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  1. Wore this the other day to the Renisance Festival. When I first put it on I get a cherry and honey scent soft and smooth. I never smell cops in any of the blends for some reason, even when wet. This took about 20 minutes or so to meld with my skin and then it was a soft, smooth honey with a hint of Anikin skywalker on the cusp of the dark side, sexy yet yearning somehow. I got mad complements on this one. Everywhere I stoped people where asking me what perfume I was wearing. I have to get another bottle of this, cause its getting to be one of my all time favorite LP's.
  2. Got my order of OCCO Red today. In the bottle it is very similar to LP red but without the underlying creamy vanillay note. On my skin I get cinamon as the dominant note. I also get a deep insensy note that I really love. For some reason this scent fades a little fast for me, but I love cops, so I don't mind reapplying often. I bought this one in a oil, and I really perfer perfumes in oil. I cannot smell the cops at all though the scent all day. So I can defintely say that OCCO Red is a keeper and will become part of my must have purse packs.
  3. The forum is what led me to order from LP! I would have never placed my first order if it wasn't for reading the forum. now I'm a fellow addict. But also the freebies in the orders always lead me to new scents and more purchases.
  4. Placed my order yesterday Full Bottles of Blantant Invitation, Far, Far Away, and OCCO SLF Trial Spray: Open Windows Samples: Encens de cafe Forum Freebies: Cougar Potion and Butterbeer
  5. Got my shipping notice today!!!!!!! I'll be wearin occo red in no time.
  6. I ordered a full bottle of this one unsniffed, and I am sooo glad I did. This one smells a lot like carmel sutra too my nose, sans the sweetness. It has notes in it similar to LP Passion and Desire, yet muted tones. The cocunut is deep and hidden under the velvet veil of opium incence. On my skin it has a sweetness to it that does make me feel like a frolic in the night air sans clothing, or lying on satin sheets. This scent is long lasting on me and I can smell it well into the evening if I apply it in the morning. It covers cops and UN pheros well, with no bleed through. Overall I would reco
  7. In the bottle this gave me the jelly filled donut smell. On me it smell like pastry and jelly. I really like that I cannot smell the cops at all even when wet. I really like this fragrance. Its kind of a novelty sweet type smell that I like to wear on Sunday morning when I go to the grocery store, but not a night or sexy fragrance for me.
  8. Feb Order: Lace Phero Spray UN Cuddle Bunny Flowers in the Moat LP Red Desire Me Love Drawing Potion
  9. I have LP Red boosted with sexpionage phero blend. In my opinion LP red is a man magnet all by itself, and I find myself just sniffing myself cause I love the smell.When I really want to yank hubby's tail I'll use LP Red w/sexpionage with extra EOW cops layered underneath but I like life on the wild side.,I like to pull out the big guns so to speak...the "shock and awe" strategy.
  10. I found a good way of using up my old love scent EOW in alcohol. I bought a five ml bottle w/roller top. Filled it with 2ml fragrance (vanilla/toffee posset didn't want to risk any of my LP's lol)and then filled the rest of the bottle with EOW. Now it still stinks and all and I have to shake before using, but it helps me survive the dry down period so I can use a cover scent. I find that the EOW covers easier like that for some reason, having some tiny bit of light scent added to it and then letting it dry down before covering.
  11. All my wonderful smellies arrived today and oh what heaven I am experiencing caramel sutra TMI Velvet Kisses Naked Twilight Passion and Desire] and more
  12. I have become a disgruntled house elf...how true. I'm so happy now.
  13. Already placed too many orders this month but this is what FEB order looks like UN Cuddle Bunny Blantant Invitation lightly scented w/LP red love drawing potion desire me Far Far Away
  14. I was stalking my email and yippie I got my shipping notice. I am doing my super happy dance. My husband has been being super heartless, cruel, and cold all week so I have been feeling very down. But, this changes it! In a couple of days I will be in my happy place sniffin all my new LP's. :funnyanimation17:
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