking: LAM- always a fun time BAM- good first date phero and for trustings and bondings Velvet Kisses w/ CB- it's worked so well with him in the past before Bang!./Compromising Positions- because let's be honest, it's been awhile Or should i Blam it up? I also thought about a DIY sexology effect with BAM and velvet kisses? thoughts?
  8. Yum! I have a bit of excess shea butter scent on me from my lotion, but Grow a Pear melds with it very nicely. i'm getting a peary skin musk feel. yep! at first it's very juicy. the honey was more prominent than i was expecting, but it is still ALL about the pear. it's so..natural.. for lack of a better term. it's just right. not too sweet. well balanced. i feel like i could very well be a pear because it's so natural. i'm not sure if i'm making sense at all. i apologize if i don't because i am very sleep deprived.
  9. hmm the honey scents that i've tried are celestial body, mellonia's secret, sneaky clean, and glistening buttons which are really honey based. i think the honey on this is not dirty or heavy at all. it's light and clean.
  10. Ahah yep! velvet kisses milkshake :3 Themed nights are fun! We usually are celebrating so happy moment or gripping about something when we get together. So it adds to the fun!
  11. So let's just say.... Granted, my white bikini has a shot of cops in it, so not 100% sure on what a clean bottle smells like. It hugs to the skin in a powdery damp kind of way (if that makes sense). Not all powdery but not quite juicy. It's not a super fluffy whipped cream, but the note is an extra frothy steamed milk you could get a coffee shop with a sheer and sweet yumminess underneath. The honey sweetens the florals just right. I can't really pick out the orchid and honeysuckle separately, but i'd say there's more honeysuckle? It's overall a deliciously sweetened steamed milk with orchid/honeysuckle steam coming off of it. Not overly floral or overly foodie. White bikini turned out to be a perfect balance of both. It also covers the cops amazingly. Cops is more prominent and usually takes a lot longer to dry down on my friend than on me. You couldn't smell the cops on either of us wet. We both absolutely love it! Thank you Mara! I took my bottle out one night and lost it in shuffling things in and out of my car. I was devastated and had to get another one asap because it is too fabulous. Fun sidenote: My friend and I have date nights at this one particular bar where they get crafty with their drinks. We're talkin' fresh muddled fruits, an array of fancy liqueurs, bitters, spirits, and herbs for any concoction imaginable. Every time we go to this bar we have a theme on hand for the bartender there. With a guideline or two, he'll get creative and mix us something according to the theme. As converted LPer's and lovers of White bikini, we chose that as the theme for the night. So white bikini gets it's own delicious drink that i'd though i'd share! Not sure of the exact amounts, but the ingredients are: -Stoli Sticki honey flavoerd vodka -Frangelico Hazelnut -Barenjager honey liqueur -Simple syrup -1/2 Fresh squeezed lemon - egg whites - a dash of currant bitters for color on the eggs whites it was delicious!
  12. Eeeee can't wait to try this! If this will smell like i'm imagining i may have to get autumn wished too eggers.
  13. hrm * furiously lurks archives* eternal chain with lfm! no... synchronicity with topper!
  14. woot. woot! a notice XD i lost my bottle and i;ve been dying for another of it!
  15. doesn't we still can't try? does it?
  16. good plan. i'm starting to learn that too! may i add buy it soon before you miss out? in the past two months i've been scheming and waiting but all that's it;s cost me are bottles of some of my now faves. EEEEE can't for the unveiling!
  17. How much of a long shot is glistening buttons?
  18. After i found out that celestial body turned out to be something that i liked, I had to test this out because of Halo's recommendation I think i like this one more! Celestial body is more sensual, drier, and more powdery on me than Mellonia's secret. I'm not sure if it aged and mellowed out, but it's great. The praline and vanilla add's an extra creaminess to it, but the apricot is stronger in this to keep it juicy.
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