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  1. My mom runs a salon. No matter how lovable, funny, or caring you are, if you work in customer service you will inevitably deal with beezys. I'm thinking about getting some wax melts for her salon or getting her a phero to boost those bad days at the shop. Any suggestions as to the best thing a multi talented cosmetologist should wear? I'm afraid of getting her a perfumed one because I don't want her to be another perfumed hairstylist horror story. She likes to be smelled mile a way when she find somethng she likes. Or maybe wax melts are a good idea? Hair chemicals and frangrance in the air?
  2. Thank you Calii Yeah it did! It was one of the first samples I got, and I didn't expect it to be gone so soon. Nuuuuuu. Makes me worried of all the scents I have yet to try.
  3. Is this GGG? I'm putting together a list of vials and bottles I have but I can't seem to find it's description or anything.
  4. HAHAHH that's great! I found out leaher is 50% EST and 50% dominance today. I lalalooove leather which suits me well, but now i'm considering dominace for when I need the big guns.
  5. Nuuuuuuu. I have to try to be good (you guys make it so hard!) and resist the urge to make an order every week. (Sorry Mara!) I was telling a friend about my fragrance obsession and she let me try a scent with a chocolate in it. I'm kicking myself now for not adding more variety in my last order. Glistening Buttons has made it's way to the top of the list for the next one, maybe dream lover too...
  6. That's good to hear! I can rest a little easier now. I get paranoid about smelling funky. I can never really tell and my nose isn't as spot on as I'd like. Today I was wearing LAM before I went for a smoothie with an ex, hence the review. When we got to jamba juice he said something smelled funny in there. 0_o couldn't help but wonder if it was the cops.
  7. Like a Magnet seemes to be well loved and tried and true, with good reason. i have a bottle of the orchid rose, and i'm keeping my eye on the those dwindling remaining bottles. wet is a slightly rancid rose, but i can't really smell the cops after ten minutes or so. maybe it's my nose but the cops disappear after twenty. can you still smell the cops after drydown? or is that what lam is supposed to be? for me the rose and orchid are playing with each other very well. neither note is cloying for attention. they're just bff's dancing on my skin. when i close my eyes and sniff, i think of a flower petaled white silk sheets in the midafternoon kinda feel. i've worn it out a few times. i'm still looking for my sweet spot, but i have yet to have a dull or lackluster time when i wear it.
  8. Snagged myself vial of this. I'm almost TOO afraid to try this baby out after reading all of your reviews! Let's face it though, I'm more curious than I am afraid to pass it up!
  9. My first order: A Bottle of Leather Sample of Catie Scarlett's Bewitched and Beguiled Sample of Flourite and I got a bottle of the Like a Magnet orchid rose via the sale which i la-la-love <3 ... yup i'm pretty much guilty of that right now...plotting is the PREFECT word for it!
  10. Thanks everyone for welcoming me. You ladies are suhweeet I don't know how you do it. I m pretty much lusting after everything
  11. can i just say how much i love how harry potter laden lpmp is? or how lpmp makes me think of being "le pimp?" 'tis lovely.
  12. This is my first venture into cops and oil perfumes in general:) The cops weren't too bad too handle. Then again after much message board stalking I prepared myself for the worst! I'm not quite sure what is going on with my nose, body chemsitry, this scent, and I was having a hard time picking out the scents. I am a newbie after all... what attracted me was the idea of roses, bergamot, and honeysuckle. I love roses, earl grey tea, and a honeysuckle jasmine victoria secret scent. I daubed a bit on my wrists at 10 am today and was still getting a lingering scent by 11 pm. I just put on another daub to refresh the scent. The first few hours I got a kind of stuffy feeling, like a head cold, or a perfume induced fever. Is that the pheromones, cops, or just the strength of the perfume oils? I've tired leather here and there and didn't feel stuffy at all. I was thinking maybe that it was the amber? Does it give fragrances a heavier scent? From what I understand of perfumes, there is a top scent, middle, and base. So would the bergamot be a top scent, Honeysuckle/Rose as the middle, and amber the base? By the end of the day, there was a heavier scent and a sticky scent. I want to say my body chemistry absorbed the bergamot and rose to leave the honeysuckle and amber? What i wasn't sure about the sticky smell, if it was the honeysuckle or the cops because it is kinda pungent and funky. Can you still smells cops after it dries down? I am leaning towards the honeysuckle because I am familiar with it the the victoria secret scent secret charm. Maybe the essential oil of honeysuckle is more pungent than a dilluted mass marketed item? Also it wasn't cheesy, just really sharp and distinct. Then again, I'm a baby at this so it could be the cops still. If you could shed some light on this mystical and magical wold of scents I would be so grateful! A few side notes: -I watched Perfume based on a suggestion by a friend, and I was just starting getting interested in LP. It's definitely a twisted movie, but it furthered my interest in the LP. I know I'm going to be hooked. I'm already thinking of crafting the perfect signature scent for me. My poor poor bank account *sigh* -I tried it out in hopes of seeing a certain someone today. I ran into an acquaintance I haven't seen in a while instead, and I gave him a hug. He saw me and couldn't stop guffawing and giggling for a good minute as I hugged him. I'm pretty sure it was the pheromones. Teehee. So silly!
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