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  1. So sad! Was hoping my order would arrive before I left for vacation on Thursday but I haven't received a shipping notice yet. Guess that's what I get for ordering the week before Thanksgiving! PS - I apologize for placing 2 smaller orders but it was my first order and I wanted to try things out first. Now that I know about the shipping costs/issues, I will certainly try to keep it to one order from now on! Thanks for a great product!
  2. Lady V, You are sooo right! Cougar is one that I will have to keep around! I've only got a trial so far but I'll have to invest in a full size. Do you prefer the roller or the spray? Have you seen a difference with the Sparkle Fuschia vs. Cougar?...I haven't tried SF yet but would like to eventually.
  3. I guess I should admit that sometimes it is a bit of a boost, knowing that I caught one younger!
  4. Hello, there! I'm new myself but it has been a great experience so far! Hope all goes as well for you!
  5. Thanks! I am soooo excited...We have been planning all year for this! Luv, luv, luv DW...such a kid at heart! And the Christmas decorations are amazing!
  6. So here's my story: I'm generally a skeptic of just about anything....seeing is believing in my book. When I stumbled upon Pheros, I looked at several sites, read some of the forums and found plenty of 'infomercial' style websites claiming that pheros would get you just about anything. I figured that the possibility of disappointment was fairly high but after I discovered the LP website, I was curious enough to give it a try anyway. I was interested in creating more intimacy, open communication and, of course, the hopes of great sex so I leaned towards items with Beta/Alpha-Androstenol and Estratetraenol with Cops. My first order was for a full size Sexology III in the roller bottle and trials of Extra-Curricular Proclivities, Compromising Positions and Cougar. The package arrived on Thursday and I was throwing an early Thanksgiving day party that Saturday so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out on my unsuspecting BF. On Friday, I used Sexology for the first time. When I put it on, the scent seemed a little strong at first but it is not unbearable. It is definitely musky with cinnamon spicy overtones. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference in my BF...he was more attentive, more agreeable, more helpful and seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing. I almost had to laugh at one point because he walked past me and said 'I keep smelling something...Do you smell that?', then he dismissed it just as quick. Saturday, I put it on again but added a couple drops of Compromising Positions right before everyone started arriving for the party. I love this scent..it is warm and yummy with heaps of sweet creamy vanilla. There were plenty of compliments from the guests and everyone seemed to be making sure that I was able to enjoy myself, despite being the host. Again, the unsuspecting BF hardly left my side and kept touching my back and playing with my hair. I added a couple more drops of Compromising Positions to the Sexology that night before we went to bed. The following day we had the most amazing sex...the kind that you have in the beginning of a relationship, not after 3+ years of living together. It was in the middle of the day which is COMPLETELY off base for him...usually it is a morning or night thing. That pretty much sealed the deal for me....How much more proof is there? Needless to say, I have already placed another order for unscented Perfect Match and BAM. We are going to Disney World Dec 2nd-12th for my birthday so I am crossing my fingers, hoping (on a whim) that they will arrive before then! LP has absolutely made a devoted fan out of me!
  7. Hello! @ Raq On - I got the scent for starters. Wanted to try that first and see how it works...plus it sounded divine!
  8. I placed my order! Here's what I ended up with: Sexology - Full Size Cougar, Compromising Positions and Extracurricular Proclivities - Trial Size Woo Hoo! Can't wait!
  9. Ha ha! That's sweet of you to say! This is the first time I have dated someone younger than me so sometimes it makes me a little self-conscious - like I'm taking advantage of him or something. Then it dawns on me that he is male and generally has trouble remembering my birthday (or anyone else's, for that matter) so he probably doesn't realize that I am older in the first place! @ Gabylicious - I appreciate the advice. I was going to order full size at first but there are so many I want to try and I am having a terrible time narrowing it down! We are going on vacation the first of December so I was going to test them out then and see what happens.
  10. Ok, so I have been going back over all of the different products this morning and whew! What a ride! I never would have known that there were so many variations! I love the musky, spicy and warm scents like cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla but not necessary the woody stuff - like heavy patchouli or pine (pine tends to bother my nose.) Fruity stuff is ok but not usually my first choice. I definitely want to try LAM and BAM too but thought I would start with the trial size items first and see what works. So here is what I think I have decided: Extracurricular Proclivities Sparkle Fuchsia Sexology Compromising Positions Cougar (Ha! That's sadly appropriate! ) Portmanteau And possibly TMI, Far Far Away and Rocket Fuel but haven't completely decided on these yet. What do you think?
  11. Being a Sagittarius, I am sure that this is the tip of the iceberg for me since I can't leave anything on the surface and I am certainly looking forward to the journey! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated!!!
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