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  1. *Laughs* Oh, that's brill! Applause and vodka all around! I didn't even start reading the descriptions on the homepage yet- clearly picking samples is going to be a very involved process... Can't wait.
  2. Thanks for the advice, team! Heh, don't worry, it's definitely ingrained in me now: food + pheros = NO. Guess I'll just have to do the usual solshine and shake all the hands, etc. In the mean time I've the weekend to tweak and perfect this recipe before submitting and hoping to be called for the audition stage. Now back to your regularly scheduled ass-talk.
  3. *Laughs* No, 'fraid not. I'm going to be auditoning for Recipe to Riches on the Food Network Canada. Thanks for the vote of confidence though! Ooh, Pop's a good idea too! I don't think contestants themselves ever get too close to the judges but maybe a wide aura effect will be positive. Hmm...how about swipping the underside of the dish? (Kidding! ...Mostly.) Empathy would be moot at this stage since applicants have to come prepared, very blind into the lion's den sort of way. Most I can do is watch previous episodes and see what I can gleen about the judge's personal tastes from that. Honestly, I'm not even that bothered whether I win or not (I wouldn't mind, of course, but I would be surprised). From my end, I'm looking at it like a business opportunities; what can be done with the exposure one gets by default on a show like this and seeing how far I can take it - if at all.
  4. Ha, indeed! If a dish sucks it's still going to suck no matter how it's dressed. Fact. That's not even a little bit of a concern for me, but with $25,000 on the line in each category (or $250,000 if one snags the grand prize) I'm not surprised my brain's analyzing every little variable it can.
  5. Only have it as a spray personally so can't say, but have another experience from last Saturday you can make of what you will. I recently tried it out again at an all-day workshop. Layered over TruePheromones' True Opener and my own PE, Snare, the intention was to amp the social and try-try-try not to come off as an complete rhymes-with-bunt cake. (While the people were new to me I knew ahead the general personality types that would be there...I wanted to eliminate the small chance they'd set me off like a shark amongst chum. Not productive when one is networking.) Had just finished spritzing when I remembered the self-effects, but was done was done and out the door I ran. Long story short, the experience was very "belle of the ball" as I flitted from one introduction to the next. The males were the usual easy win, and even those that I would have been strongly antagonistic to found me pleasant. Females were similar, except the challenge with some wasn't so much their attitude but shyness. The coup for me: I managed to make a strong positive impression on three of the biggest event co-ordinators too, each specifically inviting me back. As a social (and NOT mixed with alcohol) G2 earned a feather in its cap. I will still be cautious with it, but it's definitely got points for being a social short-cut when I don't want to have to work so much when socializing out of my comfort zone. (Lazy much?)
  6. I was debating this in the shower (when all my deepest thoughts and most random ideas occur, naturally): would it be ethical or considered cheating to use pheromones to win - née, gain the edge in - a competition? Specifically in the context of baking, I was thinking along the lines of spritzing the plates - with Perfect Match perhaps - before serving the food on them. Since pheromones can't activate any ideas that aren't already there, only emphasize... I really don't know, seems kind of a grey area to me and wonder what the consensus is? Conversely, the judges may be in danger of falling in love with the silverware. Also, would that be considered a health hazard? While it's not directly on the food, it is essentially being served on a plate of pheros. I didn't think so, but definitely good to be sure. No one wants their dessert associated "with that guy who turned a rich tapestry of colours outside before showing us his insides". That, I think, would be the opposite of winning. Any input, thoughts, ideas, all appreciated.
  7. This one for me needs a warning label! Not in a negative way, but a playing-with-fire way. Moreso than the usual understood amount anyway. From my own notes: (The smoke is referring to cigarettes, which I sometimes crave when I've been drinking - and 30% of the time if I'm not paying attention can be the final K.O. for me.)
  8. Ditto. At the very least I do compare/contrasts on potential purchases every time. That said, I definitely appreciate anyone who's taken the time to write their experiences down.
  9. Ah, natch! Well, that explains it... I'm a vodka woman. Point of interest then: Hypothetically, if a scent is exactly what one wants at the beginning there's still the probability it will change away from that as it ages... How do you even begin to predict something like that or know where it'll land? Wow.
  10. ¡Qué Sorpresa! I didn't know the scent still has to mature afterwards (or that that was a thing). So just to understand, weeks is the usual till it settles where you intended, or how does that work?
  11. After a stupendously shitty Friday (I didn't realize "Friday the 13th" was actually a thing!) I came home to two awesome packages. Day: brightened. But as I almost immediately had to leave again for the weekend I didn't get to really play with anything till now. But play we shall! Wet: immediately get the oatmeal cookie dough, I feel like I'm getting a little buttery in a guilty-pleasure mmm-I'm-not-baking-for-health way… After a few minutes on me the chocolate-chips come out a bit more with the vanilla and is fast becoming an ice-cream sandwich on my skin. Temptation to gnaw wrist: Increasing. (Unfortunately my body remained comprised of flesh and bone and not, in fact, dessert.) Maybe it's just my chemistry but I am not yet able to detect the bacon, but it's early yet; we'll see what happens over time. Maybe if I go to the gym and sweat like a pig… So far so love. Thanks, Mara, this is brill! Am I supposed to be able to stop smelling myself, because that's not going to happen. Just holding out hope for a bit more bacon - but really, whoever isn't?
  12. The "problem" with this scent for me is it's so addictive. Didn't think I'd be as hyped for citrusy cake - how little did I know! I find myself reapplying just for the scent for myself- I have to be careful or I'll end up just wasting the pheromone aspect of it.
  13. Is there a link or something so I can make sure I'm doing this right? My guess was to just add a "gift" of 3 of the $5 certificates to myself in the cart, and use the note box to indicate the intended item.. Oui ou non?
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