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  1. I just ordered a bottle of T.M.I., a spray version of La Femme Mystere, 2 bottles of Velvet Kisses (not nearly enough in my opinion, but the budget wont allow for more yet), and one sample of Kitten Nip. Just realized I meant to order a sample of LP: Original too, but that's okay. Next time! OMG so excited to have this order!!!
  2. Current list: ? bottles of Velvet Kisses 1 bottle of TMI sample of LP: Red Lace - curious about LP: Red! sample of Goddess of the Blue Moon - mixed feelings. really want to try La Femme Mystere, but unsure about this particular scent, but am way more interested in phero-boosted scents than UNpheros. sample of Bosom Bows III sample of Heart's Ease sample of Kitten Nip Basically, I want everything. Argh.
  3. Yay! I ordered on February 24 and my package was shipped out the same day (craziness!), and it just arrived today on March 2. Seven days after ordering - and that`s a Canadian order no less! I`m looking forward to trying out cops (and just cops) blends tomorrow.
  4. Hmmmm. Well, I did have a loooong conversation with my supervisor about my job and how I was feeling with it and what I wanted in the long term out of it while wearing T.M.I. the other day. Lots of rapport, lots of bonding, trust, etc etc.
  5. Does anyone else find that this blend makes them feel really giggly? It's how I thought Flying Potion or a similar alpha-nol-heavy blend would make me feel, but hasn't (yet). When I wear T.M.I., I get chatty and giddy and giggly and happy.
  6. So, out of curiousity...what's the full basil story?
  7. Ok, this is good to hear! I was concerned that OCCO or LAM would be putting off too much of a "do me now" vibe - but if that's not necessarily the case, I'll have to try them out. I've worn Cuddle Bunny around women, and you're right, it does make them even nicer! I get a lot of compliments and love when wearing that blend.
  8. I've been wearing a lot of Cuddle Bunny in public lately and loving it, but I find the EST - while fabulous - projects a weaker image than I always want. Are there other blends with cops in them that I can wear in public and in social situations? Would BAM or LAM be okay, or is that a bad idea?
  9. I've been getting compliments on this scent whenever I wear it, and from both genders. After a few hours it turns kind of plasticky, but when it's fresh it's delicious chocolate goodness. A male coworker asked what smelled llike brownies, and asked if it was my lipbalm. I told him it was my perfume, and he said it was "really nice" with a catch in his throat. I think this scent and phero blend is very congruent for me - I'm generally considered sweet and really nice by the people I spend time with, and I find people being extra nice and helpful and caring and protective when I wear this blend. I need to find a different blend to wear around my boss, but I'm really glad I have a bottle of this. I'm going to be really sad when this runs out.
  10. Wore this out dancing with coworkers/friends. People were very very complimentary and touchy-feely - and I work with very friendly social people, but this felt more so than normal. Got chatted up by a boy (friend of a friend of a friend) and now have a tentative coffee date with him. (Seriously, this NEVER happens. Totally the pheros doing.) I was wearing jeans, beatup cowboy boots, and a sweatshirt, while most of the women in the bar were wearing heavy makeup and thin strappy tops. I would definitely attribute some - not all, but definitely some - of the attention tonight to Cuddle Bunny. Also! I had coworkers tell me I smelled like baby powder - I asked if that was good or bad, and they said definitely good. I was also told that I always smell nice! Score 1 for LP! I don't think this smells like baby powder personally, although it does have a deeper base (maybe the myrrh?) that's cozy and sweet and vaguely resinous.
  11. Wow. The ladies on the board who have partners who are addicted to World of Warcraft (or similar) may have to give this a try.
  12. I've never tried LP: Red so I can't say how this compares, but Scandalous comes across as warm, darkly sweet and full of resin and incense. I haven't decided if I like it or not - I think the trick may be in the amount I apply. When I put it on cleavage and neck and torso and wrists, it's overpowering and I have to wash it off, but it's nice when I just put a dab on each wrist. Haven't worn it out and about yet, but will update with effects when that happens!
  13. Willingly putting down a BRAND NEW video game to pounce? That definitely has to be the pheros.
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