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  1. Like cinnamonmel (I think...?) it comes off smelling like earwax on me, and never really mellows into anything palatable. Boo, I really wanted to like this. But there are so many other options - I'm just beginning my experimenting with cops, etc. Having some fun hits with CB!
  2. Thanks for the responses! Yup, it seems like it's not a pheromone situation. Merrie
  3. Hi Tyvey! And thanks for responding. He's a man, and yes I haven't targeted anything yet, so the possibility of backfire is pretty much 50/50. Which would be, in the very best possible scenario, only supremely awkward. Interesting thought on the traditionally masculine pheros...hmmm. I need the opposite of cops - COPPOSITES! Merrie
  4. Okay, This might be the weirdest question ever, or dumbest, I don't know, but is there a combination out there that will encourage someone who may have feelings for you you to want to just be a friend? To lessen the sexual component? Maybe even turn them off altogether? This is not someone around whom I've worn any 'mones, and certainly haven't sent signals consciously. I'd like for this person to just be content to be a friend (or not) but certainly nothing more than a friend. Does such a mixture exist? Am I a weirdo for thinking I'd like some? Thanks! Merrie
  5. OMG snatch on parade! I don't know when, or how, or where, but I am definitey going to use that!! Merrie
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    Welcome Cherise! I don't post a ton, but you'll find this forum a remarkable resource... Just reading you're sure to find answers to most anything you need to know! But don't hesitate to ask either, the community here is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with their experiences! Have fun! merrie
  7. Hi Potion Peeps! Please excuse if this question is redundant - are the January trials included in the yearly sample program or are they separate? Thanks! merrie
  8. merrie

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    Yay! And welcome to the boards!
  9. Come to think of it, the one and only time I ever used Sneaky Clean, I got a definite and unexpected hit. A couple of projects ago, last day, another crew member (smoking hot and of course completely age-inappropriate) made a detour to make sure I didn't leave without a hug. I had just applied the SC because of the sweat and dirt inducing previous 12 hours, and not only did he mention that I smelled "amazing" but he also hugged me for significantly longer than co-worker decorum would dictate. We ended up on another crew together a few weeks later and he hung around a lot. It's not a fragrance that draws me immediately, but I can see I'll have to give it another chance! ETA: Crap. Did I just threadjack? Sorry! I can't wait to try out LFM too!
  10. I'm telling you, the sampler is the gateway to a fullblown LPMP addiction. I think mine is up, too. YIKES! Must re-up.
  11. Well, been on the boards for almost a year, and just now made Sorcerer's Apprentice. Sometimes I talk, mostly just read. Love this place!
  12. A belated vote for Intellectual Woman - sounds wonderful! And virtually odorless? Sign me up. Seriously.
  13. I have to second (or third? Eighth?) the suggestions for Open WIndows - such a great blend. I started out working with Swimming with Sharks with a wee bit o'the Open Windows to establish my competency at a new job. Once that happened, I just starting wearing the Open Windows. I actually roll it out from my neck, over my shoulder and down my arm, along that area between my bicep and tricep, because that's where most people's noses will be (looking over my shoulder). There is a beautiful Open Windows scented perfume - is it Stealing Heaven? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Whichever scent has OW in it would be a good trial to see if you like the phero.
  14. Interesting - I use unscented pheros almost exclusively, and agree with Dolly about the "lean in". I get that a lot when I'm working. It's ridiculously fun. But then again, I do not use anything with cops in it, so I can't speak with any authority about the scent after dry-down. During the summertime there is so much sweating going on that anything that might even remotely smell like too much kootch is off limits for me. I like the idea of the grapefruit scent though. Hmmm, might have to try it.
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