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  1. yes!! i always ALWAYS forget this and it isn't until days later that i figure out why the alcohol went to my brain so quickly interestingly, i find alcohol seems to wear off much faster with mones as well. it just hits me like a train but takes off just as fast. i've heard this is an actual side effect before (at least the tolerance reduction part), but what's the actual scientific explanation? i think i've read it before but can't find it now and my curiousity is piqued.
  2. thanks for putting this up Mara - it is sooooo helpful, i am bookmarking it for sure!
  3. the main reason i started taking it was to have my period only every 3 months (it's lo-seasonique). i don't get laid enough at this point in time for that even to really be a reason to take BC though i do have my hopes that that will change (hi, BI, are you listening?? HELP ME). when i stopped taking it for about 8 months it was because i was uninsured and couldn't really afford it between the gyno visits and the pills themselves - $$$$$!!! i found that there were a host of both positive and negative differences not being on it, but ultimately decided the negatives outweighed the positives o
  4. odd thing I have noticed with BI (and other pheros, but BI was the one that made me realize it): it works SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY for me when i am on birth control. i wasn't on the pill when i posted my last review, when it worked so well, but now that i am back on it it's a very tricky balance to get just the right amount. the line between too little & too much is *so thin* - when i do get it right it's still magic, but it's sooo hard to get in that little space of 'right'! recently i wore a shitload of a scent boosted with BI - and i mean shitload - to a party in a loft where it was abou
  5. so stoked i came by this - i was just talking with one of my friends the other day about mosquitos, and how i've never noticed them ever, really. i always thought it was because i grew up in a desert so i just didn't encounter them, but she said she thought some people were inclined to be more liked by mosquitos - her and her boyfriend have always been mosquito magnets, but they always left one of her sisters alone! i guess her theory is true, i had no idea!!
  6. i LOVE lachrymosa... sang it a couple years in choir in high school & somehow still remember parts of it today... the melody still rings in my head when i think about it. where do i find me one of those?!
  7. i spilled my vial everywhere after about 3 uses BUT i love love loveddddd this one. sooooo creamy without being full on dessert in your face, if that makes sense. and the phero- had to hang out with my boss's son for a bit and he seemed sooo happy to be around me even though i am super awkward with kids, not good with them at all - ding ding ding winner! now if only, something to make me less of a klutz...
  8. OMG. i was wearing un-PP yesterday wandering around downtown in a beach town. sooo many hits - but most notable - two women in their mid-40s walked past me, stopped, did a triple-take, and one of them goes "oh my god... you look like... who is it?? oh my god nicole kidman in practical magic!!!" :lol: i so do not, but i'll take it!
  9. I wore Road Opener with SWS the other day and had the same results - aggressive "getting shit done" mode. Might have been a little harsher than usual with my coworkers but in the end nobody seemed to mind at all. I can't sing the praises of SWS enough - the self-effects are on point consistently (somehow not wearing off?!) and my boss LOVES it. I can really tell because he is not in the office that much, out of town maybe 20% of the time and when he is in town only comes in 5-6 hours a day, and when he is telling me to do things or checking in via phone he can at times yell or get impat
  10. make sure the everclear is 100% alcohol though, as in some states everclear is legal but only in a 70% (i think it's 70... thereabouts) alcohol form
  11. YES! I tried this the day I got it (Friday?) & it was a resin-y civit craziness from 5 minutes until it finally wore away Retried today - it's sooooo sweet and honey-ful & just a little tiny hit of sex there in the background. OMG, I hope this is how it is on me most days out of the month - it's so tasty smelling, in a totally un-food way. I agree with Luna's statement about it being like a more direct Closer - I think this is what I wanted Closer to smell like (Closer was a pear party on me).
  12. WHOA, that explains things! i wore this last time I was hanging out with a guy I liked, and though we had fun I got the weird sense he didn't really want to see me again after that - he did email me the next day and comment on a few things on my Facebook, but hasn't really initiated any hangouts. I guess this is probably the answer. Oh well
  13. Eggers & Halo, joining the middle of the road club with you.... sigh. it's like I'm too aggressive to be 'beta' but I'm not aggressive enough to be dominant. Confuses the hell out of me & everyone else I think too It doesn't help that I am very into beta-type males but also seem to be very good at putting myself in the friend zone with them! (Alpha guys make me very standoffish... I embody this when it comes to them) I keep meaning to give Leather a try - Dominance worked really well to nudge me over that line to dominant so I'm very curious to see what effect Leather would have
  14. I too am curious about the pheros in the lotion... I would love a Darling Clementine lotion but half of the wonder of DC to me is PP & how perfectly balanced it is in there! Anyone?
  15. OMG. i got an un-trial size of this and.... omg. wore it out the first time when i was hanging out with a dude i have been lusting after for a couple months now, who has always seemed "into me" but never made a move. 3 sprays from the trial vial before i left my house (and one added near the end of the night), covered with an unlabeled sample i found in my drawer ..... i am bruised in places i didn't know i could bruise in
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