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  1. weird, unGotcha smells like absolutely nothing to me. suddenly concerned i've been stinking up the place and had no idea....D= edit: I should note that most pheros smell like nothing to me (obviously not cops - though I don't find them as offensive as some make them out to be). never did even when i first starting using them, so it's not that i'm used to them. i do get self-effects though, i just don't sense any scent to them...
  2. As a petite female (5'1" if I stand up tall enough ) I can definitely attest to being intimidated by tall women. Moreso than tall men, actually. Most tall women come off as alpha to me from the get go unless they are very, very strongly not so. Oddly enough, all of my closest female friends are 5'8"+ except one (who is my height). My best friend is 5'8" and loves 5 inch heels, I don't really wear more than a couple inches - the first impressions people get of us is hilarious, because without fail she is always taken to be older & more alpha and she is neither of those things, haha.
  3. maybe silly question but... are we allowed to order a newbie collection even if we've been here for awhile? if not i totally understand why but i love the idea of the trial size grab bag type option - i don't care so much about the option where the customer gets to pick 10 but i would love a "Pick them for me!" mystery sampler because it forces me out of my comfort zone to discover things i might not have ever ordered otherwise!
  4. yes!! i always ALWAYS forget this and it isn't until days later that i figure out why the alcohol went to my brain so quickly interestingly, i find alcohol seems to wear off much faster with mones as well. it just hits me like a train but takes off just as fast. i've heard this is an actual side effect before (at least the tolerance reduction part), but what's the actual scientific explanation? i think i've read it before but can't find it now and my curiousity is piqued.
  5. thanks for putting this up Mara - it is sooooo helpful, i am bookmarking it for sure!
  6. the main reason i started taking it was to have my period only every 3 months (it's lo-seasonique). i don't get laid enough at this point in time for that even to really be a reason to take BC though i do have my hopes that that will change (hi, BI, are you listening?? HELP ME). when i stopped taking it for about 8 months it was because i was uninsured and couldn't really afford it between the gyno visits and the pills themselves - $$$$$!!! i found that there were a host of both positive and negative differences not being on it, but ultimately decided the negatives outweighed the positives once i got insurance again. i did switch from seasonale to lo-seasonique - which is notably different though not quite in the ways i interpreted, but i suppose that's a novel for another time.
  7. odd thing I have noticed with BI (and other pheros, but BI was the one that made me realize it): it works SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY for me when i am on birth control. i wasn't on the pill when i posted my last review, when it worked so well, but now that i am back on it it's a very tricky balance to get just the right amount. the line between too little & too much is *so thin* - when i do get it right it's still magic, but it's sooo hard to get in that little space of 'right'! recently i wore a shitload of a scent boosted with BI - and i mean shitload - to a party in a loft where it was about 105 inside all night [diffusion city] and i couldn't make it through the room without people (both genders) stopping me to tell me how good i looked, how awesome my hair was, how cool my shoes were, you name it...although bizarrely the bartender HATED me, yet no one else seemed to get weird effects. but i haven't been able to quite get back to that perfect dosage again. sigh in the more general sense, i feel like i have a much harder time with all pheros when i am on BC. many seem less effective, and when i do get stellar hits, they are always consistent for that one phero-wearing session but again, hard to get that exact dosage right again. has anyone else experienced this? i would expect things enhanced by cops to function a little differently for obvious reasons, but even the purely social ones seem different. hmm.
  8. I always get it allllll over my clothes and hair - i'm a wild one with the spray pumps - and i've definitely never gotten eau de cops. i always forget this has them!! however, i always seem to get scents with cops all up in my clothes/hair and never really get funk unless i get funk on the skin when wet - a lot i don't - so maybe it's just my nose (yikes). there are some scents though (cops aside), that i swear never come out of my clothes if the oil so much as thinks about touching the fabric - especially the chocolatey or honey ones - could be worse since they still smell *good*, but i can always tell what LP i was wearing last time i wore that! oop, i just saw this, but the response i just posted works perfect for this too!!
  9. well here i am 5 years late with the verdict, lol! i do like it a lot, i get sugary fluffy and not much lavender, but it does have a "purple" vibe... but maybe that's the power of suggestion LAM doesn't do anything for me and never has in anything i've gotten with it. that's ok, i wear it with some un-PP and they are wonderfully congruent. the scent does stick around a long time on me - quite a feat - i've taken to spraying a lot on my hair and it seems a nice cloud around me i'm not 100% in love, but i do like it a lot. i might order another sample - i think the phero doing nothing for me is what tips me away from a full bottle :\
  10. ha! i'm glad everyone is still cheering for it! i had actually already ordered it when i posted that, so my anticipation was (is) at an all time high, now i not-so-patiently await mr. mailman...
  11. so stoked i came by this - i was just talking with one of my friends the other day about mosquitos, and how i've never noticed them ever, really. i always thought it was because i grew up in a desert so i just didn't encounter them, but she said she thought some people were inclined to be more liked by mosquitos - her and her boyfriend have always been mosquito magnets, but they always left one of her sisters alone! i guess her theory is true, i had no idea!!
  12. NOOOOOoooo these reviews are scaring me - keeping my fingers crossed this doesn't happen to me...i am SO EXCITED to try it
  13. indeed.... i can barely get a toe into this forum without getting the store open in another tab ready to load up another cartload oooooops i'm sooooo excited to try this now... mail, appear here now please...!
  14. i LOVE lachrymosa... sang it a couple years in choir in high school & somehow still remember parts of it today... the melody still rings in my head when i think about it. where do i find me one of those?!
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