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  1. I just ordered a bottle of T.M.I., a spray version of La Femme Mystere, 2 bottles of Velvet Kisses (not nearly enough in my opinion, but the budget wont allow for more yet), and one sample of Kitten Nip. Just realized I meant to order a sample of LP: Original too, but that's okay. Next time! OMG so excited to have this order!!!
  2. Current list: ? bottles of Velvet Kisses 1 bottle of TMI sample of LP: Red Lace - curious about LP: Red! sample of Goddess of the Blue Moon - mixed feelings. really want to try La Femme Mystere, but unsure about this particular scent, but am way more interested in phero-boosted scents than UNpheros. sample of Bosom Bows III sample of Heart's Ease sample of Kitten Nip Basically, I want everything. Argh.
  3. Yay! I ordered on February 24 and my package was shipped out the same day (craziness!), and it just arrived today on March 2. Seven days after ordering - and that`s a Canadian order no less! I`m looking forward to trying out cops (and just cops) blends tomorrow.
  4. Hmmmm. Well, I did have a loooong conversation with my supervisor about my job and how I was feeling with it and what I wanted in the long term out of it while wearing T.M.I. the other day. Lots of rapport, lots of bonding, trust, etc etc.
  5. Does anyone else find that this blend makes them feel really giggly? It's how I thought Flying Potion or a similar alpha-nol-heavy blend would make me feel, but hasn't (yet). When I wear T.M.I., I get chatty and giddy and giggly and happy.
  6. So, out of curiousity...what's the full basil story?
  7. Ok, this is good to hear! I was concerned that OCCO or LAM would be putting off too much of a "do me now" vibe - but if that's not necessarily the case, I'll have to try them out. I've worn Cuddle Bunny around women, and you're right, it does make them even nicer! I get a lot of compliments and love when wearing that blend.
  8. I've been wearing a lot of Cuddle Bunny in public lately and loving it, but I find the EST - while fabulous - projects a weaker image than I always want. Are there other blends with cops in them that I can wear in public and in social situations? Would BAM or LAM be okay, or is that a bad idea?
  9. I've been getting compliments on this scent whenever I wear it, and from both genders. After a few hours it turns kind of plasticky, but when it's fresh it's delicious chocolate goodness. A male coworker asked what smelled llike brownies, and asked if it was my lipbalm. I told him it was my perfume, and he said it was "really nice" with a catch in his throat. I think this scent and phero blend is very congruent for me - I'm generally considered sweet and really nice by the people I spend time with, and I find people being extra nice and helpful and caring and protective when I wear this blend. I need to find a different blend to wear around my boss, but I'm really glad I have a bottle of this. I'm going to be really sad when this runs out.
  10. Wore this out dancing with coworkers/friends. People were very very complimentary and touchy-feely - and I work with very friendly social people, but this felt more so than normal. Got chatted up by a boy (friend of a friend of a friend) and now have a tentative coffee date with him. (Seriously, this NEVER happens. Totally the pheros doing.) I was wearing jeans, beatup cowboy boots, and a sweatshirt, while most of the women in the bar were wearing heavy makeup and thin strappy tops. I would definitely attribute some - not all, but definitely some - of the attention tonight to Cuddle Bunny. Also! I had coworkers tell me I smelled like baby powder - I asked if that was good or bad, and they said definitely good. I was also told that I always smell nice! Score 1 for LP! I don't think this smells like baby powder personally, although it does have a deeper base (maybe the myrrh?) that's cozy and sweet and vaguely resinous.
  11. Wow. The ladies on the board who have partners who are addicted to World of Warcraft (or similar) may have to give this a try.
  12. I've never tried LP: Red so I can't say how this compares, but Scandalous comes across as warm, darkly sweet and full of resin and incense. I haven't decided if I like it or not - I think the trick may be in the amount I apply. When I put it on cleavage and neck and torso and wrists, it's overpowering and I have to wash it off, but it's nice when I just put a dab on each wrist. Haven't worn it out and about yet, but will update with effects when that happens!
  13. Willingly putting down a BRAND NEW video game to pounce? That definitely has to be the pheros.
  14. Trying this out again at a social gathering/board game night with coworkers and cute boy - curious as what results I'll get! I still haven't figured out exactly how much I can wear in public. ETA: So...had a good time. So far I think people are more solicitous when I wear this - they check in with me to make sure I'm okay, they offer me things, they're more concerned for my well-being. Haven't noticed much of a reaction romantically/sexually, although I did get compliments from 3 out of 4 of the boys in the room about the Cuddle Bunny/Pink Sugar mix. (Actually, I wore Pink Sugar this morning with no pheros and got another compliment, so maybe boys just like Pink Sugar). That said, I like the response this phero gets.
  15. This is the first cops-heavy blend that I've worn in public. I wore it to a work party last night (with some Acquolina Pink Sugar) and got compliments - I sat down next to some female coworkers and they immediately said that I smelled like a vanilla candle, and complimented me on the scent. At the end of the night I hugged a guyfriend and he said "ooooh, you smell good". (This calls for experimentation - I think the boy is cute. Slathering in his presence may be called for.) I wear Pink Sugar on a semi-regular basis, and have been experimenting with wearing LP blends to work, and I think this is the first time that I've ever gotten compliments on my perfume. Wet, you can smell the cops, but it's not exactly unpleasant - to me, it smells kind of like overly ripe fruit (which tallies with what many on the board have said). I don't *like* the scent, but it's not unpleasant, if that makes sense. When it's dry, it's a dryer-sheet type of scent. Light and non-offensive, although a heaviness remains which I think is the cops. In terms of effects - I think it tends to make me come across as cuter and more innocent. More diminutive, perhaps less authoritative. This isn't a bad thing, but I'm not sure it's particuarly helpful job-wise - I'm not a particuarly alpha person anyway, and so while Cuddle Bunny is congruent, it's not the effect I want all the time. That said - I like the blend. I'm waiting to try Velvet Kisses - the scent sounds promising, and I'm hoping for more chocolate, less cops. I work as a street fundraiser, and when I've tried wearing this blend in public I haven't noticed much of a difference to be honest. I had been a little concerned about cops in public - everything I've seen on the board makes me a bit leery, and I don't want to be in a position where I'm stuck talking to a cops-crazed man who won't leave but also won't agree to sign up for charity - but so far small amounts have elicited neutral to positive responses.
  16. ...and my order is in! 1 bottle of Flying Potion: I think it was the last one, actually! I'm really relieved I got the order in in time. I wanted something that was Alpha-Androstenol heavy to make me happy and giddy, and this sounded like it was full of marshmallow deliciousness. 1 bottle of Velvet Kisses: The ingredients sound amazing. sample of T.M.I.: I am crossing my fingers that this is effective. I really want to know more secrets. sample of Garland sample of Cougar x2 (oh Cougar, how I miss you...canvassing just isn't the same without you. I miss being hit on by 30+ gentleman. It totally makes life more interesting.) I haven't ordered any pure cops scents because I am alternately intrigued and terrified of the reactions they might bring. It's probably not a bright idea to wear them in a social/work setting, which is where I would be wearing them, so...I'm going to hold off. Even Velvet Kisses may be pushing it.
  17. Currently considering: Velvet Kisses (cops, notes sound delicious, not a permanent scent so good idea to buy now) Beth's Blushing Milkmaid (cops and nothing else, so might be better when I'm around men who don't like estratetraenol, vanilla, cheaper than most) sample of T.M.I. sample of Garland sample of Cougar x2 (lost my full bottle of Cougar and really miss it, but don't want to buy another full bottle unless I'm sure it's gone for good!) I don't know what will be included in the new release, though, so all of this is subject to change.
  18. I have V2 (I assume), given that it's amped with Blatant Invitation. I haven't worn this enough to figure out how it affects people or myself, but this is definitely, *definitely* not a work safe blend. In the vial I smell primarily honeycomb, and it literally makes my mouth start to water. When first wearing this...I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's sweet, but there's a funk to it that's not entirely pleasant. Is it the cops? The pheros? The amber? I'm not really sure. Once it dries down entirely, though, it smells like sex. I've worn this to bed and the next morning I *absolutely* had to take a shower before work. This isn't sweet innocent foody honeycomb - this is sexy dirty sweaty honeycomb. People who smell it will know (or assume) that you've been up to something racy.
  19. Definitely doesn't work with my chemistry. I get harsh soap with a hint of decaying florals. I was eating a stick of candy and kept getting whiffs of soap, and couldn't figure out why my candy smelled like that!
  20. m4mitchell

    New Year's Evil

    When I first sniffed it (not knowing the ingredients) I thought something smelled vaguely familiar and I couldn't put my finger on it. And yes, I think it is the pot smell. It's not obvious, and I don't think you need to worry about wearing this and having people call you out on it, but it is there.
  21. Waiting for things to ship internationally is killing me! I've only had one order arrive - and I think it took around a month (maybe 3 weeks at minimum???) after placing the order. I placed another order a week and a half ago for a bottle of Dream Lover (which smells AMAZING, by the way) amped with Heart & Soul, and I ordered a couple things in the Trading Post today...sigh. Things I'm considering ordering in the future: Beth's Blushing Milkmaid - it's heavy on the cops, which I'm curious about, and it smells like vanilla delicious-ness. Velvet Kisses - chocolate, orange. Yum. Also has Cuddle Bunny. Darling Clementine - this I'm waffling on. Popularity Potion sounds interesting, Garland - I'm not sure I'll have time to order this before it gets bought out. I'm curious about Lace, and I love gingerbread and allspice, but I don't really like pumpkin scents. We'll see. In terms of scents from this month - I like the sound of Amethyst and Pearls, but to be honest there are so many scents at LP that sound nice that I'm only focusing on pheromone enhanced ones.
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