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  1. Not to worry! We all have the right to be human from time to time. Not to mention that you’re one of the ladies who I’ve learned from most thus far, and that’s before interacting with you to any extent.
  2. I thought as much. Was made a bit apprehensive by Luna65’s original comment, though. This gift was given Christmas of 98 so I really don’t think I have anything to worry about. I appreciate the quick history. I can hardly wait for them to arrive!
  3. I clearly remember the name and small bottle it came in. Oh dear, I certainly hope this isn’t a case of mistaken identity…
  4. thanks for the welcome! Just a few minutes ago, I received an E-mail from Amazon, telling me that my order of Love Potion #9 and RED have shipped! #9 is a throw back to my early teen years. A teachers assistant took a shine to me and gave me what I think was the oil version. I’ve lived with the memory since. Not so much the scent, you understand, but the feelings it brought about. I felt so pretty, so flirty. Not exactly sure why it took me 13 years to look it up… RED was a purely impulsive purchase. In browsing the Love Potion offerings on Amazon, I found that only RED had any reviews. I checked them out and liking what I read, decided to go for it. I’m really hoping that I enjoy it as much as the ladies who reviewed it did/do. Do you have any favorites?
  5. The parental unit did well by way of producing decent offspring. thanks for the compliment! ¡Espero que éstes bien!
  6. While there is life, nothing’s ever too late. Good of you to stop by. It’s so good to be here!
  7. thanks for the welcome! I felt the pull before I even registered for an account. Now that I’m in, I’m full-blown addicted. :giggle:
  8. I love it! Thanks for droppin’ in!
  9. ¡Que chevere is saber que hay otras Ispanas aqui! – It’s cool to know that there are other Hispanics here!
  10. Soy Dominicana y Italiana. – I am Dominican and Italian. I was born in these United States but spent my first 5 years of life in DR/Italy/Europe. My parents felt that full on exposure to cultural makeup was vital and what better time then during my formative years? When I was of school age, and they were ready for another child, we settled down in New York City. This has been my official home ever since. I’ve always shown a propensity for languages. So for me, it’s never been much of an effort. I like that you try. You’re already good but, as I’m sure you know, the more practice, the better you’ll be. Thanks for sharing. Poder Latino!
  11. Just thought to put it out there. You never know… :Smile: And you’re quite welcome!
  12. Hi again! In point of fact, Spanish is my first language. How about for you? I like your quote very much.
  13. And a big HELLO to you! Love your quote.
  14. Howdy ho! Thanks for droppin’ by. I already love it!
  15. No such thing as a silly question in my book. Silly are those who choose not to ask them. On a Mac, use the following: Option + e, a = á; Option + e, e = é; etc. Option + n, n = ñ. Option + Shift + ? = ¿. Option + ! = ¡. The Key combinations for an English keyboard that should be used in order to provide the correct Spanish accent are below. Make sure the Num Lock on the keypad at the right of your keyboard is on. Hold down the ALT key while at the same time typing the following numbers on the keypad. The character will appear when you release your hold on the ALT and finish typing the numbers. ALT 160 = á ALT 161 = í ALT 162 = ó ALT 163 = ú ALT 164 = ñ ALT 168 = ¿ ALT 130 = é ALT 173 = ¡ ALT 129 = ü Hope that helps!
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