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  1. Going along with the Christmas theme: Jingle Bell Cock Here Cums Santa Claus Deck the Balls Thrust ye Merry Gentelmen
  2. Tried this combo the other day for shits & giggles. Loved the scent it created. I'm not eloquent like the rest of you in describing it. I just loved it. Quite strong right after application. 10 minutes later it mellowed. Went out shopping and I was getting all kinds of attention from shoppers. They, male and female both, kept walking by me more than once. Sharing a smile and a nod. One gentleman followed me around this particular store and kept smiling away. The store clerks were more attentive than usual. I blamed it on the holiday shopping, but no. I was the only one they repeatedly came up to asking if I needed assistance and two at a time in one shop. Interesting!!
  3. On me...the sandlewood hit first...then the vanilla and cinnamon. The rest just all blended together in a marvelous way. Kept smelling my wrist throughout the day and it just got better. Definitely will put a dab or two more on the next time. I loved this it! Exotic...yes! Sensual...yes! Sexy...Sexy!!
  4. Excited.....Excited!!!!!! Received my lovely little package today. Packed with care...nothing broken. Can't wait to go home and play!!
  5. Whole hog!!! Why not? I just couldn't decide. So many lovely choices. Here they are: Beyond the Veil, LPAutumn 2011, Flying Potion 2011, Poetry & Grace, Closer, Message in a Bottle and last but not least Time of Your Life. Think I'm being over zealous?
  6. Ohhh!!! Just place my first order today. I await with baited breath to receive the new smell goods. I'm excited to say the least!
  7. Arianna


    Hi all a newbie here. So far I've found the topics interesting and helpful. The descriptions of the scents are fabulous. I'm also new to the pheros. Any other guidance will be welcome.
  8. I've only been lucky enough to enjoy Legend and Thrill of the Chase.
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