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  1. It's a 5 cheese bagel with egg, bacon and African peanut soup. It was my usual at the Cafe I frequent.
  2. What I miss most. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to eat solid food again.
  3. It's no biggie Halo, I'm not dying sick anymore. Just an infection where my peg tube comes out. No major no worries. I'm still gaining weight which is most important. Thanks for the concerns and well wishes.
  4. Hi Ladies, Thanks for the prays and well wishes. The surgery went well but took much longer then expected. I had two procedures in one. I was suppose to need just one. When they went inside my stomach to remove the ulcer they found a hole about the size of a golf ball where the acid in my stomach had burned through the full lining of my stomach causing acid and other stomach entities to start pouring onto my intestines. They did something similar to gastric bypass to remove the ucler. They pinched the part of my stomach where the ulcer was then cut it out with a laser then stapled and stitched the opening. Then they removed the part of my intestines that had been damaged from the acid and random stuff in my stomach. The doctor told me after the surgery that what they found when they went in was much worst then what showed up on scans and that I would have died in about a month time if I would have passed on the surgery because my kidneys and liver would have started to shut down. So I was very fortunate. Now I must start the long recovery process with physical therapy and a strict diet. Hopefully I will be able to leave the hospital before my 31st birthday the end of February and enjoy some solid foods for a change. I'm looking forward to posting reports full time like before in a few weeks once I have fully recovered. So once again thanks for your well wishes and support. Kind Regards, as3
  5. Thanks for the well wishes ladies. I'm doing fine besides the insane pain and looking like I'm a few months pregnant. Once again thanks for your prays and healing vibes.
  6. Hi PM, Thanks for your concern but I'm to young to die. I'm just about to turn 31 at the end of feb. I'm in my prime no worries about death. Doctors told me I could hold off till late summer. I'm no longer puking blood. It's just blood on my pillow when I wake up in the morning and it's not tons of it. Sure I have lost 20lbs but I'm only 5'6 and 123lb now. That's about the same weight for women my height so I'm more then fine. I can't get the surgery right way as I'm set auction off my software in early summer. I can't afford to die before I get my big payday that I have waited my whole professional career for. Once the sell is complete I will go in for surgery asap. Then I can recover because I will be retired. If I get the surgery now and die that leaves my family in limbo which I can't allow to happen. If I just stay away from stressful situations the doctors say I should be fine. Today they weighed me and I was 123lb the same as I was last Friday when they weighed me. So my weight is stabilizing which is a very good sign that im on the mend. Remember i'm not just tough. I'm ARMY tough. kind regards as3
  7. Thanks Calii, Indeed I'm on the mend and ready the the maythem that follows. Enjoy your weekend
  8. Hi Katz, I'm alive and the bleeding slowly slowing. Lost almost 20lbs but feeling stronger and should get out the hospital in 7 days if all goes according to plan. I'm holding off on surgery if I can until the summer. How was your New Years?
  9. Calii pardon me while I go smoke a cigarette after reading your comment.
  10. My Pleasure Gabi, I don't think you will have any problems with wearing cops as you are the woman. So no worries!
  11. I have no ideal Halo, I guess I will have to start to search soon. I will get unscented ones. Party! Party!
  12. I just did. I also responded to your question about using blends with cops in it.
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