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  1. Thanks,Stacy! They are old enough... mid -40s, and had responded well to Portmanteau, which had perfect match in it, so I thought gotcha was along the same lines. And it was way past a first date I guess I'm confused about gotcha...i thought it was like a meld of perfect match and bang to use an example of two I know and that have worked well for me. Am I on the wrong track with what I expect from it? Thank you everyone for your replies!
  2. Thanks! This helps. Giving space and hoping he'll come back. And next time I won't wear this! Lol
  3. I'm so confused. I've used this twice with guys who were really into me prior, hoping to "seal" the connection. Both times, they pulled away after encountering me wearing this. They were great after I wore cougar artoons them. Great after portmanteau...i don't get it. Both guys, right after my whichever with them wearing this became distant and unsure. Any thoughts?
  4. Actually, after a few hours it mellowed nicely into a great floral ?
  5. What could I be amping in this that is giving me a "bug spray" type scent? I want to love this. Possibly will try it at a different TOM, think I'm a bit PMS-y and maybe that is causing it? I can't see anything in it that would cause me to perceive it like that...
  6. I searched and didn't find anything on this, so...does anyone have any experience or opinion on whether the pheros/blends are less effective or are effective on someone who smokes? Because their sense of smell is blunted in general...just wonder if the pheros are picked up at a different level than just the "scent" or if one would need to use more, etc. Thoughts, opinions, experiences? Thanks
  7. Thanks, ladies...you are the best. I think I'll wait until closer to the time to leave and go with my gut...probably the Port, but still not positive. I'll let y'all know how it goes!
  8. Okay, going to class reunion tomorrow, where I will see the guy I was dating and was crazy about, but we decided to back off and be friends for now because I thought he needed to date more after his divorce and told him to go rebound with someone else then come back and find me. So he is. But I still want him to see me and remember he wants to come back to me, lol. :-) So...do I wear portmanteau which he loved the smell of, with a dose of cops for good measure (scent memory from our past dating). Or, do I go with my Goddess of the blue Moon. (which I adore). Thoughts, advice, opinions? Thanks
  9. That's IT! Thanks so much! How do you do this? Go to the pheromone section to order?
  10. Okay, I know I have seen this somewhere, but have searched and searched the forums and cannot find it now. People were talking about a "super cougar" or something, which was Cougar boosted with ?? (thinking stone cougar?) That is the part I am not knowing. Thanks for any help!
  11. As far as sprays go, are those the instructions for making the sprays for the hair that I have read about somewhere on here? Wouldn't the alcohol be drying to the hair? Thanks, ladies!
  12. Love the smell of this...was afraid it would be too masculine for me, because things like the unisex scents from Calvin Kline, etc. I am not crazy about, but this mellows beautifully on my skin. As far as pheromone effects, SO was very attentive, more cuddly than overtly "I want you now" like he is from other pheros. However, I found myself MUCH more emotional and teary. Like everything was bringing tears to my eyes. This is not normal for me. Anyone else have this experience??
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