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  1. Why thank you Halo and ElizabethSOP. I couldn't resist.
  2. Arianna

    Hi all

    Welcome Meng. We do have a bit of fun here. I would say the gents here enjoy our female humor, etc. Oh, and the most lovely smellies!!!
  3. Arianna


    Welcome & enjoy!!
  4. Arianna

    Hi Folks! :)

    Hello Barbar!! WELCOME!!!
  5. You rock that suit! Love the color too!
  6. Of course we are! >LV I think that's a fair price!
  7. Interesting!! I'm sure we are getting our own visuals.
  8. Orgasms!!!! 7 years good luck for both me thinks.
  9. The labels are down right Katty. I love them!!! They all sound so wonderful, but my budget tells me, "not all of them my dear." Now....what to choose???
  10. Think I'll wear this to work tomorrow and layer it with......I don't know what yet. Hey, it'll be Friday! I like your thought Invi...Maybe I will dance on the desk with a plastic rose in my teeth. Oh wait, not a good idea.....glass top on desk. But what a great way to start out the weekend.
  11. I found this out. I didn't let it meld thoroughly and my cleavage area of my shirt....smelled...well you know. Note to self...wait 30 min before dressing. I've layered it with Beyond the Veil and received great response.
  12. Received my little package this week of OCCO SLF. After all these reviews I can't wait to try it.
  13. I love this one. Definetly "incensy". Later in the day and into the next morning I loved the lingering scent. I wore it to work. The guys in my office actually slowed down as they passed my office door. One of them came into my office to drop off paperwork 3 times. I usually see him once every couple weeks. Hmmm. My boss stopped in the hallway and asked what that lovely scent was. I proudly announced, "It's me!" Let her smell my wrist and she said, "yummy." One of the guys in particular, kept up quite the chat with me, which was very unusual.
  14. Ordered a sample of Sapphires and Copper. Can't wait to receive.
  15. OMG!!! Have to have Treasure of Sapphires (my favorite stone) and Treasure of Copper (A favorite color). Love the descriptions of both. LPMP gang rocks!!
  16. Happy!! Happy!! Joy!! Joy!!! Received my lovely little package TODAY!!!!!! Mara is the BEST!!
  17. Odered Bang! and Beyond the Veil....Just moments ago received an email that they're being shipped!!!
  18. Naughty Jester, you are more than kind and gracious. Thank you! ElizabethOSP....I enjoy both scents separately too. I wore the combo again today at a toy drive for Christmas. Now mind you, I knew the people there. Well.....shall I say the men of the group gave more lingering hugs and smooches....and I received quite a few of "Oh, you smell really good!" or "Wow, you smell great!" Even a couple of the gals complemented me on my scent. Definitely will have to remember this combo.
  19. I was at a concert on 12/8....As I'm writing this I'd like to mention nothing like this has happened before...Minding my own beeswax. It seemed I was attracting the late 20's early 30's something males. Dancing in the aisles with the young pups. Hey, they asked me. Did I mention they were sober? I went back to restaurant after the concert to have a cocktail and three young lads came and stood next to me at the bar. Next thing I know we're making all kinds of conversation. Well the trio left after a bit and went outside. Awhile later I went to catch some fresh air, and lo and behold the same trio came up to me. One of them wanted to become quite friendly....shall I say. It was all I could do not to say, "I could be your mother." lol!!! Needless to say it was quite the ego boost, but I believe I do owe it to the combo I was wearing. Ladies, on the other hand, I came across were very chatty with me.
  20. Thank you, thank you Mara! Received my package Monday. Another thank you for the extra goodies!! Early Christmas for me!!
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