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  1. Phero girl – 2 Smallish dabs in both wrists and rubbed together. Cb – 5 small strips back of left hand and rubbed with right RTM – on back of thumb with intent Love drawing – on back of hand with intent I met my friend in evening today. He picked me and we had a discussion about who will get food. He did not get it. We kept on talking uselessly for 45 mins and then I left. He was asking me for long time to do the massage fro him. I rubbed his shoulders for sometime which was soothing for him. I kept on refusing to his request for my valid reasons. Told him later on phone that having my food which I wanted to have with him. He said sorry for not getting it. No special cuddly response toady.
  2. Leather – 3 sprays in neck. I was feeling normal not so stern or strong neither feminine nor weak. I had just the everyday normal feeling. My co-workers were behaving well with me and they all were telling stories of yesterday when some people came in our department. Just then our old co-worker came and he told us jokes after jokes and we had jokes riot happening in the department. It was good fun. Sometimes I don’t get the effects from mones, just like today. Maybe spryer didn’ t work properly today and I had little on me. Or I just don’t respond to them sometimes???
  3. SWS – 3 in both back of hands Road Opener – smallish in left back of hands and heart Return To Me – smallish in right back of hand and heart I had a very stern feeling in the morning after the application of the spray. For sometime I was feeling aggressive also. I was feeling the need of the doing some prompt action. For the needs I went to one particular department in my office and spoke to people there. Normally I don’t intiate such actions from my side as I am not supposed to do so. But today I felt there is no harm in going and talking there. Later I realised that it was good and I got some info by going there. It was Road opener or SWS, but it worked really well for me
  4. Aud 2 in chest Ss 6 horizontal strips in neck and 2 in half circle under jaw. I was feeling good and confident. Got compliments from people for looking good. someone asked how much time I spent each day for getting ready. I was upbeat. I was so strong in my convo on the phone with my friend. He has a tendency to dominate me most of the times. But today I had my ways of dealing with him. I picked calls when I wanted and avoided when I did not want. Normally he keeps calling and calling continuously till I pick, but today I just switched off my phone when he made me continous calls. That was being very courageous of me. Thanks to Aud… Later in the day I messaged back and politely apologised. I think that was the true nature of being alpha and social..
  5. Aud 2 in chest SS 3 swips in l arm I had the same stern feeling but no more effects on others. I was not talking to one of my jr for doing bad things. She did not had the courage to come and talk to me or say her apologies. They had the feeling that I am in the strong mood so no one forced me to talk to her either. I observed that I did not have the sleepiness today. Possibly because after early lunch we went out of office for some work. So I was not sitting in the office on chair. While body is in motion that sleepiness doesn’t come. Or I have become accustomed/ immune to the sleepiness.
  6. SS4W – I have this oil based which diffuses slow, so had effects later after application. I got ready for work but felt that , I don’t want to go office. I waited for my mood to get better so in meantime I transferred the SS from roll on to 1 small sample bottle of perfume I got from S Stop. It spilled a bit on table which I wiped and put on my belly then. I sprayed 4 sprays from vial on my neck sides, 1 spray on wrist and 1 on back of hand and rubbed both together. I had mood uplifted may cos of this or just cos of anything but I felt good. I came to office and did some organizing work on my note book which I was thinking for long. Overall a good effect noticed only today. I want to refresh it and see if it does anything further after lunch time.
  7. Lace 4 sprays in chest, belly neck. I felt nothing on myself, no self effects, but female seems to be soft around me. Felt giddiness in afternoon and a lot of headache, kind of migrane, so I came back home early and rested. I saw no other hit today… or that was itself a hit that i felt so delicate to come home n put myself at rest...???
  8. Treasured Hearts – in cauor de lamour Wore it today and I had to be there for moms surgery. Though it is very minor one and I will be sitting for long time with my bro, so thought of this mix. I had good time talking to bro , he did not pick me up much. But in fact kept talking about mom. I was king of sleepy also. So came home and slept after lunch. My bro was easy and did not pick me for anything at all. It is a must now around him….. very effective to shut him with his dominance. I had very calm time, which is rare with him.
  9. H&S unscented - 3 verticle strips in neck, 2 V shape strips in neck under chin, 2 strips in left hand rubbed with wrist, 2 strips in r hand rubbed with wrist. No self effects. I am waiting for the effects on others but not noticed any so far. I am in a self cantered mood. I am not talking to any girl and I don’t know I am avoiding eye contact also with girls. I want to be in myself. I have wished one of my friends her bday and nicely took her address as well, as if I am going to send her something. Was feeling emotional and connected to her. I am just wanting to be alone and self dependent mood. I am planning of future business ventures. I am not in mood to talk to anyone & want to be left alone. I am just not interested in interactions. Is it due to where I am in cycle or is it OD effect. I will try putting on some fragrance to sooth my mood. Is it H& S made me so sensitive or it is just my mood.?? Need advice on this.;
  10. Treasured heart - 3 strips in arms Met 2 girls in office. They were happy to see me in office after so long time. We discussed the possibility of going out but then cancelled when one of our senior arrived. He was smiling seeing us together. These girls told me that they feel so good and comfortable with me or when I am around in office. Later after lunch applied 3 strips again in left arm with purple pitch. Had meeting with my boss. He mentioned that he don’t want to do anything for one of team mate as he is pissed off with him now. He did too much for this person and he still is not balanced then nothing can be done. He told me that the conversation he had with that guy. He also suggested to me to stop working for him and his team. That was a heart to heart talk which he rarely does. He was in my favour and not at all picked on me. Fragrence wise i always get spicy herbal and my skin amps up the spices more..... it stays clearly on my skin till next morning...
  11. Leather 2 sprays in chest I was walking with confidence in office. My jrs asked me if I am in angry mood. When I said no they said ok may be you are just tired. I asked about work & then all left for their work. Leather makes me look like I am angry or aggressive though I don’t feel the aggressive self effect. What I feel is strong and stern. Someone whome no one can budge from my own stand.
  12. 10am Leather 2 sprays in chest I was walking with confidence in office. My jrs asked me if I am in angry mood. When I said no they said ok may be you are just tired. I asked about work & then all left for their work. Leather makes me look like I am angry or aggressive though I don’t feel the aggressive self effect. What I feel is strong and stern. Someone whome no one can budge from my own stand. 12pm Later Added Coeur de lamour (treasured hearts) 3 strips in left arm Got a call from bro to visit them home. I went with this application. Strange and funny my bro told me that I am looking starnge. He said my make up n the colour is making me look like that. But in fact he was reacting to leather, which might have triggered his mind to those thoughts. There were lot of discussion in which they could have easily picked on me but now my bro in fact has shown kind of sympathy towards me. Not even his wife or my mom picked on me. This is for the first time that they all were sitting together chatting about volatile family matters and I did not have sparks on me nor any burn’s so. Great, this stuff is great.
  13. Perfect match – 4 drags in arm N rubbed together. Cuddle bunny – 6 big drags on stomach Lace – 4 spray in stomach Return to me – 1 dab on heart. 4 draws in arm.( later) Love drawing – 1 dab on heart. Me and my friend had a good time of reconciliation. I said sorry on some conflict we had iin the day and mentioned its just for him. So he was ok. He said now he is feeling fine with me but during day I was giving very negative feeling. I have to note it that I had not much mones left on me by that time may be. So keep in mind that he responds to mones well. ok then, we had good bear hug and I told to forget all bad stuff. He was fine n smiling most of the time. He even took a small peck from me very willingly but refused to give, smilingly. Very wicked. We agreed not pick on each other. We left on a good note.
  14. SS – 3, 2 inch draws in left elbow in morning+3 at 10 am. ( i have it in oil) Self effects- immediately I felt happy. One of my coworker complimented me for being so nice now a days… He told me he used to dislike me, but now he likes me, that I am a changed person. He feels warm and felt like talking to me. He said there is some supreme power that is supporting you these days. He blessed me many times, for being so powerful. he was kind of awestruck with me.Is it this blend working or am i just getting it from myself. Need to do more testing.
  15. Cb scented – I had applied this blend when my friend came to see me. We had a fight day before in the evening. But when he came , he was very preoccupied & tensed. I spoke & within minutes he was all giggly. Suddenly in the middle of the convo I got a call, I attended it. When I was busy talking he playfully started touching & tickling me, not letting me talk and wanted my attention and asking me to keep the phone. He started pulling my blouse. He even said that he will attack me ( ) if I dress up like this. Oh he was so touchy feely with me. In 20 25 mins we were laughing lovingly. All the tension & bad feelings over fight were gone. We had a good time. And when he left I got a good hug from him.
  16. Cougar – I applied smallish 10 drops from vial tester tip only. It looks not enough so I started spilling drops from the vial & oops after 2 careful drops , I spilled a good amount on my elbow. I quickly managed it by rubbing it, with other wrist on my other fore arm. It was still too much. So I rubbed my whole arm & then rubbed my both arms on my stomach. I think that made either enough or too much of application. I applied in morning & left for the office waiting to see hits. I had many compliments today on my looks. I can share that credit to my hairdo also. Once in years I did my hair up. But that too probably can be a hit of self affects, as I felt comfortable with this do. I always always wear my hair open. Can’t tolerate them tied up, for they give me headaches. So may be people noticed it, complimented me. But to be honest as I said, I found myself looking good too & was comfortable with the way I looked. So credit can be given to COUGAR. Another thing which I noticed is , I was very firm & stern. & speaking my mind & being confident. It was kind of alpha but not truly. There was some difference then being alpha & was kind of self content, & knew who I am. It was a Strange kind of confidence, attitude, & I don’t care feeling. I had some strange sensuous feeling & was daydreaming about my guy at work. Oops, not in a romantic way but I a little towards sensuous & sexy way. Actually I was dreaming about smooching him in passionate way… oh so very hot to handle….. Is this blend going to make people affected in that way… are they going to have similar kind of thoughts or feelings…. Mmmmm oh so good for the target. If this is what this blend will do to others then its really good… I have this in grapefruit fragrance, which was overwhelming for me, but I think I am starting to like it somehow. It is sparkly for sure. I observed that it stayed very strongly in the room I was sitting in the office all day long. Whenever I went out & came back, I could smell my fragrance in the room. The fragrance as it is very refreshing. So as a whole I say thumbs up to this blend. It is kind of working for me.. I think I am liking the way I am feeling with this blend on. PS - So now in evening when I saw my vial, it is almost half. So in two testing’s I have used half vial. This is just for the understanding of the amount I applied. Do suggest about the quantity of the blend.
  17. H2H – 3 sprays, 2 in neck and 1 in cleavage. this is Un version in 100% alcohal I applied around 9 am. I had to leave for work and in sometime I felt I was feeling very emotional, sort of ready to cry if touched on anything. I also felt very understanding. It was a strange feeling for me. I had to leave my chic at neighbor’s house. Though I was kind of angry in morning on her for missing the bus, but now I was feeling kind of ok with it. Strange thoughts.( that what else she can do in such situation where she is only with me, she will find ways out to be with others and find her comfort zone). On the drive to work I was cranky and kind of crying. I had bad(low) feelings when I reached office. I kept on sitting confided to myself and not initiated nor reciprocated any convo with anyone in the team. I also felt very slight dizziness with this just after application and after apprx 3 hrs.i am sleepy and feeling like lying down. Overall conclusion so far is that this blend makes you very emotional, and understanding. I think I was not only thinking from my perspective but was looking more into somebody else’s angle. Oh its great if other person thinks like this for you, but little tricky if you get carried away with others, wearing this blend. They can make you do things which probably you would not do in normal situations. Oh now when posting i read some of the above posts i get to know initial head rush happens to all. will try applying some oil with it too when i test it next....
  18. Oh thats good to know. i am concerned for this, & would be glad if i can do that too.
  19. Oh Thanks Calii, i wanted to share all the details so it came out like that. it is going to be one of my favorite phero, but the only thing concerns me is , it doesn't last long. like some pgeros have effects on me for 6- 8 hrs... seriously.. but in any case i love lumina.
  20. Oh sorry for responding lete here. but i read it somewhere that it is not advisable to use pheros around babies. it can disturb their natural neurotransmitters. as they are still growing up, their natural growth should not be affected by pheros. do a search on google if you want to know more about it. i will try to find something worth reading here and refer you. just give me sometime. hope this helps till then.
  21. Lumina 2 sprays in cleavage I wore it around 10.30 in morning and I felt uplifted and happier in 15 mins. At work I saw people were happy and chirpy around me. It had some mood uplifting quality. Since I started my test runs of Un Aud And UN MLH from the start of this weak. Today was the day I felt most happy and uplifted. I got one coworker being flirty with me. He is flirtatious most of the time so I can’t say it is b/c of lumina or not. Around 3.30 I applied 2 more sprays. Had to go shopping to a special market. This is far off place and I only go to this wholesale market when I need to buy stuff in bulk. I applied before getting out of the car after parking it. I walked to the store and and reached there in 10 mins and placed my order. The man(60-65 yrs)who was attending me had DIHL look. I had to repeat what I want and he was looking at me as if is not getting what I was saying. For sometime he helped me with all my stuff. and in the conversation I mentioned something to get which the son(25-30) picked up and brought for me. I observed his attention was on me for some reason, when he was attending other customers.. When he handed over the pack to me, he did not release it, and asked me if he knows me. I smiled and said no. he went back to attend 2 other ladies in the store. They were picking the make up brushes. This boy showed them the full range and the ladies were confused with 1 brush as it was expensive but they wanted it. So they were discussing to buy or not to. One lady turned her face towards me and told the boy to keep it back as they are not sure. she was just standing almost touching me, and I don’t know why but I just picked up the brush and demonstrated them how and what to do with it , how it will be a worth buy for them. In normal cases I am like this but for many many years I have stopped doing things like this. i mind my own business off late but today I had this changed response. In fact this worked as a trigger for me and I went on to talk to ladies. They ended up buying 2 more brushes along with that one. they were very impressed with me (???) and said that in clear words. They took some more opinion from me and left happily. I spent almost an hour in the store buying and selecting my stuff. and it was a very happy time, though I spent a big sum of my money but I also got great discount from the father-son. They were very happy with me and offered to give me special home delivery considering me special customer and from how far I have come from. Over all experience was good. With lumina on it was like being charismatic and alluring. I was open, happy, chirpy, uplifted mood and still mysterious but captivating. I can say this cos of the kind of conversation I had during that 1 hr, but I can’t write that all here. Interesting and mysterious blend, for me at least…..
  22. I hope you don't wear too much pheros around baby... avoid as far as you can......
  23. YO mam, notes taken..... . will be doing it all over again... see what happens. will report ya...
  24. I had this test run today again with 3 sprays 1 in my cleavage and 2 in forearms. Again i had the urge to wear heels, may be i want to feel like sexy , tall (which may be reflection of inner feeling of feeling big and daring), i love watching myself walking in heels. (we have lots of glass in office where we can see the reflection).so did wear heels though i don't prefer. i am also noticing i am preferring denims, over leggings, jeggings or more feminine dresses, with Aud on. i feel daring and carefree in a good way. like whatever , who cares, i can take it and handle it. again today after apprx 2 hrs of application i felt sleepy. and wanted to run away from work to . lol Apart from this funny sleepy and funny rolling eyes i am loving this formula. it definitely makes me feel strong and able, with feminine and sexy feel. awesomely balanced blend. love love love it. i am gonna hoard this for sure.like some 10some bottles or may be a full litre he he he All who picked calculators/or smart phone to calculate the cost after reading that , pls raise hands..... ') honestly speaking.......
  25. Hi Gaby, i also did not feel any tiredness or lazyness but proper sleepiness. i was unable to keep my eyes open when was on my office chair. mine also lasted for 30 mins or so. i got up from my chair to break that spell and i was fine again. i have also noticed that this sleepiness comes after about 2 or 2 1/2 hrs of application not just after application. may at the time when the pheros start to wear off. when this sleepiness comes i just feel my pupils are within my eyeballs lol as they show in cartoons. i just :shocked:my head so that i can pop my eyes out but keep i feeling i should be . i had this test run today again with 3 sprays 1 in my cleavage and 2 in forearms. reporting it in the thread.(Aud)
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