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  1. Ladies , Hope you are all well... I need some help re the above,my current love has trust issues and i'm slowly bonding with him and getting closer. I think it would help if I could increase his trust in me, one way is to act congruently which i do as this is very much a strong belief/value i have. Just wondering how pheromones may help?. I currently have in my arsenal Cuddle Bunny 2009 and Heart and Soul. What others would you recommend. LOL
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried true confessions ? is it better in Oil form or Spray. LOL
  3. Hope there's one that will absolutely cause my main squeeze fall to his knees and submit to my wicked intentions!!!
  4. Hi Guys, What great posts! I have added H&S to my list and like its effects. I liked to know what is the best way to wear this , as most of pheromones are in spray form. Can you OD this formulation. LOL
  5. Hi Indigo, What would you suggest? he doesn't like Alpha Female types?...
  6. Thanks everyone, well I saw him today and I'm not sure of what to make about the hits. I used Heart &Soul , 2 strips behind my neck and 1 on my chest. Also wore Perfume Spring Equinix 2009 as a cover Firstly he greeted me first as he does , then looked very sad. When we started talking he held my gaze more intently than usual and then went red in the face(blushed) which he has never done before. Unfortunately he had to take a training class today so we couldn't spend as much time . Will be seeing him again on Saturday when we will spend more time together.... Also I was more open with him as well, which I wasn't expecting and I seem to know was going to happen next wierd...
  7. No I have not. I love the effects Cuddle Bunny. What does OTOH mean?
  8. Hi Ladies, Hope you are all well. I am meeting my beau after a few weeks apart and want to know if i can wear cuddle bunny scented with Heart & Soul unscented together. LOL Joan
  9. Thanks Guys for your warm welcome. Where in the forum can I find information about how to use the pheromones effectively from love potion.
  10. Ladies, I must shout this from the roof tops!! I ordered Cuddle Bunny 2009 and Heart & Soul. From Ordering to delivery to me in the UK took less than 2 weeks ! Great Service... As for the products I love Cuddle Bunny , the self effects were amazing . I just wanted to cuddle up to my main squeeze and do some lusty things !. The scent is great and I had to add some more to my wrists before I went to bed just to smell it again. The free gifts were also wonderful to smell-spring and summer equinox 2009 . Off to try Heart& Soul , going to layer it with one of my free gifts.. BTW I have one question to ask , do the perfumes have magical qualities?
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