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  1. True. I'm stalking stamps.com for my package...I was very naughty and placed quite a few large orders in sucession...yeah I freely admit I'm a chronic offender...one of thoose zombies at the door............
  2. Wore this the other day to the Renisance Festival. When I first put it on I get a cherry and honey scent soft and smooth. I never smell cops in any of the blends for some reason, even when wet. This took about 20 minutes or so to meld with my skin and then it was a soft, smooth honey with a hint of Anikin skywalker on the cusp of the dark side, sexy yet yearning somehow. I got mad complements on this one. Everywhere I stoped people where asking me what perfume I was wearing. I have to get another bottle of this, cause its getting to be one of my all time favorite LP's.
  3. I ordered this in a trial vial and I can't wait to get it so I can try it out. I really love the descriptions and notes and can't wait to experience it first hand and review....to be continued
  4. Got my order of OCCO Red today. In the bottle it is very similar to LP red but without the underlying creamy vanillay note. On my skin I get cinamon as the dominant note. I also get a deep insensy note that I really love. For some reason this scent fades a little fast for me, but I love cops, so I don't mind reapplying often. I bought this one in a oil, and I really perfer perfumes in oil. I cannot smell the cops at all though the scent all day. So I can defintely say that OCCO Red is a keeper and will become part of my must have purse packs.
  5. The forum is what led me to order from LP! I would have never placed my first order if it wasn't for reading the forum. now I'm a fellow addict. But also the freebies in the orders always lead me to new scents and more purchases.
  6. Hey Invi, I have the same thing. I take 150mg of Zoloft to treat PCOS related depression. Before pheros, my sex drive was nil...like I would rather vomit or hide out in the closet than have sex. I have found that pheros have increased my sex drive by about 50%. I get the most self effects when I wear LP red w/sexpionage and a large amount of extra cops. It makes me ravenous...which is really a miracle. I also get self effects to a lesser extent w/SS4W and Bang with a large amount of extra cops. I think the cops really set up the other pheros to work for me. I'm curious though about BC pills. I have never used any birth control and am not using any now, but from what you say the estrogen really helps. I'm interested in checking this out. Is there a particular brand that works best?
  7. Placed my order yesterday Full Bottles of Blantant Invitation, Far, Far Away, and OCCO SLF Trial Spray: Open Windows Samples: Encens de cafe Forum Freebies: Cougar Potion and Butterbeer
  8. Got my shipping notice today!!!!!!! I'll be wearin occo red in no time.
  9. I ordered a full bottle of this one unsniffed, and I am sooo glad I did. This one smells a lot like carmel sutra too my nose, sans the sweetness. It has notes in it similar to LP Passion and Desire, yet muted tones. The cocunut is deep and hidden under the velvet veil of opium incence. On my skin it has a sweetness to it that does make me feel like a frolic in the night air sans clothing, or lying on satin sheets. This scent is long lasting on me and I can smell it well into the evening if I apply it in the morning. It covers cops and UN pheros well, with no bleed through. Overall I would recomend naked twilight to anyone who likes a deep and complex scent.
  10. can't wait to get me w2's. I'll be a spendin after taxes too!
  11. I have used this fragrance several times. The first time I tried it I got a musky insence type smell. Although it was during a bad time in my cycle I'll I could smell was a musty towel scent. The second time I tried this scent I got a wonderfull full bodied musk and incense. It started out very musky, and I got a little of the phero smell, but after dry down I couldn't stop smelling myself. It started to sweeten on my skin after about 2 hours. The scent was long lasting and I could still get a touch of the sweetness the morning after
  12. In the bottle this gave me the jelly filled donut smell. On me it smell like pastry and jelly. I really like that I cannot smell the cops at all even when wet. I really like this fragrance. Its kind of a novelty sweet type smell that I like to wear on Sunday morning when I go to the grocery store, but not a night or sexy fragrance for me.
  13. Can't wait to order...I have to wait till thursday though...then bliss
  14. OMG, I feel like hypervenilating!!! I'm already raiding the credit card balances to get full bottles!!! The artwork is awesome and I absolutely love the vintage theme.
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