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  1. Oooo! Oooo! Received my lovely package. Full of wonderful smellies. Can't wait to take it home and play!
  2. Ordered samples of Unseelie, Mistress of Fate and Demimondaine. Unfortunately no more samples Torrid Sorcery left.
  3. My fur ball does not care what I'm wearing. She did fall in love with my jeans one time. I had been around 2 horses. Mucking stalls, petting and feeding them. Maybe she was a mare in her last life.
  4. Goodbye Mrs. Kravitz......Hello Witch Hazel.
  5. Welcome!!!! Enjoy the camaraderie and the smellies!!!
  6. Elizabeth....This sounds incredible!!!! Your description is fantastic. So sexy. Love the duckling part. Missing ingrediant for me..... is the man I could put this on. Wonder if NJ got a sample. Would be interesting to hear his review.
  7. Thanks for ALL the wonderful ideas!!! Definitely leaning toward Closer. Yes, I promise to make a report and I will be bringing the camera. Two more weeks!! I'm sooo excited!!! @tyvey...I must say I do like what you said about Closer. @JOC...definitely doing Flying Potion in the hair. Never thought of that. @Synergist...Unfortunately I don't have those.
  8. HELP with scents needed!!! This is my first time going to the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade. I'll be attending by myself. My costume (gothy/voodoo) has black flat top fedora hat (black feathers on it), black and red shredded looking skirt, black & red leather corset, fishnet stockings and fishnet fingerless gloves, lace up granny ankle boots. Here's what I have to work with. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! Have at it peeps!! Thank you...Thank you!!! Beyond the Veil, Soiled Dove, OCCO SLF, Elixir of Silver, Message in a Bottle, Portmanteau, Closer, Poetry & Grace, Treasure of Copper & Sapphire, Time of Your Life, Bang, Flying Potion, Bang...forgot this one Extracurricular Proclivities
  9. I LOVE Closer!!!! I've received many a compliment when wearing this scent from male and female.
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